A Shaky Start In Washington

Education minister Betsy DeVos’ first days as a federal politician in the Trump Administration started out a little rough. First of all, her Senate confirmation hearing did not go smoothly. Her answers were said to be very shaky and insecure, and comedians made jokes about her apparent lack of basic knowledge of public schools. After her confirmation, she started her job as Minister of Education. The first issue that occurred, was whether to allow transgender employees of educational institutions to use the bathroom of their gender identity. Now former Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, was in favor of continuing this guideline from the previous administration, and this made for a bad start for the relationship between the two. One of her aides told a group of transgender education employees that she had tried to make the decision go the other way, but she didn’t in any way reveal publicly that she was against Trump on this issue. It would seem that she was in favor of the change from when it was first presented. Ms. DeVos told The Conservative Political Action Conference that this guideline was an example of the Obama administration overreaching.



Betsy DeVos, 59, grew up in Holland in West Michigan. She started working in her father billionaire auto-parts company, and he, like her, supported initiatives that fight for Christian conservative values as a philanthropist. Her brother is the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the controversial private security company conducting operations in Iraq. Her husband is even richer than herself, being the heir to Amway. He also tried his luck in politics by running for governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost to his opponent.



DeVos’ political ideology is right-wing, Christian, and conservative. She is a strong supporter of charter schools, and critics would say she tries to weaken the public school system. Charter schools are privately run and administered, with no federal permanent standard for performance and quality, and the funding is federal tax money. This system started out as an experiment but has since grown, and some predict it will be larger than the public school system in the future. Still, more than half of American students attend public schools. After taking office, Ms. DeVos has been on several trips to Florida to promote and speak at charter schools. This is the state that gets the highest amount of federal funding and this is not proportional to the number of students.



The highest concentration of charter schools is found in Detroit, a city in her home state. The schools of Detroit have a nation-wide reputation of being extremely low-performing, and there have even been lawsuits by former students claiming that are illiterate after completing their education. Representatives of both parties tried to pass a bill that would force failed charter schools to close and permit the opening of new ones. Ms. DeVos created a group called The Great Lakes Education Project, which fought against it and won. The now-minister commented that the Detroit public school system should simply be put down.



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Corporations Are People? End Citizens United Doesn’t Think So

There are some common sense things that our government just gets wrong. And it’s easy to see why large swaths of our population here in the United States does not trust the government. Take Citizens United, for example. This Supreme Court decision turned corporations into people in the eyes of the law. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a corporation walk the streets. But, most importantly, I’ve never seen a corporation die.

That is my threshold for personhood. You need to be able to physically die in order to receive constitutional rights. Oh, yeah, corporations get First Amendment protections because of Citizens United. Big businesses now have the same rights as you; a living, breathing American citizen. Now a big business is free to express speech using giant amounts of cash showered onto elections and politicians. It’s absurd.

You know how Mr. Rogers always said to look for the helpers whenever you see something bad happen? Well, in the wake of these ridiculous findings, I always look for the competent people to come out of the woodwork. It took them five years, but a group called End Citizens United is now on the scene. And they want to end Citizens United. It’s pretty simple.

But the plan is nothing but simple for this group of committed folks based out of Washington. They first plan to stop the bleeding by working on a grassroots level to change local campaign finance laws. Secondly, they endorse candidates at the local and federal levels that promise to dismantle the decision when they take office. Thirdly, they are acting like campaign finance police by watching greedy politicians and their campaigns. Last, but surely not least, they plan to take down the decision altogether whether it be through Congress or a constitutional amendment. I just hope End Citizens United heeds my advice. Craft the law to say that you need to be able to die to get rights.

End Citizens United is in Florida and Texas right now. They have already thrown a flag on Rick Scott and his campaign financing in Florida, and they’ve endorsed Beto O’Rourke for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in Texas.

A Quick Review of Sean Penn’s new novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,”

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is the title of Sean Penn’s new novel, which is a definite trip to read. Apparently, reading this book, should woo you into disbelieving the contents of the insane actions that Penn writes.


It is obvious that Penn had cult classics in mind for eager readers to dwell in satirical madness and surprisingly deep truths.


Originally released back in 2016 as a mysterious audio book, its content was even slimmer than the newer produced slim novel. Under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah, Penn narrated the audiobook clearly meant to portray more relevant times as it provides references to unsubtle broad features of president Obama and camping outside, close to the Republican National Convention.


Some of the featured characters included in Penn’s novel are Fletcher– a closely modeled El Chapo figure and a boomer named Bob, who has many careers that include a part-time job as an assassin. In the book, these two have a meeting and consequently, Penn interviewed El Chapo before the drug lords’ arrest in Mexico. Penn has also praised Hugo Chavez.


One scene takes place during the aftermath of five police officers shot in Dallas where Bob realizes that this was the result of the media encouraging the killing.


The character portrayed as Bob is most likely a bizarre vessel of Penn, who is also a baby boomer. Bob is antisocial with deadly potential whose behavior expresses wise or even prophetic ideas.


Who wouldn’t want to read Penn’s loud, absurd, and angry views of the state of the world? To Bob, it seems like America is no longer the girl who birthed him who was beautiful. Instead, Penn Narrates it is the ghost of a girl that he never knew. The line is one of Bob’s frequent most indulgent of fantasies about his beautiful girlfriend and a good example of the gender of politics as portrayed in the book.


Evidently, Penn’s book is a way for him to vent his angry notions of all that has gone wrong in the world for everyone to read embedded in the character Bob Honey. Penn told CBS that some will buy the book and some will not and also some will love it and some will hate it.




End Citizens United Is Standing Firmly Behind Randy Bryce For Congress

End Citizens United or ECU is endorsing Randy Bryce for Congress. Bryce has stated he want to end political corruption, making him the perfect candidate for ECU’s mission to promote finance reform in political campaigns. Paul Ryan is the current Speaker of the House, and will be running against Randy Bryce. Ryan has made certain campaign contributions for large amounts can be donated without full disclosure. This is what the ECU is fighting against. Ryan has opposed the legislation that would help ECU reach their goal, and sides with special interests.

Ryan has campaigned against McCain-Feingold, meant to reform campaign finances, and require political donors to show how much they donated to political campaigns. Ryan is against the reason ECU was created because he believes the decision of the Supreme Court was correct. In the eyes of ECU, Randy Bryce is a breath of fresh air. He will work to introduce campaign reforms to prevent secret contributions to the political system, and overturn Citizens United. He wants the system changed to represent not the special interests, but the will of the people.

ECU views Randy Bryce as a defender for the people, and they are endorsing him for the 1st Congressional District in Washington DC. Bryce wants the interests of Wisconsin’s people placed before the interests of the special interest groups, influential elite and ultra-rich. To demonstrate the power of the people power his campaign, most of his campaign donations are only $25 each. The contributions he has received from small donor’s total 82 percent of all contributions. Although some campaign donations are $200 or more, this is just fifteen percent of the total.

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Randy Bryce has a working-class background, is a populist, and is firmly backed by many activist groups and Democrats. His popularity is so extensive, an Ohio political activist dropped out of the race rather than challenge him for the Congressional seat.

End Citizens United began with a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United v. F.E.C. This decision completely changed American elections, allowed special interest groups and billionaires to spend untraceable and unlimited money in American elections, and established the legalities for the corporations are people ideas. This means there is currently no transparency or accountability. Corporations and billionaires are working to tip the political balance in their favor, and it does not stop there. ECU is a PAC, or political action committee who supports Democrats in the key races. These Democrats believe meaningful reform is necessary in the campaign finance system, and are willing to fight to see Citizens United overturned. They stand up for candidates who are being attacked by mega-donors and special interest, and their networks of dark money groups and Super PAC’s.

For more details please visit http://chronicleweek.com/2017/10/randy-bryce-is-the-perfect-fit-for-end-citizens-united/.

George Soros Supports Immigrant Voters

George Soros has been quite vocal in his opposition to Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. On numerous occasions, Soros has publicly admonished Trump for his explosive outbursts towards immigrants on nybooks.com. Most notably, Trump described immigrants from Mexico on their way to the U.S. as thieves and rapists and said that Mexico is not sending its best when immigrants try to come to the U.S. In addition, Trump has been openly hostile to Muslims and even went so far as to call for a ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. in a knee-jerk response to the terror from ISIS supporters that has been striking fear in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Soros thinks that Trump is capitalizing on the worst emotions in people and is exploiting them to his own advantage. While this may results in instant poll number bumps for Trump, Soros says this is a very dangerous path for the future of the country because it threatens to fracture our entire population. Soros simply does not see an effective way for the country to prosper under a Trump presidency. For those reasons, he has been active in securing funds and mobilizing groups to rise in opposition to Trump.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

The latest in Soros’ attempt to slow down Trump’s gains in popularity has been to start mobilizing new immigrant and Latino voters. These are the very groups that Trump has spoken so brazenly against in recent media interviews and speeches. George Soros has made an incredible donation of an estimated $5 million to a new super PAC devoted to mobilizing immigrant and Latino voters to get them to the polls this November. The super PAC is called Immigrant Voters Win and has been gaining a lot of press recently for its high profile donors and its ability to raise a massive amount of funds in such a short time. Soros is joined by other wealthy donors in their opposition to Trump’s policies on immigration and the Latino community in general. They have donated an additional $10 million to the super PAC in hopes of getting new Latino and other immigrant voters out to the polls this November in record numbers. The stated mission of the super PAC is to have an additional 400,000 Latino and immigrant voters turn out in this election, which would be an amazing boost to voter turnout in general. Their hope is that the Latino and immigrant communities will see the danger in Trump’s messages and use their votes to put a Democratic president in office. Soros has been active in funding multiple super PACS with the same general motivation of working hard to prevent a Trump presidency in 2016.

Soros is often consulted for his views on various political races and has been open in his support of the Democratic Party candidate for president in the 2016 election. He thinks that it is important to protect basic human rights and have balances against free market capitalism so that the economic system does not collapse.

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