“AvaTrade Review”- Is This Forex Platform Worth the Investment?

With the sheer volume of brokers currently available that allow Forex trading, it can be difficult to choose the right platform. When a group of Forex experts and web commerce professionals saw a void in investing platforms, AvaTrade came to the rescue in 2006.

Not only is the platform a place for advanced Forex traders to gain additional insight and strategies, but serves as a tool to help new investors learn the nuances of trading currencies. Since buying and selling currencies is not an easy endeavor, AvaTrade understands the importance of mitigating risk to help its clients get to the level of trading that produces constant returns.

Although the AvaTrade platform offers comprehensive tools to help traders, it does not do all the legwork. Additionally, the platform does not make trades using some algorithm developed by people with no knowledge of the financial markets. Instead, AvaTrade inspires traders to invest with confidence based on the current state of currencies and markets.

Forex markets are complex, and traders who are thinking about investing in currencies need a reliable platform. AvaTrade stands out as that platform with over $60 billion in currency trading each month. Novice investors enjoy educational tutorials and other videos that will help them learn the complicated world of currency trading. A paid subscription gives traders access to premier experts who can help decide if a trade is a smart move.

Unlike most online brokers and trading platforms, AvaTrade actually has a physical location in Dublin, Ireland with more offices scheduled for opening in 2019 and 2020. For investors who are skeptical about opening a live trading account, the platform allows users to buy and sell currencies by opening a demo account. Additionally, AvaTrade uses the popular Meta Trader 4 platform. The company is a licensed investment firm that follows the regulations set forth by the Central Bank of Ireland.

What is the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is made up of entrepreneurs and investors. It is also on a private network. They cover stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, base metals, options, real estate, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and cryptocurrencies. Their classes will teach you all that you could know and learn about each one of those areas. Oxford Club has a mission to help you grow and protect your earnings. They also help you live a rich life beyond wealth as well. The Oxford Club has four strategies a well-balanced investment, have an exit strategy, size matters, and cut your investment costs.

A well-balanced investment is a great thing to have it will help you learn diversification among classes. You don’t want all your investment in equities. Mutual funds, exchange funds, and bonds are some of the things that should be a part of an investor’s portfolio. Diversity is critical but, there is much more than owning a handful of tech stocks.

Always have an exit strategy. You should always know when to sell. The Oxford Club helps you know what is good to buy and when to sell it. it is a safe and good thing to know when you should sell before you even buy the stock. You don’t want to put in a lot of money and lose it all.

Position sizing is very critical to be successful investing. You will be using Oxford Club’s formula to determine how much to invest in each stock. You don’t want to fall in love with any of the stocks. It could be the worst thing you could do. The philosophy here is based on that tenet.

The first move in cutting your investment cost is stiff-arming the fund managers, their hefty fees, and the tax collector. If you cut these and portfolio expenses down as much as you can it should increase the returns. You will learn how to devise a portfolio. What that does is keeps the IRS from taxing you as much.

Siteline Cabinetry – Upgrade and set the style for your kitchen

When designing a bathroom, kitchen, laundry or office space, cabinets are the essential accessories. The style and stain of the cabinets can set the tone for the entire space. Siteline Cabinetry is the latest trending brand that can transform the appearance and functionality of any space. They feature unique and innovative products that can be customized and modified in manifold ways to suit the needs of any individual. They have limitless finish selections including laminate, maple, thermofoil, high gloss, glazes, wood stains, polyester wrap, decorative veneers and metal door finishes and many more nature-inspired finishes. They also feature over 289 durable cabinet materials and approximately 45 door styles for clients to choose. Their cabinet styles range from old-fashion designs to modern-day architecture.

Siteline Cabinetry was introduced in 2015 and is a member of the Corsi Group. They started manufacturing cabinets in September 2015. Corsi Group, its parent company, was established in 1973. For the three years, Siteline Cabinetry has been on the market, they have completely changed the way clients view their kitchens, bathrooms, and offices with new designer cabinets. They give clients the freedom they need to live what they dream with their flexible cabinet solutions. The manufacture pre-configured cabinets and can customize orders based on customer’s specifications such as style, size, finish, color, and materials.

They have the most competent staff and use the latest cutting-edge equipment in their manufacture process. This enables them to complete working on orders and deliver on time. They sell cabinets, construction firms and remodelers who then help customers to optimize their functionality. Though they don’t sell cabinets directly to customers, their products come with lifetime warranty, and customers enjoy their affordable prices.

They have several authorized dealers who can help in case of any assistance in choosing the right cabinet design, color, finish and even installation. Their inspiratory, customizable, affordable and flexible cabinet designs are worth investing in.

More on Siteline Cabinetry: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/11/siteline-cabinetry-worth-home-investment/

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Medical Expertise Has Made A Strong Impact On The Business Industry

The world of business is not an easy place to succeed, in fact, it is one of the most difficult industries to be successful in. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the few people has managed to stand out as a successful healthcare  businessman. Mark stands out still, as he also practices medicine and is licensed to perform surgery. Mark has taken his business pursuits and combined them with his knowledge of medicine to create highly profitable ventures over the years. According to Dr. Mark McKenna ability to focus and clearly visualize his goals is a major part of his success and he often uses meditation to help him achieve this.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also interested in helping others and building a stronger community as seen when the disaster of hurricane Katrina was left to clean up. Mark lost a lot of his assets in the wake of the storm, but despite this, he wanted to help rebuild the community and ensure people had places to live that were safe. Mark spent a few years fixing up the community before he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue new opportunities. Mark already had an idea in mind and it became known as ShapeMed, which was an aesthetics and wellness firm that operated without surgery. This idea was so popular that Life Time Fitness noticed the quick success and bought the company from Mark in 2014.

As of July 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna started up his latest business known as OVME. Mark’s new vision is to use his knowledge in medicine to provide services to people in while at home. People will be able to use OVME’s app to look through the company’s services and products and order them without ever needing to leave the house. Instead of the regular trip for a botox treatment, a customer could order them right to their front door instead.

Mark is nowhere near finished with his pursuits in businesses and is regularly thinking about new ideas and ways he can make an impression on the business industry with his expertise and skills in medicine. Both Mark and his wife Gianine share the same passion for working hard to be productive and build better lives and communities for future generations.

For details: doctor.webmd.com/doctor/6271508/mark-mckenna-md-ratings

The Specifics Of The Global Recruitment Platform GoBuyside

The General Data Protection Regulations go into effect on May 25th of 2018. These regulations will be applied to the states in the European Union and affect corporations across the globe. While the legislation is in the transitional period the approaches of the organizations regarding data analysis, new requirements, current processes and any changes implemented must be assessed. All changes and improvements must be compliant by May 25th.

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform specializing in the financial sector. One of their top analysts discussed the implications expected on the fund management industry by the General Data Protection Regulations or the GDPR. The GDR was created to provide every individual with the fundamental right to personal data protection. The idea was design and default should be the platform for the concept of privacy. This is basically recasting the security obligations and principles stated in the current Data Protection Directive of the EU.

The bill has a design element requiring the implementation of organizational mechanisms and procedures and appropriate technical measures by the controllers. The only way this data can be processed is with the GDPR’s accordance. Another fundamental concept is the emphasis placed on accountability and transparency. New requirements have been imposed by the legislation regarding the documenting and analysis of data processing activities. The processors and controllers will be expected to be accountable and demonstrate their compliance when necessary.

The current rules regarding data protection focus on data controllers in the EU. The GDPR is applicable to non-EU entities within the Euro zone. This means the way personal data is processed must be considered by alternative investment fund managers, investment fund companies, depositaries, distributors, management firms and fund administrators. This will be in relation to their officers, investors and employees. Every case must operate in compliance with the GDPR legislation. This will significantly strength the rules for protection. The appropriate processing agreements, notifications and security and transfer arrangements must be in place to ensure the freedom and personal rights of the people.

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform for the 21st century. They work with hedge funds, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, advisory platforms and alternative investment managers across the globe to ensure their staffing needs are met. GoBuyside leverages a diligent approach and proprietary technology with a world class team to create a screening and sourcing advantage that is top of the line. Their talented network has in excess of 500 satisfied clients and expands throughout 500 cities and 10,000 firms all over the world.

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It Is Community First for Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil drilling companies in the Houston, Texas area. The company, from its CEO to the lowest level employee, are fully-vested in the community. When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2017 there was little doubt by Nabors Industries about what needed to be done. CEO Tony Petrello immediately dispatched a team of employees to render aid to the community. He even offered his employees paid time off to help assist in the aid efforts. Tony demands his employees to be contributing members of their community, encourages fitness, and empowers them to make decisions.

He inspired his employees to donate money to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by pledging to match their contributions. A couple of weeks later, Mr. Petrello wrote a personal check of nearly $175,000 to the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. Nearly ten percent of Nabors employees were personally affected by the natural disaster and Tony was there to assist them with getting their lives back to normal. That shows you what type of man Tony Petrello is.

Tony Petrello was not born into wealth but rather grew up in a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. His parents taught Tony and his siblings the importance of putting in a hard day’s work. In high school he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Ivy League school, Yale University. Tony took full advantage of this scholarship and wound up with A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics. he then went on to get his law degree from Harvard Law School. Tony was just getting started and soon he began working at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York City. Soon he became a managing partner with the firm, where he did work for an oil drilling company called Nabors Industries.

Impressed with Tony’s work ethic, Nabors Industries offered him a job in management in 1991. He gladly accepted and soon worked his way up to being named the COO and President of the company. In 2001, Tony was named CEO of Nabors Industries and has led the company to record profits with him at the helm. Nabors is now operates the largest number of land drilling rigs in the world and had revenue over $2.2 billion in 2016. Success has followed Tony Petrello everywhere he has gone but those closest to him know that it is because of his never-ending work ethic.

Read More: www.nabors.com/about-nabors/leadership-team

How Highland Capital Management Operates Its Principles For Responsible Investment Program

In Dallas, Texas, there is a registered investment advisory firm called Highland Capital Management, L.P. Between this company and its subsidiaries they manage over $18 billion in assets. They are alternative credit managers and in addition to their main offices in Dallas, they also have offices overseas in nations like South Korea and the United Kingdom among others. There were two founders of this company, Mark Okada and James Dondero. It was founded in 1993 and is a privately held company. Their funds are traded on the Nasdaq exchange. Read this article at investopedia.com.

At Highland Capital Management the are signees of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). They have used these principals throughout their organization and in their dealings with their customers, employees, and the broader community. They’re also involved in doing their part in regards to lessening the effect of their business activities on the environment.

The team at Highland Capital Management helps people in the communities in which it operates. Over the years they have provided funds to many nonprofits both on the local, national, and international levels. They have in place initiatives that are designed to get resources to those who are in need. They also serve through volunteerism and serving on the boards of nonprofit organizations. Each year, for instance, they will match up to $300 in charitable giving for each employee.

Read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-capital-management-closes-private-equity-fund-with-south-koreas-national-pension-service-300456659.html

Highland Capital Management moved their headquarters into a more environmentally friendly building in 2017. These new offices dramatically cut their carbon footprint. The new building features low-water-usage toilets and sinks, for example. In addition to all of the lighting being LEDs, they also use natural light wherever possible.

As responsible employers, the executives at Highland Capital Management make sure that their employees are fairly compensated. This includes their salaries, benefits, and bonuses. This not only helps the employees but it also incentives them to take the best care of the customers of the company that they can. They also support their employees by having things like catered meals, on-site Doctor’s, and a dry cleaning facility. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

According to the article “Interview with Betsy DeVos, the Reformer” for the Spring 2013 issue of Philanthropy Roundtable, Mrs. DeVos first became involved in politics while attending Calvin College as a young woman. That commitment sparked a career that has lasted for forty years. What began with college politics grew into local campaigns; becoming chairman of the Michigan Republican Party; supporting her husband, Dick DeVos, for the Republican candidacy of the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial Election; and ultimately being selected as Secretary of Education. It’s worth noting here that this interview with Mrs. DeVos occurred four years before her appointment as Education Secretary, and 3 years prior to the president who nominated her for the post was elected.

The author and interviewer refers to Mrs. DeVos as a reformer, citing the non-profit interests and foundations she and her husband have begun or supported. She is chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization with varied interests. Among the other recipients of the DeVos largess include the Kennedy Center, but their focus has mainly been on education. They have supported and advocated for parental choice when it comes to educating their children.

Betsy DeVos’ intention is clear on the topic of education – educational reform. While her views on school vouchers and choice have had a polarizing effect on those involved in the public education system across the country, the notion continues to grow in popularity. DeVos noted voucher programs were specifically on the rise in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. In spite of efforts by the Louisiana Department of Education who, by DeVos’ accounts attempted to thwart the newly implemented voucher program by only giving parents one week to sign up. DeVos relates the extensive efforts made by the pro-voucher camp through marketing and advertising to get the word out that parents had an option, but the decision needed to be made quickly.

Although many critics of Betsy DeVos’ agenda to implement school vouchers, tax credits, and charter school choices, have claimed that there’s a hidden platform of personal gain attached to her efforts. She and her husband appear to be steadfast in their mission to provide better educational opportunities for all children. In fact, she states in a question regarding charter schools as a viable alternative to public education, that it is one of many possibilities. It also takes a great deal of time, effort, and financing to create a charter school. DeVos offered as an alternative the private schools that are already in existence and could use the funds that vouchers would bring.

Dick and Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy goes back a long way. They began volunteering at Potter’s House Christian School, an inner-city private school in Grand Rapids, when their own children were school age. They were deeply impacted by the efforts parents with limited resources were making to send their children to a school that offered more opportunity than their local public school. That first encounter led the DeVoses to tutor and sponsor students, and finally create a scholarship fund. Learn more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/01/dick_and_betsy_devos_lift_the.html

Dr. Clay Siegall Shares His Love Of Sports

Dr. Clay Siegall is a cancer researcher who built his own company, Seattle Genetics. In his free time he is also a sports enthusiast who likes to put sports-related articles on his official blog. A recent article he posted had to do with the Kansas City Chiefs shipping their quarterback, Alex Smith, off to the Washington NFL team. Now, the Patrick Mahomes era is about to begin with the Chiefs as he will be in his second year in the league and he is ready to play according to the coaches of the team.

In Super Bowl news, Dr. Clay Siegall also posted an article about the Philadelphia Eagles. The coach this team, Doug Pederson, has decided to have former quarterback Brett Farve address his team before the game starts. Pederson has been friends with Farve for many years and he thinks Farve will do a great job getting the team pumped up and ready to play their best game. They will be facing the New England Patriots on February 4th, 2018 with a 3:30 PST kickoff time.

As the president and CEO of his company, Dr. Clay Siegall guides its capital-raising activities in addition to all of his other responsibilities. His company, which went public in 2001, has raised over $675 million from both private and public sources. His company is on the cutting-edge of providing targeted cancer drug therapies in which the drugs his firm develops only kill cells with cancer. He says this is the wave of the future as it’s much safer for patients with far few side effects. Also, it’s much more effective than traditional methods like radiation.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Clay Siegall spent six years working for the National Cancer Institute which is a part of the federal government’s National Institutes of Health. He moved to the Seattle area in 1991 when he got a research position with Bristol-Myers Squib. It was six years after starting work with this pharmaceutical company before he decided to leave and instead co-found Seattle Genetics in Bothell, Washington.

Securus provides prisons with new revenues to fight crime

Throughout the United States, prisons are under constant budgetary pressure and are always encouraged to be as self-sufficient as possible. While many critics decry the high rates that prisoners often pay for phone calls, much of these exorbitant costs can be explained by the fact that prisons are often required to generate revenues in any way possible.


Companies like Securus Technologies play an important part in generating crucial revenues from prison phone systems. This money is used to keep prisons adequately staffed and to aid directly in the investigation of crimes and maintain the phone systems themselves as crime free forms of communication.


In the state of Louisiana, Securus provides an average of 71 percent of all revenues it collects from inmate calling to the facilities themselves. It has done this while managing to keep the average cost of a phone call in the state to just $0.15 per minute, a rate low enough so that almost any inmate can stay in nearly constant contact with his loved ones.


Still, some critics claim that the rates that inmates pay for phone calls should match those that are paid in the free market. However, wardens and administrators warn that such expectations are not realistic. The phone systems within prisons need to be kept secure. This entails the monitoring of all conversations to ensure that the system is not being abused for criminal purposes or to violate the rules of the institution. Such services require manpower and technology, things that suck valuable resources away from other tasks that prison staff must carry out.


For this reason many wardens have advised their critics, should they succeed in forcing market rates upon prison phone systems, they will have no choice but to remove the phones entirely, leaving inmates and their families no way to communicate with one another.