Barbara Stokes Takes Cullman City to another Level by Introducing Green Structured Homes

Cullman has been chosen to be the city where Stokes Development, LLC green homes will be located. The company made it known through an announcement that they will be launching a manufacturing plant in Cullman for constructing their green homes. The announcement also revealed that the project would cost them around $8 million and they will require about 80 employees to kick-start the operation. Interesting to note, the company hopes that by the third year, they will have experienced much growth, enough to increase its workforce to around 300 employees. Through a press release, Barbara Stokes, the C.E.O of Stokes Development’s said that they are humbled and grateful for the support from Cullman. She continued to reveal that they had thought about other areas where they could have the plant located, but at the back of their minds, she and her husband knew that Cullman was the place to be! She said that they found Cullman to be a city with friendly people and a pleasant environment which made it quite habitable. The new project plant will sit on a 99,000-square-foot construction building located at the Cullman Industrial Complex. The building was initially constructed by the Cullman city and county and later sold to their company. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

According to Scott Stokes, the Chief Operations Officer of Stokes Development’s Green Structure Homes of Alabama said that they will put up about 600 homes every year. He continued to reveal that the construction products are top-quality and match the latest technology. The products are also hurricane, mildew and mold resistant. Barbara Stokes revealed that the green homes will be constructed with local materials which will come from areas such as Decatur and Birmingham. She also added that the steel will have a content of about 60 percent recycled material which makes it favorable for mishaps such as fire outrages as it is fire resistance. Scott Stokes said that their current design for the homes will enable homeowners to acquire a small cottage-like style home. However, the company hopes to change that by developing a design that will hold up to four-stories and could be used as hotels or condos.



The company was funded through by various investors from both Korea and China through the famous ACFI. Interesting to note, the greenhouse project is the first project to be funded through ACFI. According to ACFI’S director, Ron Drinkard, Cullman was privileged to be chosen as the home for the greenhouse project. He also said that the city will economically grow with the help of Stokes Development’s Green Structure Homes. Read more at Business Insider.