Rocketship Education:

*A closer look at Rocketship Charter Schools.

Rocketship was first opened over a decade ago in Northern California. The school was first started as an institution of learning for students from impoverished backgrounds. The school turned out to be so successful that additional locations were eventually opened. Preston Smith founded the organization and he is currently the CEO of Rocketship Schools.

The 2016-17 school year was a particularly good one for Rocketship. Over 82% of enrolled students achieved high scores in both English and Mathematics. Therefore, the school now permits eligible students to take a foreign language in addition to required English and Literature courses. This is quite an accomplishment not only for students of Rocketship but also for the teachers and families of the students.

There is currently a new location being remodeled outside of Redwood City California. The new Rocketship school will accommodate up to 400 students. Therefore by the fall of 2018, Rocketship will have a brand new location to house their students. The new Rocketship school will be located just off of Charter Street. The new location is in a prime area and bus service will be available for the students residing at least one or more miles from the location. The Charter Street location will offer grades K through grade 5.

One thing that seems to appeal to students and their families about the new Rocketship location is that it is being designed as an Eco-Friendly school. An Eco-Friendly charter school that provides an excellent education is like a dream come true to these impoverished students as well as their families. Without Rocketship, many of the students would be forced to attend schools with less than adequate learning facilities. In addition, safety would an additional concern for these students.

*Recent expanision/ conclusion:

In late 2015, approval was given to open up an additional school location just outside of Washington D.C. In addition, to the Washington D.C. location another charter school was opened in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Finally, Rocketship can help deserving students receive an education that will certainly give them the skills they need to excel and go on to college. One day hopefully many of the Rocketship students will achieve their dreams and goals which will significantly impact their lives.