If You are not In The Know, Matt Badialis Freedom Checks are Real

Well, the videos took the investment world by storm. Matt Badiali was at it again. This time, he posted videos of a fat check that bore the emblems of the national Treasury. It was a populist way of catching the audience’s attention by the renowned investor and financial services consultant. So, the curiosity rose to simmering temperatures and sparked lots of debate on social media and in serious investment forums. The truth was out there. Such an established business mogul doesn’t just wake up one evening and decide to post such a thing, there must be a catch somewhere, so the pundits thought. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Statute 26-F

So, everyone was put on toes to find out what the business mogul was up to. Many rumors started doing rounds. Lots of narratives have been posted regarding the so-called Freedom Checks. So, serious media went around digging for the truth. The result of the investigation into what really Freedom Checks are comes as a surprise to a lot of people, yet not so much to those who have read Statute 26-F that was a result of a Congressional Law in 1987.

What Freedom Checks Really Are

The phrase freedom Checks is a little sensationalist, but it is expected of a shrewd business magnet that Mr. Matt Badiali is. Well, the outcome of investigations into Matt’s social media stunt reveals that there is a Statute known as Statute 26-F. This is the law that was established by Congress. It is a law that allows a group of companies referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies to operate tax-free. Well, that latter statement should not arouse overreactions. It isn’t that easy. There are certain conditions that must be met by such a company before it is admitted into the special club that now has a total of 568 companies overall. There are two primary requirements for a company to be accepted and admitted as a member of the Master Limited Partnership Companies. The companies must generate 90% of their income from the exploration of oil and gas in the USA. Secondly, Such Companies must also agree and be willing to pay out the checks that emanate from their tax-free returns to the shareholders. According to the news sources, it is reported that these companies must pay out 90% of their earnings to the shareholders. So Matt had a point there. Freedom refers to a feeling of being unbound. The financial freedom that comes with the checks from the Master Limited Partnership Companies can be equated to freedom. So, investing in the companies eligible to issuing “Freedom Checks” is a major plus for investors.

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