Online Giant Upwork is Providing Incredible Assets for Freelancers

Conquering every item on your to-Do list can be difficult for even those best at time optimization. In the freelance world where time is literally money, checking off to-Do items can be next to impossible. Upwork has been the world’s largest home for freelancers online since 2015. Not only does Upwork provide job listings in a variety of different fields, but also make available beneficial tips and tricks for freelancers through their on-going blog series. In one of their more recent postings author ClickUp, who themselves are purveyors of the highly versatile productivity platform and an Upwork blog contributor, offers several simple yet powerful tips to sailing through your to-do list. Not only does the blog offer valuable insight into what is needed to optimize our time but also goes into depth in explaining how and why these tips will help.

Much of these tips and tricks focus on focus and how being able to keep our attention throughout the day, with out worrying about what’s next on our list, will help us check off items more effectively. For instance, importance is placed on gathering all of our to-do items for the day in one place. This allows us to immediately begin work when the day starts and our energy is at it’s highest, instead of wasting valuable time collecting the necessities of the day. Also, in writing down our daily tasks all together we allow our brain to relax instead of trying to retain all of the information which results in higher focus being paid to the task at hand.

Through blog posts such as this one and by allying themselves with productivity companies such as ClickUp it’s easy to see that Upwork care about their freelancers and wish to provide assets so that they may thrive in their given industry. By choosing Upwork not only will you have a completely customizable job feed, you will be able to set your rates so that you’re work is rewarded just how it should be. Though they may be the largest home for Freelancers online Upwork provide more for their users than any other employment platform today.