What Exactly Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is a professional platform that makes it easier for any individual to get the help they need. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can stem from deep rooted negative thoughts, and knowing how to cope can be rough. Talkspace is here to make it easy on anyone to speak to a licensed therapist who knows their individual needs. This website is a place full of licensed and certified therapists with specialities in all kinds of areas. What they offer is a series of text message based therapy that allows for the patient to be matched with a professional therapist and exchange messages.

You do not need to have health insurance or any kind of insurance plan to utilize this program. They priced their programs so that anybody can join and get the help they need from the comfort of your home. With weekly package plans, it’s easy to get access to a therapist and not have to go through thousands of big struggles just to hear what a professional therapist would tell you.

Talkspace has been endorsed by the incredible swimmer, Michael Phelps. He dealt with his own struggles over the years. Having dealt with the pressure of the entire nation on his shoulders during his multiple runs at the Summer Olympic Games, he has shared multiple times his struggles with depression and anxiety disorder. Competing in such a huge event can be incredibly nerve-wracking. His stress and nerves definitely has gotten to him at several points of his career. Having been a part of this team of Talkspace, he loves advocating the power of using a resource like this. Any young adults or even those who are older who are dealing with mental health issues can utilize Talkspace as their safe haven for hope.

Most people don’t realize that there is a way out of their mental stress. You don’t need to succumb to the fears of life and stay stuck in your mental struggles. Talkspace is affordable, reliable, and provides the best resources in one place. It makes it so easy to find a therapist fit to help you.