IAP Worldwide makes Tremendous Milestones in Global Service Provision

The demanding challenges of the current society are nowadays solved, thanks to IAP Worldwide services, Inc. The company is at the forefront of addressing global scale logistical issues, manages facilities and offers large-scale technical services on CareerCast.com. All these services are accorded to both public and private clients. The company has its corporate headquarters situated in Cape Canaveral, FL and its presence felt in more than 25 nations globally.

Besides that, other offices are located in Panama City, Washington DC, Middle East and the UK. The number of employees exceeds 2,000 all of which are experienced in planning coordinating and tackling technical and logistic challenges on glassdoor.com. Besides that, IAP supports over 175,000 personnel at various military installation facilities in the US and the Middle East. The 60 years presence in the international market has seen the firm garner high reputation.

IAP Makes a Strategic Move

The year 2015 marked a tremendous milestone for IAP Worldwide Services. This is because the company acquired three franchises, namely aviation and logistics service provider, and tactical communications solutions. A&L deals in the provision of aircraft repairs, coupled with mission support services. TCNS, on the other hand, takes pride in providing engineering and IT solutions to various Government departments and other agencies.

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Acquisition of the two service providers is a move by IAP to integrate the distinctive proficiencies of both businesses. The brains behind the acquisition envisioned that such a decision would escalate the capabilities IAP offers clients and tap into new markets. The exclusive companies are set to be incorporated engineering solutions and the national security programs unit. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide services, Inc. confirmed that the step would be pivotal in the diversification of the company’s portfolio of services.

IAP offering Government Services

IAP Worldwide Services aims at providing her services efficiently, and on time. In fact, major government, coupled with national security clients rely on the company to deliver useful results on a fixed budget. Her mixture of demonstrated performance, adaptability and dedication have catapulted in the formation of trust by many clients. The convenience achieved from contracting IAP, goes a long way in retaining customers.

The US government is a primary beneficiary of support services including emergency response, aviation series, and communications. Additionally, the company boasts of providing high-quality expeditionary infrastructure to the government. Partnering with IAP is a fundamental incentive since all stakeholders will put in more effect in delivering the expected results.