Madison Street Capital: Explaining Its Services Through Video

Madison Street Capital recently released a new Youtube video that went into detail about their financial opinions services. The Youtube video first shows a cartoon man with a golden key and financial opinions written below him. The video then continues to a cartoon of a man sitting in front of a laptop. A hand quickly writes across the page that some business transactions just need an extra bit of care given to them because of their uniqueness and fragility. The video then switches to a picture of a cartoon woman holding a pair of reading glasses and a sheet of paper. A hand wrote a long sentence about how companies, when they are involved with a large financial change, they should seek additional opinions and eyes to look over the terms of the deal and ensure safety for everyone involved. The video then closes out by saying that Madison Street Capital offers these types of important opinions to businesses of varying sizes and sectors. To the left of the words is a cartoon man standing in a confident position besides piles of money.

Madison Street Capital is a well known on as an investment banking firm. They are best known for their facilitation of several transaction with companies in different sectors. They have created transactions with companies like Renegade Industrial Limited Liability Company and Loeb Term Solutions, InteriorMark Limited Liability Company and Sterling Commercial Credit, and CEMD Elevator Corporation and a private consortium. Madison Street Capital works in the aviation sector, manufacturing sector, food and beverage sector and many more. They are also actively working in various countries, with offices in Ghana, India and the United States.

Madison Street Capital is also well known for making headlines. In the past few months, MSC made the news for the transaction between Dowco Technology Services and Cansel Survey Equipment Incorporated. They also made the news in early December for the credit facility that the firm arranged for City Elevator. And a few months prior, the Press Room sat down with the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. Botchway answered plenty of questions and gave the interviewer and readers a deep insight into how the firm works and what they plans are for the future. There are also other articles about the firm that discussing the managing directors and other employees. Many are asked to speak often.