James Dondero a Finance man and a Surprising Philanthropy Hero


James Dondero is the head of one of the largest investment management firms in the world called Highland Capital. Over the course of thirty years, Mr. Dondero built a company with a sterling reputation that has won awards for consistency and his company has yielded high profits under his guidance. The money is the first thing you think about when his name comes up. The glitz and the glamour that comes with being rich and successful blinds us from seeing James’ true nature as a Philanthropic Hero. James Dondero is highly active in the Dallas community. He’s taken an interest in the Dallas Zoo, education, even the Bush Center has been a beneficiary of Mr. Dondero and his firm’s generosity.

When asked, he had this to say about his work in the field of education, “Transformative education initiatives are a key focus of our philanthropy. We have deep respect for the role that Southern Methodist University plays in the community.” Through his work, James has helped to create a program that can offer students opportunities to interact with both national and world leaders, along with influential policymakers, and top employers the Dallas area. Mr. Dondero is dedicated to giving all hardworking students the chance to have valuable experiences and to make connections that may prove beneficial in the future.

The list of his charitable good deeds go on and on and on, but the applause and the gratitude of the people he helps isn’t why he and his firm do these acts of Charity. When he stepped in to help The Family Place when they needed funding, he explained ““The civic community in Dallas gets things done.We at Highland Capital Management were impressed by the way The Family Place, through avid philanthropic support, took this concept from inception to the final stage of this campaign in just a year. We are proud to invest alongside many of the most generous and thoughtful in the community.” It is from a place of respect, mutual admiration and inspiration that leads James Dondero to help those in need whenever he can. The next time you think of James Dondero, CEO, don’t just see the expensive suits, look for the kind and generous human being that is Jim Dondero. Learn More.

JD.com, Second Largest E-commerce Retailer in the World

During an interesting and humorous interview at the World Economic Forum Richard Liu Qiangdong states with a smile that he wants JD.com to be number one. The audience chuckles in agreement as if to say, ‘Well you’re not far from it.’ David Rubenstein, the host continues to asks about wealth. Richard Liu states ‘Wealth is a resource. You want to grow your wealth, community and society simultaneously, that’s what I want to do.’ These explains the vigor and dedication, that Richard Liu has shown over the years. Working tirelessly to make his company, JD.com, one of the best organizations in the world.

CEO and Founder of JD.com, Richard Liu has always put the reputation and good name of JD.com first. Mr. Liu recognizes that the prosperity of JD.com reflects on China and it’s society as a whole. JD.com’s net worth in 2017 was well over $55 billion, with over 300 million shoppers annually. Richard Liu’s effort to reach even more shoppers is seen by anyone who worked with him. During the interview, he explained that he wants JD.com to be reachable all around the globe.

Most of JD.com customers, purchase their items via mobile phone. With the ability to choose between millions of high-end pieces of clothing, customers are able to relax and shop for hours. If you’ve ever gone online to look through JD.com’s clothing line, you will notice the huge array of the most distinctive fashionable pieces online. The goal of JD.com is to expand. To gain more customers, to offer more merchandise and to be able to delivery throughout the world. JD.com will be setting up delivery stations. Delivery stations will utilize robots to assist with delivery. The robots will take over the remaining miles of delivery. They will be able to recognize traffic lights etc, while being equipped with face recognition abilities. So when the robot finally arrived the customer will be identified. Richard Liu Qiangdong goal is to make JD.com the largest e-commerce retailer in the world.

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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President: Recap Google News

David McDonald: Project Manager To Chief Operating Officer

OSI Group has just turned 100 and for the last 30 years, David McDonald has been along for the ride. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He went to work for OSI Group after college. He began his working career as a project manager and worked his way up the ranks to president and Chief Operating Officer.OSI Group had humble beginnings. The company began as a butcher shop that was owned by a German immigrant family at present a global food supplier .

It was a deal with a new fast food restaurant called McDonald’s that helped to put OSI Group on their fast track to success. Now OSI Group is involved in a variety of ventures all over the world.David McDonald began his track to success on his family farm in Iowa. Even though he is in charge of one of the most successful company’s in the food industry, he has not forgotten his roots. He is actively involved in his Alma mater Iowa State. He is active in the school’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.McDonald financially supports internship programs for students at the University who want to work at OSI Group.

Though OSI Group is very successful, David McDonald is proud of the fact that the company does not need to toot its own horn. His business vision for the company means more growth while holding on to its core values. McDonald is aware that with growth comes responsibility and being sustainable is important to him and OSI Group. A Chief Sustainability Officer position was created in 2017 to make sure that sustainability maintains a priority. A number of their processing facilities are LEED certified including facilities in Germany, China, and Poland. A plant in California has been awarded the California Green Certification. OSI Group has been awarded for other green initiatives while under McDonald expert leadership.


Freedom Checks Investments

Unlike the federal program, Freedom Checks is different in a way that the government does not run it though they may be mistaken to be alike. The federal program is only helpful to the Freedom Checks which is a kind of a tax-free investment in that it gave way to the federal law commonly known as Statute 26-F. This law is beneficial in that it allows over five hundred and fifty businesses that are related with energy to send checks either monthly or quarterly to the investors. These energy-related organizations are known as the master limited partnerships and have different roles in the natural gas industry as well as oil sectors. The limited master companies also operate refineries among other functions like transporting fuel by the pipelines and drilling new oil wells. For individual tax exemption to happen for these partnerships, they are required to share with the investors 90 cents per dollar in their earnings. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.


Freedom Checks are just like dividends; however, the majority of the master limited partnerships often refer to them as “distributions.” Different shareholders receive different amounts of checks with some getting up to $160,000 quarter. Previously, Motley Fool and Reuters have been on the record praising the kind of good returns Freedom Checks investments can offer. Other securities in the past have been known to pay their shareholders up to 50 to 67 per cent less which puts these kinds of investments at a higher rank and brand them as more beneficial to the investors. Both the shareholders and the partnerships are exempted from the federal income tax. The only time the investors may incur a comparatively small charge on their capital gains is if they sell their shares. All these incentives influence the people to want to invest in the energy industry. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.


The main reason why the United States of America allows the Master Limited Partnerships to avoid taxes is to encourage people to invest in the domestic gas and oil industry and produce more energy. President Nixon had a firm belief that more energy production in the states would help in maintaining independence and went to the forefront of promoting a law that would entice people to invest in gas and oil sectors. Checks too gives similar opportunities to the investors where like in the real estate industry there is a chance of a tax-free choice. Nine-tenths of the Freedom Checks is rewarded to the shareholders, and most REITs make money from their properties.

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