Find Beneful Dog food at Walmart

Beneful, a now grain free dog food cantaining natural ingrediance, real chicken, beef, and Salmon,and other natural flavors, as well as original flavors can be found at Walmart. It comes in many different dry flavors as well as a variety of wet choices. It comes in plastic tubs, cans and dry forms. It’s prices depend on the kind, style and flavor you are looking for. You can find wet dog food from $1.77 for a single serving plastic container to a 6pack of 10oz containers for $10.58.There are larger plastic containers also. Cans come in cases of twelve 3 oz cans for $6.97. to $23.50. Bags range in sizes from 4.5 to 31 lb bag with prices that range from $5.48 to $39.88 depending on style and size. You can order your choices online,and have them shipped to the store for picup or to your home. They are also able to be purchased at the store. At times you may see discounts are offered on different varieties. There is a $3.00 of coupon being offered for Beneful with real chicken, grain free. Other coupons can be found at Some varieties can be found in both the store and online others found only online or in spacific stores. I have used the healthy weight on my dogs and had great results. They loved it and kept them satisfied longer. They were also more active and had a calmer attitude. All dogs like variety in their foods just as we do, so feel free to try several different flavors in small amount or large.