Jeunesse Global: Winning Health and Beauty Products

Jeunesse Global is almost a decade old. Since the company’s start, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been bringing innovative youth products to the public. It is a business model built with independent distributors that are taught how the ingredients work and how to operate a business. Jeunesse Global believes the combination of knowledge and skill is one way to create successful team members. Many are award-winning, such as Nevo an energy drink, and some have set huge selling milestones, like Instantly Ageless.

Instantly Ageless is a wrinkle diminishing cream conveniently packaged in handy vial applicators. To apply, dab a small amount of cream onto the fine lines or wrinkles. Some common areas to use the cream are around and underneath the eyes, between the eyebrows, and around the mouth. The reason it is called Instantly Ageless is that it begins to smooth away wrinkles in about two to three minutes. A tip to make the application work the best is not to crinkle or move the area until the cream has dried completely. The effects last all day, and because the vials are portable, you can carry a few with you to reapply if you will be out all evening too. The ingredients are proprietary to Jeunesse Global.

Nevo is an energizing drink that won the 2016 Consumer Product of The Year award. The Stevies give out this honor. Many of the commercially available energy drinks are filled with sugar, and Jeunesse Global realized that consumers did not want that, but they needed quick energy. That is how Nevo was born. Jeunesse Global created a beverage that uses fruit juice, vitamins, and natural caffeine to boost a person’s system. Nevo delivers vitamin B and C. Each serving is only 50 calories, and the flavors are acai berry infused with ginger spice, mango and peach, a berry medley, and ginger lemon.

Jeunesse Global uses a healthy business model to help their distributors reach their personal best, and the company does that by creating and finding products that are unique to the marketplace and more importantly, they find or make products that work.,19.htm