Sanjay Shah: A Man of Passion and Dedication

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of passion and dedication. Fortunately for Shah, he has both. He has needed it in order to make a meaningful life for himself. For one thing, he has grown to be tired of the daily slump of working on a set schedule for banks. While he did make and save a lot of money for the banks he worked for, his real passion was owning a business. He eventually set out to start his first bank called Solo Capital. He has rented out a small room in a building in order to work on sports betting and proprietary trading. He has become really successful and as a result, his business grew to owning a few buildings.

Sanjay has got to enjoy a lot of advantages that come with owning a successful business. He has also gained a lot more money to put towards charitable causes. However, a personal tragedy struck when he has learned that his child has a developmental condition called autism. Afterwards, he has started focusing his attention on the treatment of this medical condition. He has started his nonprofit charity called Autism Rocks with the purpose of spreading awareness of this condition.

During his efforts to spread awareness of autism, he has met Snoop Dogg. His meeting with Snoop Dogg has given him the idea to host concerts with the purpose of funding autism research. He has then met up with a lot of artists and stars. They have all given Shah’s family a pleasant experience. They got to meet his son. All of his concert ventures have been successful. Therefore, he is able to provide a lot of funding for autism research. More people have become aware of what the developmental condition of autism is through the concerts of their favorite artists.


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