Ted Bauman Shares Ways To Keep Liquid Assets Safe From Thieves And Accidents

Financial newsletter editor Ted Bauman asks the question of his readers on whether their assets could survive a disaster. Preparing for disasters, low risk investing, conservatively managing assets, and gaining freedom both financially and from the government is what he is all about. He publishes The Bauman Letter through Banyan Hill Publishing on a monthly basis. It provides his business tips and tricks for living a truly sovereign life.Growing up on the shores of Maryland, he worked the same jobs as many teenagers. He had a job at both McDonald’s and then Burger King. He also manned a gas station.

He learned what it is like to be an employee in a working-class atmosphere which has stuck with him for life. Ted Bauman caught flak from his bosses sometimes, had to clean public bathrooms, and learned how to make his money stretch.Life got better after he graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Armed with advanced degrees in history and economics, Bauman decided to help others improve their lives. He spent the next 25 years assisting not-for-profits manage their money while building housing for low-income families.People keep valuables in their home. About Ted Bauman, he is in favor of keeping physical assets and not entrusting everything to financial institutions.

This includes cash, precious metals, collectibles, and gems. However, these items need to be kept safe from thieves or accidents like fire.A home safe is a great investment for this purpose. You will want one that is both waterproof and fireproof, he has written. If you have large items like artwork than getting a customized safe that can be bolted to the ground is a very good idea. You can also get a safe-deposit box at your credit union or bank. These are great for securing liquid assets.If you have enough in liquid assets to make it worthwhile to travel overseas than Ted Bauman suggests using a safe deposit box in Switzerland. There are also independent vaults in America that are not controlled by financial institutions and they are unregulated which makes them a great choice for safe storage.