Pop Culture is a Running Theme at Jon Urbana’s Twitter Account

The subject of my post today is a very successful professional lacrosse player. Upon retiring, he launched a solid training camp designed to create and mold the new stars of tomorrow (visit the camp’s website), and registration is now open for 2016. Jon Urbana also delved into interests such as business endeavors, piloting, and even daily blogging and Facebook updates. His daily tweets and Tumblr posts always bring something new and eye-opening to people’s attention.

Sports news in all its forms is a popular subject in Urbana’s Villanova career and his tweets as well. Peyton Manning appeared at a press conference with his four-year-old son. The news was originally reported by Sports Illustrated and Urbana’s Vimeo channel shares the event with his followers. Most of his followers came by way of the animated charity videos that have since been shared just about everywhere and even got him written up on a few news sites like Bloomberg, Digital Journal, and PR.com

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Tech news also gets major mentions on Jon Urbana’s CrunchBase page. Millions of people love to learn about the trends emerging in technology. Urbana and his SoundCloud followers are among them. Not all the news is good. Wired.com has a report on electric scooters and refers to the devices as “lame”. Maybe Wired is being a bit too hard on the inventions.

The age-old concept of monorails is discussed and a video discussing the topic of philanthropy and the future of transportation is something fans of tech news will want to check out. Monorails are considered mass transportation and not technology, but there is a science-fiction edge to monorails. So, there is crossover appeal with tech fans.

News and current events are discussed on the Ellipse executive’s LinkedIn feed. The unfortunate story of the Flint, MI water crisis gets a notation. Not everyone may know the whole story about the crisis. Jon Urbana helps people get the information they need in order to help the rest of the world.

Fashion news gets highlighted now and then. Jourdan Dunn not only lands “double covers” on Vogue Brasil, she is also the subject of a Jon Urbana tweet. The tweet provides a link to a Buzzfeed article that goes into detail about Urbana’s photo shoot collection, and so does this video below.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the quirkiest actors in Hollywood. He wears the badge proudly.

Jon Urbana proudly asked a question about Burt Reynolds acting as an advice giver. The is “What would you ask him?” Surely, that question is going to get a ton of interesting responses.

Urbana tweets about a lot of subjects and this ensures the Twitter account is always fun.

Protecting Your Business – Save Your Identity Online

When somebody is working with a professional company or they own the company, their online presence makes a big deal and can really affect a variety of suspects of the company. It’s easy to accidentally lose a job or even lose customers because a single person from the company could do things online that they shouldn’t. As a high-profile individual, you’ll find that protecting your company is so important, and doing the right things can save your brand online from losing their success.

Protecting Your Business – Save Your Identity Online

Stop Using Facebook Daily At Work

If you’re lucky enough to have a good place to work on your own in a cubicle, you will find that using Facebook all the time should be avoided at all costs. Do not spend so much time trying so hard to use Facebook to scroll through the sites. Some people have lost their jobs from using too much social media during their work hours. It shows you as somebody who slacks off and doesn’t care entirely about his or her work.

Be Careful With What You Say

It’s vital that you are always very careful with what you say or do online. Be very careful with your choices so you can avoid future turmoil with your company. Believe it or not, what you say can affect your brand in so many ways. For example, you need to be very careful with your choices online since customers could see them and report you, and other people can lose potential consumers with a misguided business plan. Your identity online can be saved and can be protected with the help of Status Labs. Status Labs is a company online that takes some of the best marketing pros to help business owners like yourself and high profile individuals to maintain their online presences so that they can keep their brand saved.

Your identity online can be in jeopardy every single day. Status Labs understands how a single bad review or scandal can ruin your brand for the future, so they can help fix or prevent such things from happening.

Darius Fisher’s Steps To Clean Up Google Searches

What you post on social media today can easily affect things you do in your future. Old party photos can easily cost the admission into a top college, or future employment. But is there something that can be done to check your public image and repair it? Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, has a few tips that can help anyoe.
Search yourself on google, but make sure you are logged out. This gives you the same search results the average person would see. Identify any results you are uncomfortable with and try to remove them. Develop some new content with your name on it. This could be as simple as social media posts or blog entries. Make sure you are opted out of data brokers, these are companies like PeopleSmart, Intelius, and Whitepages. Finally, Fisher recommends you be proactive and take control over anything and everything with your name on it. Request site administrators remove any unfavorable content. Often times, politely requesting will do the trick.
Darius Fisher is an expert in the public relations field, and his simple advice can go a long way. He was honored with a mention on the prestigious Innovation 50 list just last month. The recognition came due to Fisher’s work helping more than 1500 clients in 35 different countries clean up their Google search results while also thriving through a crisis in his own company. This insight and personal experience has certainly played a strong part in his success in the PR field. Fisher and Status Labs have both received honorable mentions due to their role in aiding the victims of the Ashley Madison hack from both Yahoo! News and The New York Times.
Fisher has experienced amazing career growth during his time with Status Labs, not only is he the president, but he co founded the company. Prior to his work with Status Labs, Fisher worked as both a copywriter and a political consultant. He received his education from Vanderbilt University where he graduated with honors.