David Zalik pioneers completely new revenue model with GreenSky Credit

When David Zalik, a highly successful entrepreneur who had already founded and sold multiple businesses by the age of 32, decided to start a technology company that would provide instant point-of-sale loans for big-ticket retail goods, he ran into serious difficulty getting people to believe his vision was possible.

In 2005, Zalik embarked on a coast-to-coast roadshow, pitching his idea to bankers across the country. While Zalik’s idea for a company that would only focus on top-end prime borrowers who needed big-ticket items was a fundamentally conservative one, the revenue model he was proposing was so radical that he had difficulty convincing anyone of its viability. In meeting after meeting, Zalik was enthused by the initial interest that bankers expressed in his idea, only to be later rebuffed by polite declines to pursue his deal. After months on the road, Zalik came to a difficult conclusion; if he wanted to launch GreenSky, he would need to finance it himself.

A big bet pays off

Zalik liquidated his nearly $12 million in commercial real estate holdings, risking his entire worth on the success of GreenSky. But just as Zalik had predicted to all the reticent bankers with whom he spoke, the GreenSky revenue model not only proved to be viable, but it also proved to be one of the most spectacular successes that the fintech industry had ever seen.

The perceived risk in the revenue model was that Zalik was proposing to do three things that had never been done in concert before. First, GreenSky would take no lending risk whatsoever. The company would originate the loans, but it would hold no loans on its books. Second, the firm would get retailers themselves to pay a hefty 6 percent fee up front. And third, the firm would get its lending partners to pay a 1 percent annual carrying fee on all loans that it had originated, subject to certain performance stipulations.

It turns out that GreenSky was easily able to convince all parties to sign up for these terms. The reason is simple: The company creates tremendous value for all involved parties.


Reviewing How ClassDojo Is Transforming The Classroom Environment

Learning is a process that calls for the inclusion of support from different parties and one of them is parents, who are rarely consulted on the daily issues that affect the progress of their children. Parents are able to access information about their children either when they call to ask or whenever there is the end of term convention. However, this is an outdated method of contributing towards the learning of children as there are better alternatives that allow one to contribute to the education of their children remotely.


The method that can enable this to happen is embracing the ClassDojo mobile application, which allows parents to see the progress of their children whenever they please. The Application is made with different features that allow one to share information in real-time. ClassDojo is an application that offers teachers a way to send information about students through photos and videos to parents then the parent can reply with relevant details that can help the students to have a better learning experience. With the application in more than 90 percent of schools, those end of term meetings are being rendered obsolete gradually. ClassDojo is simply making it easier for students to access support from both their parents and teachers, which makes learning interesting.  More about the App on linkedin.com.


While making the application, according to angel.co, the entrepreneurs behind its design cited that their motivation was to redefine the classroom experience by making it more interesting. It is a way in which students can get a voice to share their problems and they are assured of a solution immediately they share the problem. Despite the application gaining usage by 2 in 3 schools across the U.S., it is yet to earn any revenues to the founders since their only focus now is to get more people to use it.


About the company

ClassDojo is a company that seeks to make learning better by encouraging communication between parents, students and teachers. Through their mobile application, they offer students a platform where they can connect for support from both their parents and teachers. With such a setup that allows students to get the needed assistance immediately problems arise, the ClassDojo application can be said to have created a learning community that offers students a great leverage for advancement and growth.


Parents can also understand what their children need without necessarily having to wait for the end of term meetings. It not only makes work easier for all parties, but also creates an awesome classroom experience.

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Monsters in the Classroom – Growth Mindset

Education can be life-altering for many students, but the internal receptors need to be turned on in order for that alteration to take place. How to Develop a Growth Mindset
Jennifer Ellison, a computer skills teacher for all levels at Phillips Elementary in California said, Certainly the idea that intelligence is not fixed is important for kids to hear over and over again. This is a very important way to think for students, as well as parents and teachers. When you internalize an inadequacy in a certain subject or an overall feeling of, I’m not smart enough to learn that, or I’ve never been good at Math, it creates a negative attitude toward learning and an obstacle that is very difficult to overcome. Intelligence is not fixed, is just the opposite of the way we have approached education for years, decades, perhaps even centuries.
The question has always been how do we as educators, parents, and indeed even students develop a growth mindset. How do we turn on those internal receptors that will instill an attitude for growth? What we have to convince ourselves and our students of is the brain is a big muscle and the more it is exercised, the better it works. This type of attitude change has to be internalized. Starting from the ground up, to achieve maximum success everyone must be involved in the process. Simple encouragements lead to community involvement, which leads to big change. That community starts with the students in the classroom encouraging each other. The obstacle is how to incorporate these techniques of growth mindset into an already busy schedule within the classroom.
What is Class Dojo and How does it Work with Growth Mindset?
Class Dojo has created a series of five videos entitled, Growth Mindset for Students that you and your class can view for free on YouTube. These videos are two or three minutes long and build on the message by the monsters to each other. The delivery is probably as important as the message itself. Although the stars of the videos are monsters, they encourage each other, rather than bullying or tormenting. Hopefully, students will develop this mindset in dealing with each other and it will spread.
Class Dojo has teacher resources that are used by two out of three classrooms in the United States. These resources are totally free for teachers to use in the classroom or at home for classroom preparation. These resources include:
· Parent introduction letters,

Introductory videos for the students,
An app to assist the teacher in many ways,
Classroom decoration,
And, much more

These communications platforms are important to assist teachers in getting parents and students to adopt these growth mindsets. Teachers can even use these resources and communication platforms to involve parents by sharing photos and videos. By utilizing these communication methods to consistently communicate, parent/teacher conferences will become unnecessary, leaving both parents and teachers more time to devote to students and personal endeavors.


Learn more about Class Dojo: