The Complex And Essential Services Required In The Commercial Banking world

John Holt is currently the CEO and President of Nexbank Capital Incorporated. He was recently a panelist at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bankers Association. Mr. Holt was a participant in the 5th annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was one of the participants in the discussion by the Banker panel regarding the reinvention of community banking. The conference was held in November of 2016.

The annual conference serves as a forum for bank advisors, leaders and consultants to share their personal perspectives concerning the challenges and principal opportunities faced by the individuals leading community banks. Strategic opportunities, branching and organic growth are explored by the participants and panelists.

Nexbank Capital specializes in financial services and serves their clients through three main businesses. This includes Institutional Services, Mortgage Banking and Commercial Banking. Their banking and financial services are customized for their clients, nationwide corporations and financial institutions. They serve real estate investors, large corporations and middle market companies. As of March of 2017 Nexbank’s assets totaled $5.3 billion.

Nexbank has a executive management team who combines their experience in the industry with a strong focus on serving their clients. James Dondero is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management and brings his leadership experience and commitment to Nexbank. Their financial solutions are customized for their clients and tailored to help them achieve their goals and meet their commitments. The mission of Nexbank is to use their leadership in the industry combined with their commitment to deliver value to their clients at every available opportunity. Their clients are provided with access to customized and sophisticated solutions obtained from experienced professionals who have established successful backgrounds. Nexbank’s charter dates back to 1922 and they have been serving the banking industry ever since. Their services are essential and provide the high performance required to meet the complex needs of their clients.