The Traveling Vineyard Phenomenon

There is a real need for work from home businesses that are the real thing and not some scam. There are enough of those, so it is natural for any “home based business” to be a suspicious venture to many. The Traveling Vinyard, however is the real thing as it can be attested by over 1,000 people who have already signed up to be distributors.

In essence a distributor, or a Wine Guide as they are called arrange for family, friends and acquaintances to host a wine tasting party in their homes in exchange for 5 bottles of Traveling Vineyard Wine. The wine comes in categories of red, white, and sweet fizzy. There are 21 different varieties just in these three categories. In the course of the home wine tasting, the Wine Guide also goes through the educational process about sommology, which is the process of determining what wines can be paired with different foods and occasions.

The average sales at wine tasting parties are in the neighborhood of $450 to $500 dollars according to the company and the Wine Guide receives a commission of 15% to 35% depending upon their sales level at the time. Wine guides also get a 20% discount off of any wine that they purchase for their own personal use.

The Wine Guide also can have a personal website set up for just $15.95 per month. There are many sales and marketing tools that are available as well that come with the Success Kit. Openers, carrying bags, brochures, order forms, educational cards, marketing materials and two wine kits so at least two tasting parties can be held.

As long as a tasting party is “qualified” than the Wine Guide gets a $75 credit towards the next tasting set, so theoretically each new set of supplies does not come out of the pocket of the Wine Guide. Surely there must be some overlap, for example if a Wine Guide has parties lined up for days in a row. But it would work itself out eventually.

People who have been wine guides for some time give the company and the marketing plan raves of positive approval. They cite the ability to work for themselves and set their own hours as a key advantage to the Traveling Vineyard program. Many of the people involved have been able to quit their other job and have been able to go full time with The Traveling Vineyard.

Wine Guides are paid in four ways and they all can be simultaneous. Of course the first way is by having home tasting parties. The other methods are online sales, monthly wine club sales and by building a team, where overrides are received from team members in a Wine Guide’s downline.

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