Gareth Henry Funds Needy Students at Heriot-Watt University

Gareth Henry is among the notable scholars from Heriot-Watt University, a research leading institution. He has been participating in generous scholarship funding for selected students. He says that he will be offering the funds once per term per student. Moreover, Gareth Henry will be helping them when they graduate as well so that they can have a head start in their career. He hopes that it will be good if other graduates can see that they can succeed after they graduate. Especially those who majored in Actuarial science, which was his course.

Currently, Gareth Henry lives in New York and has worked in senior roles in the finance sector. He notes that the contribution of actuarial math in his career in the finance field. He says that Heriot-Watt is an institution that models scholastic processes that include quantitative modelling. The future technology, robo-advisory, artificial intelligence and machine learning depend on quantitative methods of investigation, which are offered by Heriot-Watt University. Individuals who are selected for the fund, therefore, should be interested in actuarial mathematics and statistics course and show that they need financial assistance.

Gareth Henry’s Advice on the Importance of Education in Developing a Career

Gareth Henry testifies that the course at Heriot-Watt propelled him forward, which enabled him to have adequate knowledge in the finance world. The university offers excellent and standard teachings that meet the required world standards. The university gives sound advice to their students that are important in professional life afterwards. Tutors are pretty active in helping students.

The help he obtained from his university that gave him a head start in life is the reason Gareth Henry is investing back in the institution. He shares his insights with the students in the institution as a way of helping them grasp the idea of developing a career after they graduate. By doing so, he refers to them the importance of working hard especially for students undertaking mathematics course. Given his success, he tells students to strive to create a balance in life, which goes a long way in succeeding as an individual.

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Guilherme Paulus: Transitioning from employment to an international employee

Most people when they secure a job especially in a big company, they get to a comfort zone and get stuck there for the rest of their lives. It takes a person of different mettle to think big and venture in entrepreneurship which is more fulfilling than employment. In a country where one must overcome numerous obstacles to become an established entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus stood against all the odds to become a reputable and internationally recognized entrepreneur. Despite the lack of venture capital, top-heavy bureaucracy, and high government taxes that prohibit entrepreneurs from achieving their entrepreneurship dreams, the venture can be very rewarding.

Guilherme Paulus studied and graduated with a bachelors in business administration. Upon graduation, he started his career as an intern at IBM. During his tenure at the company, he established a reputation in the international world of business. Currently, Paulus is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil, specializing in tours and travel as well as accommodations. He seized the opportunity at the age of 24 when he met a local government official Vicente Chechari a man who had the dream of expanding his tourism venture to Brazil. Paulus was very interested in the idea but did not have the capital to invest. Mr Vicente however, offered the capital while Paulus was to run the day-to-day activities in their new company named CVC. After four years of partnership, Paulus was left to run the business on his own. To know more about him click here.

Currently, CVC is internationally recognized and ranks as the most substantial travels and tour operator in Latin America. This has won Guilherme Paulus the entrepreneur of the year 2017 award alongside other accolades. Among the many reasons why Paulus has greatly succeeded,is his unique vision in tourism. He took the tourism in Brazil to a new level where thrill-seekers were presented with explorations, fantasies, and great adventures. Paulus transformed the world of tourism from the moment he stepped into the venture. As his tour company grew, so did other opportunities. In 2005, Paulus seized the opportunity and invested in Luxury hotels and resorts. According to Guilherme Paulus, passion, commitment, and an eye for opportunities are the key to successful entrepreneurship.

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Jason Hope: The Future Of Biotechnology

It is the common image of the successful entrepreneur to be someone who does not only work for themselves but also for the betterment of those who were around them. Jason Hope is no better example for this than anyone else.

Jason Hope is a successful Scottsdale Arizona entrepreneur who is helping to fund the research of Aubrey De Grey at the SENS foundation. The SENS Foundation is a research organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of anti-aging technology. Biotechnology has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last decade and today there are many things possible which in the past would have been viewed as simple science fiction.

Jason Hope has personally donated over half $1 million to the SENS foundation. He has done this because he is an individual who credits his success as a result of always looking towards the future. He wishes to personally utilize the success that he has found in his entrepreneurial endeavors to create a better future for those who are around him.

The process of aging has long been viewed as something that is simply unavoidable. Jason Hope along with Aubrey De Grey hope to create a future where that is no longer the case. While the since the foundation is not the only research organization dedicated towards the pursuit of anti-aging technology they are the largest and perhaps arguably the most successful. The organization was first founded in March 2009 and invests heavily in research programs that are designed to learn more about the process of aging as well as to shape the public perception of aging.

Aubrey De Grey is the leader and chief science officer of this organization. Aubrey De Grey is a graduate from the University of Cambridge having earned a Ph.D. in biology. The donation by Jason Hope of $500,000 will be used to help the research foundation find ways to prevent the bonding that occurs naturally between artery cell proteins. It is hoped that this can lead to new ways to prevent arteries from hardening and lower the prevalence of high blood pressure which causes many age-related diseases.

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Jose Auriemo Neto the CEO of JHSF Real Estate Company

JHSF is a Brazilian company that has greatly invested in the real estate sector. It is one of the leading companies that has shown great interest in the establishment and overseeing of shopping centers, five-star hotels, and airports. It was launched in 1992 and it is highly acknowledged for its ability to discover new business opportunities in the markets where they operate. Its ability to come up with viable solutions in its projects and other development ideas forms a crucial part of this company.

As it expanded, JHSF established its presence in major towns such as Sao Paulo, Salvador and many others. The firm comprises of several units such as Shopping centers, Airports, and Hotels.

Following a successful investment in the real estate, JHSF rechanneled its business focus to other ventures. Currently, the firm is focusing all its efforts in the implementation of its projects which revolves around developing and overseeing of shopping centers, hotels, and airports. JHSF is trading its shares in the Sao Paulo Boyespa Stock exchange market since it is a public company.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the founding father of JHSF where he currently serves as the chairman. He also served as its CEO in-charge of overseeing the brands interest in its development projects. He studied at FAAP University and then after school he started a parking lot management company called Parkbem. Following the success of this business, Jose Auriemo Neto was given the go-ahead to establish the firm’s first shopping destination which he successfully managed to see it develop.

In the year 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto led the firm in its initial investment into retail, therefore establishing partnerships with Hermes thus enabling the company to new retail outlets in one of its shopping complex. In 2012, JHSF under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto partnered with Valentico and this led to the establishment of the Red Valentico Stores in Brazil. Despite the challenges that Valentico went through when there was a decline in luxury sales, JHSF eventually managed to get its house in order thus making it possible for its first-quarter revenue to increase with 2.3 % and its gross profit increased by 16.1% after one year.

David Zalik pioneers completely new revenue model with GreenSky Credit

When David Zalik, a highly successful entrepreneur who had already founded and sold multiple businesses by the age of 32, decided to start a technology company that would provide instant point-of-sale loans for big-ticket retail goods, he ran into serious difficulty getting people to believe his vision was possible.

In 2005, Zalik embarked on a coast-to-coast roadshow, pitching his idea to bankers across the country. While Zalik’s idea for a company that would only focus on top-end prime borrowers who needed big-ticket items was a fundamentally conservative one, the revenue model he was proposing was so radical that he had difficulty convincing anyone of its viability. In meeting after meeting, Zalik was enthused by the initial interest that bankers expressed in his idea, only to be later rebuffed by polite declines to pursue his deal. After months on the road, Zalik came to a difficult conclusion; if he wanted to launch GreenSky, he would need to finance it himself.

A big bet pays off

Zalik liquidated his nearly $12 million in commercial real estate holdings, risking his entire worth on the success of GreenSky. But just as Zalik had predicted to all the reticent bankers with whom he spoke, the GreenSky revenue model not only proved to be viable, but it also proved to be one of the most spectacular successes that the fintech industry had ever seen.

The perceived risk in the revenue model was that Zalik was proposing to do three things that had never been done in concert before. First, GreenSky would take no lending risk whatsoever. The company would originate the loans, but it would hold no loans on its books. Second, the firm would get retailers themselves to pay a hefty 6 percent fee up front. And third, the firm would get its lending partners to pay a 1 percent annual carrying fee on all loans that it had originated, subject to certain performance stipulations.

It turns out that GreenSky was easily able to convince all parties to sign up for these terms. The reason is simple: The company creates tremendous value for all involved parties.

Stream Energy: Charity is Part of the Culture…

For Dallas-based Stream Energy, charity and philanthropy are part of the company culture. A new trend has emerged in corporate gifting and it’s a trend that transcends the monetary amounts recorded in the hall of statistics for sub-chapter C write-offs and scandal buffers. As noted by Patch, this is a trend that integrates gifting directly into the company culture by creating a company department that is dedicated to philanthropy and nothing else! Stream Energy calls this department, “Stream Cares.”

Stream Cares does everything in its power to serve its purpose. Stream’s associates are direct sellers (aka independent contractors) and they donate their own self-employed income to Dallas charities. Stream Energy makes sure that Stream Cares matches their donations! They did this for North Texas Tornado victims and also for hurricane victims. To really integrate gifting into the company culture, one must pick a cause that all the locals can get behind.

It turns out that Dallas happens to the be the home to an awful lot of veterans that are in need. Stream Cares worked with a local restaurant of high acclaim, and a company called the American Doll Co. to provide an experience that these vets and their families are likely to never forget as long as they live. Stream Energy kicked things off with the veterans first.

Stream paid for the local vets, and their families, to have an incredible lunch at the acclaimed restaurant. Burgers, steaks, and even ribs were had by all! As always, Stream Energy associates and members of corporate staff were on hand to assist the real way; through elbow grease.

Any veterans that happened to have young daughters were in for a real treat also. The American Doll Co. along with Stream Cares allowed each of the girls to pick out a doll that they could bring home and call their own! The happy times for the girls did not end here, however. All the girls were bussed to lunch at the American Doll Co. Cafe, the same way that their fathers were bussed in for that BBQ lunch! More of corporate America is likely to catch charity fever if they make it as fun as Stream Energy makes it.

Shiraz Boghani Receives Asian Business Award In 2016

Shiraz Boghani is a committed and an industrious chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The corporate is situated in Pinner, Middlesex and the firm has many hotels under its management all over the United Kingdom. He resides in the United Kingdom. He surprised a lot of people 2016 when he was rewarded by the Asian Business Award. His oversight gems and a 30 years’ experience in the hotel sector has enabled a lot of nations to learn and be encouraged. He has been rewarded severally over the years. The most prestigious award he received was the Asian Business Award. This led to him being named the Hotelier of the year. Connect with Shiraz Boghani by visiting his linkedin account

When rewarding him the organizers who comprised investment bankers Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, Shailesh R. Solanki and Jitesh Gadhia leading reporter Amit Roy, AMG Supervision Editor Kalpesh R. Solanki, and other sector specialists were impressed and praised Shiraz Boghani for he has persistently shown passion to see the hospitality sector develop.

Shiraz Boghani showed his joy to those who attended when he was called to the platform. He claimed that it was an honor to work at the Splendid Hospitality Group. These being the reason for him receiving the award. His accounting profession has enabled him to supervise over nineteen trading hotels in the U.K only.

He is the current chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is also serving as the co-initiator partner and the chair of the sojourn Hotels LLP. At Sussex Health Care Limited he serves as the chairperson. Sussex Health Care, is a nursing and health care facility which focuses on the old people’s needs and those patients who are needy and those sick people who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer.

Sussex’s noble nursing and health care facility had few units in the United Kingdom some years ago when Shiraz Boghani joined. Currently the company has grown to possess over eighteen homes where needy patients who are old and young get their nursing and medical care with more than five hundred modern beds.

Shiraz Boghani offers charity. He is well recognized for offering charitable donations to several helpful organizations in Europe and U.K. he has really assisted people through the Aga Khan Foundation.

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What you need to know about the industrious leader Peter Briger

Central to the growth and prosperity of Fortress Investment Group success over the years has been the invaluable experience of their co-chairman Peter Briger. Peter Briger who also doubles up as being a principal of the hedge fund has been a critical figure at FIG since he joined its staff in 2002.

Before Fortress, Peter Briger garnered the skills and experience that have propelled him from some institutions. He attained an MBA from Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania.

His position as partner at Goldman Sach also formed a crucial part of his educational and productive two decades in assets management. He moved to FIG in 2002 where he has had a lot of success leading the hedge fund to be one of the world’s leading assets management institutions.

Peter Briger has had an industrious and prosperous career at FIG. His expertise has been vital in transforming the hedge fund from a small firm to the industry leader it is now managing assets valued at beyond $65 billion.

His positions as the firm’s co-chairman and division head have been instrumental to the growth of FIG. He was elected to the former in 2009 which attests to the fact that he is influential and a good leader. He now heads FIG’s credit fund and real estate businesses.

In his time at the firm, FIG has had numerous milestones with the notable ones being the firm became the first hedge fund to be listed and the acquisition of the hedge fund by the Japanese firm SoftBank Group.

The latter was an upfront cash transaction of a sum believed to be $3.3 billion which is a testament to the leadership and growth of FIG from its modest beginnings in 1998. Peter was a crucial figure in this acquisition, and his administration was noted by SoftBank hence they opted to let him remain at FIG after the purchase.

Other than his professional life, he is involved in some philanthropic ventures. He is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. This is an organization that focuses on offering the much-needed support to needy kids in the society. He also helps fellow Americans to know and understand the foreign policy through the Council of Foreign Relations which he is a member too.

His busy career has seen him rank at 962 in Forbes Billionaires list with a net worth of a staggering $1.3 billion.