Investing In Brazil Can Be Tricky According To Investment Specialist Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is finally recovering from a recession that crippled the country’s economy. Most Brazilians lost some of the equity they had before the recession hit the country hard in 2016. Foreign investors left the country with their financial tails between their legs because they couldn’t figure out how to keep their assets safe during the recession. Most of those investors didn’t have the knowledge or the expertise that retired banker Igor Cornelsen has, and that forced them to pull their money out of Brazil.

While those investors well running for financial cover, Cornelsen was doing what he always does for his clients. Igor gave them an investment strategy that worked while the Brazilian economy was in a free-fall. His investment company Bainbridge Investments specializes in picking the right Brazilian assets that produce positive returns.

The investors who don’t know Igor Cornelsen’s history think this retired banker is just dabbling in the investment industry when he’s not playing golf in Florida. But that’s not a fair description of Cornelsen’s work ethic. Igor is a go-getter who invested millions of dollars while he was part of the banking industry in Brazil. Igor studied engineering at The Federal University of Parana, but he changed his major to economics, and that decision was the start of a lucrative investment career.

In 1974, Igor Cornelsen became a Multibanco board member, and in 1976, Cornelsen took over as the Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco. Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978, so Igor went to Unibanco as an investment strategist. Igor stayed with Unibanco until he joined Libra Bank. Libra was a subsidiary of the London Merchant Bank, so he was able to use U.S. dollars for investment purposes.

Cornelsen decided to move to Florida and become an investment strategist when he retired from the banking industry. His investment focus is the Brazilian market. He always tells his clients his decision to start Bainbridge Investments was one of the best decisions of his life.