JD.com, Second Largest E-commerce Retailer in the World

During an interesting and humorous interview at the World Economic Forum Richard Liu Qiangdong states with a smile that he wants JD.com to be number one. The audience chuckles in agreement as if to say, ‘Well you’re not far from it.’ David Rubenstein, the host continues to asks about wealth. Richard Liu states ‘Wealth is a resource. You want to grow your wealth, community and society simultaneously, that’s what I want to do.’ These explains the vigor and dedication, that Richard Liu has shown over the years. Working tirelessly to make his company, JD.com, one of the best organizations in the world.

CEO and Founder of JD.com, Richard Liu has always put the reputation and good name of JD.com first. Mr. Liu recognizes that the prosperity of JD.com reflects on China and it’s society as a whole. JD.com’s net worth in 2017 was well over $55 billion, with over 300 million shoppers annually. Richard Liu’s effort to reach even more shoppers is seen by anyone who worked with him. During the interview, he explained that he wants JD.com to be reachable all around the globe.

Most of JD.com customers, purchase their items via mobile phone. With the ability to choose between millions of high-end pieces of clothing, customers are able to relax and shop for hours. If you’ve ever gone online to look through JD.com’s clothing line, you will notice the huge array of the most distinctive fashionable pieces online. The goal of JD.com is to expand. To gain more customers, to offer more merchandise and to be able to delivery throughout the world. JD.com will be setting up delivery stations. Delivery stations will utilize robots to assist with delivery. The robots will take over the remaining miles of delivery. They will be able to recognize traffic lights etc, while being equipped with face recognition abilities. So when the robot finally arrived the customer will be identified. Richard Liu Qiangdong goal is to make JD.com the largest e-commerce retailer in the world.

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Ted Bauman Is A Financial Newsletter Writer For The Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club Newsletter

Ted Bauman is a person who gives a lot of valuable information and is driven to provide his readership base with his blogs and newsletters like Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club Newsletter.

Bauman has spent the large part of his life directing people in the right direction. Bauman is an individual who is quite astute about the finance sector. Ted works hard to guide people concerning accruing their wealth and becoming smart investors. Ted Bauman is also the editorial director of The Bauman Letter. Ted wants individuals to have a sovereign life. A life that Ted Bauman emphasized, without the influence of corporate greed or government oversight.

Besides editing and writing for the The Bauman Letter, Ted also blogs for Medium.com. Bauman writes about issues like tax advice, investments, and stock picks. When it comes to many of Ted Bauman’s blogs enjoys taking score of his stock picks that he follows back up. Bauman made stock suggestions for readers to consider buying. The Bauman Letter is made up of 16-pages as a newsletter. This The Bauman Letter is published monthly. The Bauman Letter provides its readership base with unique financial information, strategies, and key techniques to accrue personal wealth.

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 to be an editor and writer for the publishing company that focuses on the financial milieu. Bauman writes about subjects like asset protection, law, international migration issues, privacy, investing, and more.

Mr. Bauman has a tremendous educational track record. Ted has a graduate degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. Bauman was born in the Washington, D.C. area but was raised on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Bauman and his family emigrated to South Africa, where he worked for many different agencies and entities in financial-focused areas. Ted Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

Bauman hatched an organization titled Slum Dwellers International, which assisted 14 million individuals in 35 countries.

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It Is Community First for Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil drilling companies in the Houston, Texas area. The company, from its CEO to the lowest level employee, are fully-vested in the community. When Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2017 there was little doubt by Nabors Industries about what needed to be done. CEO Tony Petrello immediately dispatched a team of employees to render aid to the community. He even offered his employees paid time off to help assist in the aid efforts. Tony demands his employees to be contributing members of their community, encourages fitness, and empowers them to make decisions.

He inspired his employees to donate money to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by pledging to match their contributions. A couple of weeks later, Mr. Petrello wrote a personal check of nearly $175,000 to the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. Nearly ten percent of Nabors employees were personally affected by the natural disaster and Tony was there to assist them with getting their lives back to normal. That shows you what type of man Tony Petrello is.

Tony Petrello was not born into wealth but rather grew up in a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. His parents taught Tony and his siblings the importance of putting in a hard day’s work. In high school he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Ivy League school, Yale University. Tony took full advantage of this scholarship and wound up with A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics. he then went on to get his law degree from Harvard Law School. Tony was just getting started and soon he began working at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York City. Soon he became a managing partner with the firm, where he did work for an oil drilling company called Nabors Industries.

Impressed with Tony’s work ethic, Nabors Industries offered him a job in management in 1991. He gladly accepted and soon worked his way up to being named the COO and President of the company. In 2001, Tony was named CEO of Nabors Industries and has led the company to record profits with him at the helm. Nabors is now operates the largest number of land drilling rigs in the world and had revenue over $2.2 billion in 2016. Success has followed Tony Petrello everywhere he has gone but those closest to him know that it is because of his never-ending work ethic.

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