Clay Siegall and the Success of Seattle Genetics

In the recent past, Seattle Genetics, under the able leadership of Clay Siegall has been among the most discussed biotechnology firms not only in Bothell but also in the entire nation. This is primarily attributable to the exponential growth fostered by large financing rounds. In the recent information to the public domain, it is evident that the firm is planning to increase its public stock offering up to $522 from $480. To accomplish this, the company’s president and chief executive officer, Clay Siegall is keenly exploring the over-allotment option.

A dazzlingly overwhelming interest from potential investors is another key factor which has contributed to the growth of the firm. Investors are specifically keen to finance the growth of both capital and human resources. This is an addition to an earlier announcement that the president of the firm plans makes more investments in the drug pipeline so as to enhance their flagship cancer drug, Adcetris. This will serve as a blueprint which will propagate the entity to hire over 100 employees annually for a period of five years to raise its number of workers to around 100 by 2020.

Seattle Genetics is also considering acquiring more space in the Bothell region to enhance and accommodate growth. Since its inception in 1998, the enterprise has been operational and striving to lead in the provision of innovative products leveraging their unique model of operation. Clay Siegall, however, still considers the entity as one that is still budding, and as such, he is more oriented with the long-term goals as opposed to short-term ones.

Clay Siegall has been featuring a comprehensive and fruitful professional career for a long time. Siegall has served on the board of Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. since 2013. In addition, he holds a bachelor’s of science in Zoology from the renowned University of Maryland. Siegall has previously worked with the National Institute for Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as National Cancer Institute before he joined the well-performing Seattle Genetics. He additionally studies genetics at the reputed George Washington University.

As a trained scientist, in combination to possessing a high concern for targeted cancer therapies, Clay Siegall has managed to achieve a lot at Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall notes that drug improvement practices and rigorous scientific research hold the future for the company.