The High Quality Dog Food Explosion

There are tons of high quality foods that are surfacing. The dog food companies of today are getting creative and doing some very amazing things. The real evidence of this is shown with the big name companies like Purina which has a plethora of irons in the fire. One thing that Purina has pushed in recent months is the Bright Minds dog food. This is extremely creative and new to the dog food world. It contains medium-chain triglycerides. The end result is a dog food that is easier to metabolize. Purina Store has also built a website that actually gives customers the ability to pick the types of ingredients that go in the dog food. This is clearly the cutting edge when it comes to dog food companies. Purina is also winning dog owners and their pets over with the variety that is provided by Beneful. The Beneful brand has been around for years, but Purina is making sure that the brand stays fresh and innovative. The company produces high quality dog food that is playing a big part in the innovation that customers are seeing. Beneful has been able to secure more than 40 different flavors that can accommodate many different dogs. I think the biggest key to success for Beneful lies in the variety that this company creates. It has been rather easy for the company to become successful because there are so many dry and wet pet foods to consider. Customers can feed their dog something different for over a month with the Beneful brands. This is good marketing because it shows that it doesn’t matter if you have a Beagle or a Great Dame. You could have a puppy or an old Basset Hound that has been with the family for years. Either way, Beneful has managed to cover all bases when it comes to high quality dog foods. As the high quality food market grows more creators will surface with ways make dog food better. Chicken has always been the standard meat ingredient, but more meats like salmon and lamb are being added to the menu.