Is Martavis Bryant a Lock for WR1 in Fantasy Football Rankings?

While he may not be as popular as Antonio Brown on the Steelers, many would state that Martavis Bryant is a super-talented wide receiver. He often gets overshadowed, though there are some fantasty football rankings experts that are thinking that he can take a step forward.

He will quite possibly never be as coveted as his teammate, but there may be some value as a number 1 in fantasy. He’s been marred by suspensions, only playing in 24 games and missing 23 of them. When he’s on the field, he catches at a pretty decent clip, though nothing to shake a stick at when you remove Ben and Brown from the equation. This is certainly a big deal for fantasy football rankings.

However, one of the biggest caveats to Bryant’s whole deal – at least when it comes to fantasy football rankings – is whether or not he can perform after a long layoff. He hasn’t played a game in essentially a full year, so there’s more than just a little bit of trepidation when concerning his ability to be a true WR1 for fantasy.