Victoria Doramus Has Used Her Own Life Experiences As A Motivation For Giving Back:

With a professional expertise in the areas of branding, teambuilding and leadership in the workplace as well as a high level of consumer trends, Victoria Doramus is an entrepreneur who has displayed a wide variety of skills throughout her career. She is also as well known for her work in philanthropy and volunteer work as she is for her professional work as an expert in the consumer trends industry. An ability to successfully identify and then do quality research on trends from a various array of different business sectors has been a critical part of the success of Victoria Doramus over the course of her career. It is through these techniques that she has been able to then find the proper marketing solutions for her client’s needs.

Victoria Doramus has developed a distinct type of insight into the world of innovative strategies in marketing. This has allowed her to find great success in her advertising endeavours. Her lengthy career has allowed Victoria Doremus to develop a number of skills including project management ability and an expertise in the area of research as well as detailed analysis of market trends. She is also well versed in the areas of networking and budgeting. Victoria Doramus is also noted for her creating use of branding and marketing.

In recent years, Victoria Doramus has become increasingly committed to volunteer and charitable work. She is notable for her work in the nonprofit sector. Victoria Doramus herself has battled with addiction issues throughout her adult life. Due to this, one of her most passionate areas of voluntary work is in giving back to charitable organizations that help people that are dealing with issues of addiction. The Amy Winehouse Foundation is one of the charities that is the most important to Victoria Doramus. She takes great pride in providing advocacy for young people that are suffering from addiction issues. The organization works tirelessly to provide information for young people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and offers support to youth that is at a high risk due to their personal circumstances. This is work that Victoria Doramus feels is very important in terms of making the world a better place.