How Alex Pall Sets the Stage for The Chainsmokers

As one of the founders and a current member of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall knows there are things that might make the band better than they’ve ever been before. He spent a lot of time learning about what the band needed and how to make it a better band. For Alex Pall, the point of making sure he could help people understand positive opportunities was something that continued making it easier for him to do things the right way. The Chainsmokers are now one of the top bands in the world thanks to how hard Alex Pall worked to make sure he could help people see the positive influence he had on the community. His work made him want to give attention to all the issues that were common for bands and The Chainsmokers continued performing so they’d get more popular in different areas of the performances.

Recently, Alex Pall did an interview about what it’s like to be in one of the top bands in the country. He talked about all the benefits that come from it as well as some of the downsides to being in a band like The Chainsmokers. Alex Pall likes doing a lot of different things and pushes to make sure he can help other people enjoy these options. Even though he knows what people want out of these situations and how they can make things better, he continues pushing to help everyone understand there are positive opportunities available.

The time Alex Pall spent learning about how to make the best music possible gave him a chance to keep doing things the right way. It also made him want to make his band even better. He continues writing music people can connect with and that pushes him to make good decisions so he can help out even more. With all the issues bands today face, Alex Pall knows there are things that might make a difference for him. He hopes to continue pushing toward a better future for his band and for many of the other bands that make it onto the charts like The Chainsmokers.

Renovia: Marc Beer’s Company Raised Funds To Bring New Products For People With Pelvic Disorder

Last month, Renovia Inc., a med-tech company based in Boston managed to raise $42 million to help bring new products on board. The company managed to raise $32 million during the Series B, which was added to $10 million collected from Venture debt. With the new funding in place, the company is expected to develop and test four more therapeutic and diagnostic products to help patients with Pelvic disorders. Among the products to be texted, include a new generation of Levi devices.


The company has developed various diagnostic and therapeutic devices to help treat multiple pelvic floor disorders. Renovia first line of product was Levi, which was approved by the FDA in April this year. Leva and other Renovia products help provide cost-effective treatment for weak pelvic floor muscles. The company has been dramatically involved in bringing solutions to thousands of women around the world. This includes 250 million women who suffer from Urinary incontinence.


Key investors that participated in the series B funding included Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Venture. The Longwood Fund, OSF Ventures, and Western Technology also involved in the funding round. The Longwood Fund has helped startups like Renovia get the necessary funding needed to support better the medical industry.

Renova was more than happy to get support from so many investors. According to Marc Beer, the co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc, the newly acquired funding will help many women around the world. Women will now be able to get proper medications that will go a long way into making their lives easier. He was happy to have prominent investors in the healthcare industry believe in his dream.


Beer believes that the company has more than enough to get the ball kicking. Renovia project entails combining different innovations and technologies to provide customers with valuable information on new treatment options. They also intend to use a new platform to increase the knowledge and awareness of Pelvic floor disorders.

Marc Beer and Ramon Iglesias created Renovia in 2016. Marc Beer is a top-notch executive with more than 25 years of experience. He specializes in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals diagnostics, and devices. Marc graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a Bachelors of science degree. He has worked in many companies that are significantly involved in health matter. In 2000 Marc was appointed the founding CEO of ViaCell (NASDAQ: VIAC), a biotechnology company that specializes in the collection, preservation, and development of Umbilical cords and blood stem cells. Marc led in various posts including being the chairperson of Good Start Genetics. Learn more:

The Chainsmokers Are Taking A Completely Different Path In Their Music These Days

It can be difficult at times to be in the spotlight, as there are always people expecting something from those who are. This is especially the case for celebrities. When there are millions of fans that have fallen in love with a particular artist or creator, it can be limited to that person’s own life or creativity. The Chainsmokers learned this over the past couple of years since they blew up and hit the mainstream with their music production. Since 2015, the Chainsmokers have managed to become some of the most popular DJ’s on the planet, making tens of millions each year during their tours.

Just like everyone who stood in the spotlight before them, The Chainsmokers have learned what it actually means and the double-edged sword that it can be. Recently spoken with, the Chainsmokers discussed their latest turn in musical style and the decisions behind it. As many fans are aware, the Chainsmokers have recently switched to a totally different genre compared to their hits in the past, such as “Paris”, and “Closer”. Their latest single that released in January of this year is much darker and deeper than anything they’ve done so far. Much of the song is related to actual problems facing people and society around the world today. According to the duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they were inspired to try something new to respond to their critics, but also to expand on their skills and grow as musicians.

While their new sound is not smashing the billboards like their previous upbeat EDM mixes were, it has still be taken well by audiences and fans have been happy to hear new music from the duo since they took a hiatus for almost a year. The Chainsmokers have assured their fans that they won’t be taking another break, but are hard at work creating new sounds and deeper messages to convey through their music.

David Osio Reveals How The Future Of Venezuela Could Look Bright

David Osio of Davos Investing has been looking to explain the problems currently facing the Latin American country of Venezuela and explain why he feels the country could stand on the verge of a return to success and economic stability. Osio and his successful Davos Investing company have been bringing the best financial advice to their customers for a number of years and has recently been looking to provide some information about just how the economy of Venezuela could soon bounce back to its previous successful position in the world.

The idea that Venezuela sits on the edge of collapse has been mentioned for a number of months as the growing humanitarian crisis continued to rise with debt problems sparking fears for the country around the world; although David Osio recognizes the current problems he also feels the country could soon turn around its problems to find a new period of long term success. Davos Investing manages more than $2 billion in assets for its extensive client list that trusts David Osio to find the best ways of making money in an economic climate that has been difficult in recent times for the people of Venezuela.

Osio has recently been providing his thoughts on the problems facing Venezuela and feels the issues he has seen have come about because of the major oil price collapse that has seen Venezuela suffer more than most. David Osio feels the problems facing Venezuela come from the fact around 95 percent of revenue from exports comes from oil, which has been hit by historically low prices over the course of 2016; these problems with oil have damaged the Venezuelan economy, but David Osio feels the economy will soon bounce back with the aid of higher oil prices.

The major debt problems facing Venezuela have been highlighted by the short and medium term debts facing the country from deals made with China. David Osio believes the first steps to a return to prosperity have been taken by Venezuelan officials who are seeking to restructure these debts in a way that will assist Venezuela in finding success in the future and easing the burden on its struggling citizens. Follow him on Twitter.

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Viral Vixens

Beauty’s best showcase medium has quickly proven to be video. Before YouTube was registered under its Internet domain in 2005, those interested in anything style related were relegated to pouring over magazines, catalogs, and books that showcased clothing and make-up how-to’s. There are currently seventeen countries from which users can upload their vlogs (a blog in video form) and tutorials, and there are virtually unlimited resources and viewers to exchange fashion and make-up tips from nearly every ethnicity, skin tone, gender, and style preference.

Australian beauty maven Wengie gets to weigh in on her opinions and advice with a variety of readers. As chief executive officer of StyleAlley, her resume is quite impressive. After helping clients achieve success with social media, she followed her own advice and got serious about creating and regularly updating her blogs and social media outlets.

Wengie learned her beauty know how from independent research, and today she passes on what she learned. Huang understands that information on Asian cosmetics is particularly lacking in Australia and Western regions of the world. On her personal site, her advice covers beautifying oneself from the inside to the outside. Articles showcase weight loss, healthy snacks, hair, eye liner, and more can be found on Her three YouTube channels perfectly fuse the talent, personality, and style of Wengie more than all of her social media avenues combined. Here you can find three different areas to the same young professional–beauty advice, life advice, and a third just for both song and dance performances.

Other vixens have seized the opportunity to become viral in a relatively short period of time. Unlike Wengie, American female Autumn Asphodel began her career on YouTube. Autumn’s channel is similar to Wendy’s. You can find both makeup advice and life advice on her channel. Transgender Autumn Asphodel has vast self-taught experience learning how to apply makeup. She publicly acknowledges her dissociative identity disorder; this openness definitely provides a unique perspective on relationships that few people get to experience. Autumn’s personality, Iris Fae, has taken on a bigger role on a second channel that is devoted to more of a guided meditation for those seeking a spiritual perspective from which to learn. When visiting YouTube, it is easy to almost feel connected to these modern artists within minutes by simply a few clicks of the computer mouse or swipes from a smart device.