Fabletics Gets Competitive

Fitness and Athletics are both making their way to the top of nearly everyone’s priority list. Staying in shape and living a healthier lifestyle can be difficult enough. Fortunately, there are fitness lovers who understand this and have dedicated themselves to making the transition into a fit lifestyle more simple and fun.


Actress and fitness guru Kate Hudson is well known for her love for athletics. Often sharing her work out routines and recipes with fans and followers, she has quickly established herself as a leader in the fitness industry. Using her passion for fitness as motivation, Hudson partnered with entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to change the game of athletic wear. The trio launched the now popular athletic wear brand, Fabletics on October 1, 2013. Offering fitness fans a new way to sweat, customers enjoy a subscription based online shopping experience, with outfits handpicked for them by a personal stylist each month.


Since their 2013 launch, Fabletics has seen growth by more than 200% and has one million subscribed customers. Corporate Marketing Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, Shawn Gold believes that much of the brand’s success is due to the acknowledgment of customer reviews. In a word that thrives off technology, maintaining a good online reputation is crucial. People often search for online reviews from other customers, to help them make a purchasing decision. Negative reviews can greatly decrease traffic and the potential for new customers. By listening to their current customers, Fabletics has improved the overall quality of products and services offered. Keeping their current customers happy helps increase new customer acquisition in this competitive industry.


While Hudson admits that she hear is with the arts, she also acknowledges her accomplishments as a businesswoman. Since the start of Fabletics, she has been committed to delivering the most unique, high-quality products to her customers. As an actress with no previous business experience, Hudson experienced many setbacks and hurdles during the launch phase, but she and her team persevered. When faced with negative feedback, they went back to the drawing board and found solutions to their problems. They made significant changes to their customer service department and developed a new and improved data system to better manage inventory. In less than two years, Fabetics had earned the trust and business of what is now more than one million subscribers. Their tremendous growth and ability to connect with customers have made them one of the most successful e-commerce retailers worldwide.

Kate Hudson’s Pathway To Building A Successful Activewear Brand

The new Fabletics is offering women everywhere the chance to get great activewear at low prices by simply [paying one low monthly fee. Kate Hudson loved the idea behind it all and how specifically focused it was on engaging their users that she joined in. Today, the company has millions of user from their TechStyle brand and also Fabletics, and Hudson is here to prove that this is the ultimate future for women in shopping. How she got into this is inspiring because she wanted to try something different and get into a business venture that she resonated with, and she surely has been working hard over the years to helping create a successful business.


Fabletics is building stores in person as well, allowing current and even new members to join to be able to try on clothing in person. It’s almost like walking in and trying on clothes for the sake of it, and then actually buying them online later on through the Fabletics website. It’s amazing how much they can help you save money-wise because they show you a wide array of clothing to help you find what you are looking for.


Kate Hudson stands by this brand. She worked tirelessly over the past 2-3 years working on improving its craftsmanship, developing efficient strategies, finding the right designers to work with, and also just working closely with team members. She loves working with everybody and learning who people are in the office. As a very hands-on part of the company, Hudson takes a great responsibility for what she does.


In a recent interview, she talked greatly about learning how to see opportunity and jump on it when you can. She talked also about how she remains inspired and what she does throughout the company to help move them forward. In a world where activewear remains expensive and people are less inspired to lose weight and stay active, Fabletics is making it fun to be moving and exercising. She wanted to give women a place of confidence, and this is why they have all kinds of sizes that go up to 3X. They want to bring everyone in and give them all a place of solitude and peace within them in terms of finding clothes that fit them. You can take a quiz today to find out what kind of clothing they are able to give you and what they would recommend.

Naomi Campbell To Be Recurring Character On Fox Series “Star”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell can add yet another impressive accomplishment to her resume: a recurring role on a television show on Fox network.

“Star” is the new series by Lee Daniels, the director and producer behind “Precious” and “Monster Ball.” He’s also co-creator, executive producer and director of the smash hit television series, “Empire.”

The show, set to premiere in early 2017, is a musical drama about three talented young singers from Atlanta and their journey as they try to find success in the music industry. Other notable stars include Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt. Lenny Kravitz, the Grammy Award winner, is also set to be a guest star.

Naomi Campbell’s character, Rose Spencer, is a sophisticated, well-bred beauty from London, and the mother of one of the lead characters.

Naomi is no amateur when it comes to television. In 2013, she was a coach on the modelling competition show, “The Face,” which ran on the Oxygen network. Naomi was on the show for three seasons.

In fact, Naomi has been acting in television shows since the late eighties, taking small roles in hit sitcoms such as “The Cosby Show” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” More recently, she’s had guest roles in critically-acclaimed series such as “Empire” (also created by Daniels) and “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Originally from South London, Naomi studied Ballet at the age of ten before beginning what would become a very high-profile modeling career, landing her first magazine cover at the age of 16 for British Elle, a fashion magazine.

Within just a couple years, Naomi was modeling for luxury fashion brands such as Versace and Yves St. Laurent. Her star only grew brighter from there, and she is considered one of the six original supermodels. By now, Naomi has appeared on countless magazine covers and in numerous ad campaigns for fashion companies.

Today, Naomi Campbell is more focused on acting and making television appearances. Having had much success on the small screen over the last couple decades, fans are eager to see her acting chops once again when “Star” premieres.

Though no official premiere date is set, Star will begin mid-season in 2017.