Josh Verne illustrates on how to be successful in business

Josh Verne who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of shares knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Josh has been thriving in starting, growing and selling business and has over 20 years’ experience.

Josh observes the key point resulting to success in business as the following;
Leadership, there are two categories of individuals in a business management. There are the leaders and the bosses. Josh differentiates the two by illustrating that a leader earns respect by appreciating the people he works with, they set their goals together and then uses that respect to achieve the goals they agreed on.

A boss uses his title to achieve his various goals; he dominates his people and demands respect and operates the business based on his own interests and achievements.

Josh Verne clearly states that for any individual to succeed in business they have to be a leader not a boss. He encourages putting others first and working as a team will result in success.

Win-win situation: Josh advises the leader to only indulge in a win-win deal. Every deal that a leader makes should be a win for the society, the employees, the company and the leadership. Win-win situation for everyone will take business to a whole new level since every associate is a beneficiary.

Learn to listen: Josh advises that a leader should speak less and listen more. The less you speak the more powerful and authoritative your words will be. Everyone will be attentive when you speak.

Balance your life: Josh says life is a balancing act. Balancing life is not spending the same amount of time in different aspect of life; it’s about being progressive in all aspects of your life including personal growth, health, wealth, family and relationship.
Passion: Josh indicates that passion goes hand in hand with success, though there are passionate people who are unsuccessful, very few unpassionate individuals are successful. You need to be passionate with what you do something that excites you, something urges you to stay up late night and skip parties.

Josh Verne ( is an entrepreneur and commerce executive with over 20 years’ experience. He is the founder and the CEO of FlockU LLC, a mobile for college students. It’s a viral content that covers new, sex, sports, exams and amongst others.

In 2011 Josh also founded and sold and e-commence platform that enables individual to purchases with flexibility and hassle-free and make payments overtime automatically.