David Osio Reveals How The Future Of Venezuela Could Look Bright

David Osio of Davos Investing has been looking to explain the problems currently facing the Latin American country of Venezuela and explain why he feels the country could stand on the verge of a return to success and economic stability. Osio and his successful Davos Investing company have been bringing the best financial advice to their customers for a number of years and has recently been looking to provide some information about just how the economy of Venezuela could soon bounce back to its previous successful position in the world.

The idea that Venezuela sits on the edge of collapse has been mentioned for a number of months as the growing humanitarian crisis continued to rise with debt problems sparking fears for the country around the world; although David Osio recognizes the current problems he also feels the country could soon turn around its problems to find a new period of long term success. Davos Investing manages more than $2 billion in assets for its extensive client list that trusts David Osio to find the best ways of making money in an economic climate that has been difficult in recent times for the people of Venezuela.

Osio has recently been providing his thoughts on the problems facing Venezuela and feels the issues he has seen have come about because of the major oil price collapse that has seen Venezuela suffer more than most. David Osio feels the problems facing Venezuela come from the fact around 95 percent of revenue from exports comes from oil, which has been hit by historically low prices over the course of 2016; these problems with oil have damaged the Venezuelan economy, but David Osio feels the economy will soon bounce back with the aid of higher oil prices.

The major debt problems facing Venezuela have been highlighted by the short and medium term debts facing the country from deals made with China. David Osio believes the first steps to a return to prosperity have been taken by Venezuelan officials who are seeking to restructure these debts in a way that will assist Venezuela in finding success in the future and easing the burden on its struggling citizens. Follow him on Twitter.

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Venezuelan Official Sues Dow Jones and News Corp

Disodado Cabello Randon, considered the be the most powerful man in Venezuela besides its leader Nicolas Maduro, has decided to sue the companies Dow Jones and News Corp for alleged libel. The top Venezuelan official claims the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by the previously mentioned entities, has made false accusations regarding financial laundering and narcotics against him. In the eight pages of his complaint reviewsd by Adrian Jose Velasquez , he accuses Wall Street Journal reporters of producing an article in May 2015 which falsely claims the United States government is investigating Cabello Randon of smuggling cocaine and hiding the money produced from it. The article which also appeared on dateas, claims that American prosecutors are investigating several high-ranking Venezuelan officials and consider Cabello Randon to be the head of a drug trafficking crime syndicate in the country. Representatives of Disodado Cabello Randon have not released any comments and the amount of money sued for has not been specified.