Mighty Fortress Church Seeks to Change the Minneapolis Community for the Better

Mighty Fortress Church is based in Minneapolis, MN, and is focused on bettering the community and teaching the love of Jesus Christ. The church is led by Bishop Thomas R. Williams and his wife Sabrina. The Williams’ have spent years gaining formal education in their areas of ministry and have been serving their members and those in the surrounding area for decades. Bishop Williams has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mass communications and organizational leadership, and Mrs. Williams has degrees in biblical science and elementary education. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

The philosophy of the church is based on the Trinity, or God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Bishop Williams and his wife teach that God is the father of all creation, and has infinite power. Jesus is the son of God, and was born to the Virgin Mary. He lived on this earth until the age of 33 when he was crucified for the sins of the world, and rose again after three days before returning to heaven. The Holy Spirit is God in spirit form, and serves as a guide for human beings. The Holy Spirit is also assigned to encourage and instruct those who believe in God, and to convict those who are not quite sure about following the statutes of God wholeheartedly. Watch this video on Youtube.

The principle of faith is also taught at Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams teaches that it’s important for people to have faith in God and maintain that faith by engaging in spiritual discipline. He shares that God’s adversary (Satan) seeks to destroy the faith of those who believe in God, because without faith, there is no hope or motivation to continue living a wholesome and upright life.

Mighty Fortress Church teaches through community service, sermons and music. There are ministry programs for church members of all ages, making it easy for entire families to attend.

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