Gregory Aziz – Trains and More

Rest assured, for the rumors are 100 percent true: Railroad manufacturing star Greg Aziz has indeed turned a new leaf, and this time it’s permanent – according to him. The previous buff of the roaring ’80s and ’90s locomotive genre has devoted his life to Christianity. And that’s not all: He now shares his views on many modern topics as summarized below:

Greg’s View on Alternative Forms of Last-Minute Treatment to Help Children and Their Families Not to Give Up Hope

When given a cancer diagnosis, it is not the end: Most victims and their loved ones must understand this. There are always things that one may still try, such as natural methods.

Greg’s View on the World of Mobile Connectivity and Its Near Future

Though he humbly claims that he is no perfect expert, he does believe – in his own, personal opinions – that the following five are currently the most viral and the most talked-about modern issues altogether, major issues arising from one minor mobile misunderstanding in one way or another. Please consider them for your analysis as well.


Greg Speaks Out on the Future of Cars and the Auto World – As Well as What This Means for the Future of the Mexican Automobile Industry

James Aziz Mentions His Favorite Cars and Why They’re His Favorite

In a recent interview, National Steel Cars CEO, Greg James Aziz spoke out on not only his love for the railroad industry but his personal passion for certain car models. It’s true. Greg Aziz has nearly tried them all.

Greg’s Summarized Thoughts on Online Dating

He has used Tinder, Christian Mingle, Ok Cupid and many others.

Having used many other dating sites in the past, he can say that online dating is a far quicker solution to regular dating as it can comprehensively offer you and the other party so much more in return. Just think about it: These sites allow for blind dating, social dating, casual or discreet meetups, hangouts, same interest solutions and so much more. Plus, when you fill out your profile, you can immediately message singles in your area – all with the simple click of a button and the scroll of a mouse. Tell me, folks, has it ever been easier than that?