Getting A Magnises Membership Can Open Many Doors

Unless someone is a Magnises member, they’ll never get to know about or experience the benefits of being a member, especially since a lot of the benefits are only for members of Magnises. With exclusive access to functions and parties that are only for Magnises members, that’s one of the reasons why anyone should choose to become a member. Other great benefits include parties, a great concierge application and discounts of all kinds. Many who like to do shopping can not only get discounts on their purchases but can also be the first to know about new items that come out from name brand sellers.

Anyone who’s a fan of Samsung products could have gone to the exclusive product reveal party that was held recently, especially if they were a Magnises member. The members of Magnises were able to see new products firsthand as well as getting free gifts. Even those who loved Kanye West were able to get bulk tickets to attend his amazing concert, which meant that the Magnises member and their friends would’ve been able to get tickets when many others were not able to. Anyone in New York should know how great the Hamptons are, and many know that there are great parties there as well.

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AM Southhampton has great nightlife and had tables reserved specifically for Magnises members, so those with a membership were treated like VIPs. Even sports events can be great for a Magnises member because they’ll be able to get some of the best seats, which means you will not only enjoy the game but will enjoy watching it from a better seat. Magnises members also get some exclusive insider benefits, such as being able to go to concerts that are private and getting to see pop up celebrities at events.

Get into fashion shows, visit a theater, become more culturally inclined by visiting different destinations all while using the Magnises membership. Even those who love to eat will like the benefits that they get from the membership, especially when they are invited to restaurant openings or exclusive dinners that can only be attended by Magnises members and may include free food and drink. Those who like to go out to restaurants on a regular basis can use their Magnises card to obtain discounts, free food, free bottles of alcohol and so much more. Even those who are inclined to travel can benefit too.

Traveling while having a Magnises card means that there are tons of hotels that will give discounts as well as room upgrades, which means that you can still have a luxury vacation that doesn’t cost as much. One would think that with all the benefits that Magnises has that the membership would cost an incredible amount of money, but only $250 gets you the Magnises membership you want for an entire year. Vacation like never before, party like never before, enjoy life, and meet some really great people after becoming a Magnises Black Card member.

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