Corporations Are People? End Citizens United Doesn’t Think So

There are some common sense things that our government just gets wrong. And it’s easy to see why large swaths of our population here in the United States does not trust the government. Take Citizens United, for example. This Supreme Court decision turned corporations into people in the eyes of the law. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a corporation walk the streets. But, most importantly, I’ve never seen a corporation die.

That is my threshold for personhood. You need to be able to physically die in order to receive constitutional rights. Oh, yeah, corporations get First Amendment protections because of Citizens United. Big businesses now have the same rights as you; a living, breathing American citizen. Now a big business is free to express speech using giant amounts of cash showered onto elections and politicians. It’s absurd.

You know how Mr. Rogers always said to look for the helpers whenever you see something bad happen? Well, in the wake of these ridiculous findings, I always look for the competent people to come out of the woodwork. It took them five years, but a group called End Citizens United is now on the scene. And they want to end Citizens United. It’s pretty simple.

But the plan is nothing but simple for this group of committed folks based out of Washington. They first plan to stop the bleeding by working on a grassroots level to change local campaign finance laws. Secondly, they endorse candidates at the local and federal levels that promise to dismantle the decision when they take office. Thirdly, they are acting like campaign finance police by watching greedy politicians and their campaigns. Last, but surely not least, they plan to take down the decision altogether whether it be through Congress or a constitutional amendment. I just hope End Citizens United heeds my advice. Craft the law to say that you need to be able to die to get rights.

End Citizens United is in Florida and Texas right now. They have already thrown a flag on Rick Scott and his campaign financing in Florida, and they’ve endorsed Beto O’Rourke for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in Texas.

End Citizens United Is Standing Firmly Behind Randy Bryce For Congress

End Citizens United or ECU is endorsing Randy Bryce for Congress. Bryce has stated he want to end political corruption, making him the perfect candidate for ECU’s mission to promote finance reform in political campaigns. Paul Ryan is the current Speaker of the House, and will be running against Randy Bryce. Ryan has made certain campaign contributions for large amounts can be donated without full disclosure. This is what the ECU is fighting against. Ryan has opposed the legislation that would help ECU reach their goal, and sides with special interests.

Ryan has campaigned against McCain-Feingold, meant to reform campaign finances, and require political donors to show how much they donated to political campaigns. Ryan is against the reason ECU was created because he believes the decision of the Supreme Court was correct. In the eyes of ECU, Randy Bryce is a breath of fresh air. He will work to introduce campaign reforms to prevent secret contributions to the political system, and overturn Citizens United. He wants the system changed to represent not the special interests, but the will of the people.

ECU views Randy Bryce as a defender for the people, and they are endorsing him for the 1st Congressional District in Washington DC. Bryce wants the interests of Wisconsin’s people placed before the interests of the special interest groups, influential elite and ultra-rich. To demonstrate the power of the people power his campaign, most of his campaign donations are only $25 each. The contributions he has received from small donor’s total 82 percent of all contributions. Although some campaign donations are $200 or more, this is just fifteen percent of the total.


Randy Bryce has a working-class background, is a populist, and is firmly backed by many activist groups and Democrats. His popularity is so extensive, an Ohio political activist dropped out of the race rather than challenge him for the Congressional seat.

End Citizens United began with a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United v. F.E.C. This decision completely changed American elections, allowed special interest groups and billionaires to spend untraceable and unlimited money in American elections, and established the legalities for the corporations are people ideas. This means there is currently no transparency or accountability. Corporations and billionaires are working to tip the political balance in their favor, and it does not stop there. ECU is a PAC, or political action committee who supports Democrats in the key races. These Democrats believe meaningful reform is necessary in the campaign finance system, and are willing to fight to see Citizens United overturned. They stand up for candidates who are being attacked by mega-donors and special interest, and their networks of dark money groups and Super PAC’s.

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