Tough Times For Amazon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in Action

Amazon controls an almost quarter of the e-commerce market of fashion. This makes Amazon a very tough competitor to take on, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing it. In three years, Fabletics has become a $250 million business. There are two things which have made the company very popular: activewear and subscription mechanic. They key to combine the brands that customers like and membership.


There was a time when goods quality and price defined the high-value brands. This strategy is not going to survive for long due to changes in the economy. Factors like brand recognition, last-mile service, gamification elements, customer experience and exclusive design are going to define high-value now. The Fabletic’s strategy of fashion membership brand is making it a successful business like Warby Parker and Apple. The company has physical stores in California, Florida, Illinois and Hawaii. They plan to inaugurate their sixteenth outlet this year.


General Manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin thinks that the company is building a modern and reimagined version of ‘high-value brand’ from day one. He said, “Our membership mode is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion at half the price of our competitors. It’s just a lot easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


The reason why others failed is that people would explore their showrooms but not purchase the products. Rather they would buy from other places where the prices are lower. Fabletic’s started with the opposite strategy. They made browsing a positive thing than a negative one. The company had the option of using the pop-up store, but they decided to build relationships with customers. They wanted people to rely on them. Therefore, they decided to use events and activities to understand the local markets. The results were amazing. Half of the people that entered their stores were already members, and a quarter more would become members there. An article of clothing goes into the customer’s online shopping cart when she is trying it. Fabletics believes that retail is another part of the service, so it is up to the customers from where they buy it.


Another important part of Fabletic’s strategy is showing the correct information in both physical and digital forms. Customers like companies that provide the right information for their brand journey. Online data helps to decide what to keep at the physical stores because trends and tastes keep changing. The information is collected from sources like real-time sales activity, social media, local membership preferences and store heat-mapping.


SVP Operations for Fabletics Dustin Netral said that the increase in shopping is very important for them, but it requires a combination of preference of users and trends of global fashion to build a brand. He further added that they continuously include new ranges and perform clever tests.


Despite challenges, Fabletics is evolving due to its customer friendly strategies. Corporate Marketing Officer for parent company TechStyle Fashion Group Shawn Gold said that their brand is growing 35% every year. He added that the growth is due to factors like good quality, excellent price, creative teams, in-house media and honest spokesperson. Thanks to data science and return on investment, Fabletics is now operating in ten countries.

Fabletics Offers The Best In Gym Wear Fast-Changing Consumers Prescription.

For a long time, gym wear has been perceived as lousy clothes. This is because most of them are always see-through while others just lack a sense of style. Most gym hitters especially women who love exercising have been discouraged from this products by this factors. Most women have their disappointment in the wear gym industry and the prices of its quality products. Seeing this market gap, Fabletics rose up to fill the vacuum by providing fashionable gym wear products at a fair price. The entry of Fabletics into this industry has brought a lot of changed to the industry as a whole. They major in the production and supply of brand new activewear into the market.

They have brought to the market an exclusive line of activewear that comes along with great inspiration to its consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fabletics gym wear products are good for both professional athletes and for women who love exercising to keep their bodies fit. They have trendy designs that are made with a great emphasis on high quality so that they can offer women what they have lacked for a long time, good quality active wear. Products from Fabletics are very affordable and can be accessed even by those who do not have a lot to spend. Fabletics derives its inspiration from the mantra of “Live Your Passion” and they try to make this dream reachable by everyone in the society every day.

Fabletics also offer subscription services for their products where their clients can sign up for VIP treatment. These subscription services are totally independent whereas clients are able to halt their subscriptions and even get out of the subscription services at any time. These services are aimed at providing personalized outfits that match up with the lifestyle of their clients. This is achieved by taking clients through a personal preference quiz to establish what they would want. Fabletics VIP members are also able to exclusively offers, discounts, and promotion on their products that can range up to 50% the original price.

Fabletics was co-founded Kate Hudson and her associates as a spin out of the famous JustFab. Kate Hudson is a prominent actress and fashionista who has been in the limelight for setting exceptional fashion trends. She is also the mother of two who has always been inspired to offer other mothers high-quality products that will work with their busy lifestyle and schedule. Fabletics is known for its high quality fashionable active wear products that are always aimed at keeping the modern woman and mother comfortable. This firm recently released its S/S’16 collection. This collection is made up of unique pieces that combine geo patterns, monochrome floral prints, and odd garment to give it an executive stylish look. This collection is highly adored due to its multiple functionality abilities.

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