Jason Hope: The Future Of Biotechnology

It is the common image of the successful entrepreneur to be someone who does not only work for themselves but also for the betterment of those who were around them. Jason Hope is no better example for this than anyone else.

Jason Hope is a successful Scottsdale Arizona entrepreneur who is helping to fund the research of Aubrey De Grey at the SENS foundation. The SENS Foundation is a research organization that is dedicated to the pursuit of anti-aging technology. Biotechnology has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last decade and today there are many things possible which in the past would have been viewed as simple science fiction.

Jason Hope has personally donated over half $1 million to the SENS foundation. He has done this because he is an individual who credits his success as a result of always looking towards the future. He wishes to personally utilize the success that he has found in his entrepreneurial endeavors to create a better future for those who are around him.

The process of aging has long been viewed as something that is simply unavoidable. Jason Hope along with Aubrey De Grey hope to create a future where that is no longer the case. While the since the foundation is not the only research organization dedicated towards the pursuit of anti-aging technology they are the largest and perhaps arguably the most successful. The organization was first founded in March 2009 and invests heavily in research programs that are designed to learn more about the process of aging as well as to shape the public perception of aging.

Aubrey De Grey is the leader and chief science officer of this organization. Aubrey De Grey is a graduate from the University of Cambridge having earned a Ph.D. in biology. The donation by Jason Hope of $500,000 will be used to help the research foundation find ways to prevent the bonding that occurs naturally between artery cell proteins. It is hoped that this can lead to new ways to prevent arteries from hardening and lower the prevalence of high blood pressure which causes many age-related diseases.

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