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David McDonald: Project Manager To Chief Operating Officer

OSI Group has just turned 100 and for the last 30 years, David McDonald has been along for the ride. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He went to work for OSI Group after college. He began his working career as a project manager and worked his way up the ranks to president and Chief Operating Officer.OSI Group had humble beginnings. The company began as a butcher shop that was owned by a German immigrant family at present a global food supplier .

It was a deal with a new fast food restaurant called McDonald’s that helped to put OSI Group on their fast track to success. Now OSI Group is involved in a variety of ventures all over the world.David McDonald began his track to success on his family farm in Iowa. Even though he is in charge of one of the most successful company’s in the food industry, he has not forgotten his roots. He is actively involved in his Alma mater Iowa State. He is active in the school’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.McDonald financially supports internship programs for students at the University who want to work at OSI Group.

Though OSI Group is very successful, David McDonald is proud of the fact that the company does not need to toot its own horn. His business vision for the company means more growth while holding on to its core values. McDonald is aware that with growth comes responsibility and being sustainable is important to him and OSI Group. A Chief Sustainability Officer position was created in 2017 to make sure that sustainability maintains a priority. A number of their processing facilities are LEED certified including facilities in Germany, China, and Poland. A plant in California has been awarded the California Green Certification. OSI Group has been awarded for other green initiatives while under McDonald expert leadership.


Fortress Investment Group Changing the Understanding of Open End Assets Funding

There are many asset management companies that investors can always rely on when in need of best services and products. The good news is Fortress Investment Group guarantees what other asset managers cannot promise. Its recent introduction of open end asset funds is a great strategy that many investors can depend on when in need. The company is also involved in providing customers with a direct lending fund a strategy the Fortress management anticipates to change the lives and investment mindsets of many clients. Visit https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/FIG:US-fortress-investment-group-llc

This funding strategy will incorporate investing in high-profit assets, real estate debts, lease for aircraft, financial securities as well as the availability of funding intellectual property. These deals have been a success for Fortress Investment Group since it was acquired by Softbank Group. This lending fund is estimated to close in for $2 billion and it is a deal that the two companies hope will yield good rewards. For this asset fund undertaking to be fruitful, Fortress needs to gather $500 million an amount the company will not have problems raising thanks to its outstanding credit market.

Fortress Investment Group is simply focusing on this deal and utilize the rewarding private credit markets. These are kind of markets that small and medium-sized business owners fancy. Hence, by making such decision, Fortress group will utilize the opportunity of investing in open end asset funding that many companies in the world dread in their undertakings. Fortress has over the years focused on investing in open end assets in order to be able to raise enough capital for its undertakings.

The good thing with investing in this kind of assets is that there are no restrictions on the shares an investor intends to purchase. Investors can go for both bonds and stock shares and enjoy free debt markets. The good thing is that Fortress Investment Group is aware of the dangers that come with extending credit to new buyers of securities. Fortress Group has been enjoying incomparable global growth thanks to its skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals. The company looks forward to accumulating more funds in the coming years and transform the open end assets funding markets. Read more on zoominfo.com

Ted Bauman Shares Ways To Keep Liquid Assets Safe From Thieves And Accidents

Financial newsletter editor Ted Bauman asks the question of his readers on whether their assets could survive a disaster. Preparing for disasters, low risk investing, conservatively managing assets, and gaining freedom both financially and from the government is what he is all about. He publishes The Bauman Letter through Banyan Hill Publishing on a monthly basis. It provides his business tips and tricks for living a truly sovereign life.Growing up on the shores of Maryland, he worked the same jobs as many teenagers. He had a job at both McDonald’s and then Burger King. He also manned a gas station.

He learned what it is like to be an employee in a working-class atmosphere which has stuck with him for life. Ted Bauman caught flak from his bosses sometimes, had to clean public bathrooms, and learned how to make his money stretch.Life got better after he graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Armed with advanced degrees in history and economics, Bauman decided to help others improve their lives. He spent the next 25 years assisting not-for-profits manage their money while building housing for low-income families.People keep valuables in their home. About Ted Bauman, he is in favor of keeping physical assets and not entrusting everything to financial institutions.

This includes cash, precious metals, collectibles, and gems. However, these items need to be kept safe from thieves or accidents like fire.A home safe is a great investment for this purpose. You will want one that is both waterproof and fireproof, he has written. If you have large items like artwork than getting a customized safe that can be bolted to the ground is a very good idea. You can also get a safe-deposit box at your credit union or bank. These are great for securing liquid assets.If you have enough in liquid assets to make it worthwhile to travel overseas than Ted Bauman suggests using a safe deposit box in Switzerland. There are also independent vaults in America that are not controlled by financial institutions and they are unregulated which makes them a great choice for safe storage.

A Shaky Start In Washington

Education minister Betsy DeVos’ first days as a federal politician in the Trump Administration started out a little rough. First of all, her Senate confirmation hearing did not go smoothly. Her answers were said to be very shaky and insecure, and comedians made jokes about her apparent lack of basic knowledge of public schools. After her confirmation, she started her job as Minister of Education. The first issue that occurred, was whether to allow transgender employees of educational institutions to use the bathroom of their gender identity. Now former Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, was in favor of continuing this guideline from the previous administration, and this made for a bad start for the relationship between the two. One of her aides told a group of transgender education employees that she had tried to make the decision go the other way, but she didn’t in any way reveal publicly that she was against Trump on this issue. It would seem that she was in favor of the change from when it was first presented. Ms. DeVos told The Conservative Political Action Conference that this guideline was an example of the Obama administration overreaching.



Betsy DeVos, 59, grew up in Holland in West Michigan. She started working in her father billionaire auto-parts company, and he, like her, supported initiatives that fight for Christian conservative values as a philanthropist. Her brother is the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the controversial private security company conducting operations in Iraq. Her husband is even richer than herself, being the heir to Amway. He also tried his luck in politics by running for governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost to his opponent.



DeVos’ political ideology is right-wing, Christian, and conservative. She is a strong supporter of charter schools, and critics would say she tries to weaken the public school system. Charter schools are privately run and administered, with no federal permanent standard for performance and quality, and the funding is federal tax money. This system started out as an experiment but has since grown, and some predict it will be larger than the public school system in the future. Still, more than half of American students attend public schools. After taking office, Ms. DeVos has been on several trips to Florida to promote and speak at charter schools. This is the state that gets the highest amount of federal funding and this is not proportional to the number of students.



The highest concentration of charter schools is found in Detroit, a city in her home state. The schools of Detroit have a nation-wide reputation of being extremely low-performing, and there have even been lawsuits by former students claiming that are illiterate after completing their education. Representatives of both parties tried to pass a bill that would force failed charter schools to close and permit the opening of new ones. Ms. DeVos created a group called The Great Lakes Education Project, which fought against it and won. The now-minister commented that the Detroit public school system should simply be put down.



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JD.com – The Digital Takeover

With 938 million MAU, as of early 2017, the largest instant messaging platform (WeChat) in the country; has a wide range of contacts in both the city and the countryside of China, which serves as a place for the country’s customers to get to the retail platform for JD.JD.com’s long-term strategy is to increase the size and movement of the user through its main B2C company, and to take advantage of its large number of users to add-on service such as financial and logistical problems.The social technology of JD.com’s cloud technology has recently been tested when it has operated the entire operation of the 2017 Festival, for which the value of the transaction has reached and the equivalent of 120 billion.

The online retailer of JD was founded in 2004 by Liu Qiangdong, focusing on the 3C computers, communications and consumer products – but has since then become the largest e-commerce platform in China with revenue, with a wide range of products and the best in-class, home-based fulfillment capabilities. JD.com has one of China’s largest logistics infrastructure for e-commerce players, which gives it a tight grip on its own fulfillment process.JD.com has been involved in the main partnership with the industrial leader, such as the Chinese technical giant Tencent and the U.S.-based Walmart. JD.com has long since its origin as a product retailer in 3C products to become one of the leading e-commerce leaders in China. Just like the Amazon model, JD.com has a direct selling platform with inventory and direct selling to consumers.

While JD.com is already selling goods in the United States through Walmart, a strategy-oriented investment in JD.com, the new initiative will allow China’s direct access to the consumers of the United States.Liu said that JD.com could not receive any material from some book editors because of the contracts between the danger and the editors. Su Huiyan, a business search consultant, revealed that JD.com was looking for more clients to be attracted by the price of the war. JD.com started the online e-book sales business on 20 February 2012 and delivered more than 80,000 electronic books to customers. JD.com also offered the buyer’s discounts, the situation was a new series of price wars.


Greensky Bluegrass Conducts A Heated Show At The Filled Red Rocks

September 22 and 23 2018 were days for exclusive entertainment thanks to Greensky Bluegrass band performing at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre that was filled to the brim. Many of the band’s fans had a chance to see and meet with their favorite celebrities perform right in front of them. For those who did not manage to book a space at the Red Rocks club, they would still see the Greensky Bluegrass band perform at home. The internet also played an important role in bringing their followers the full coverage of the event directly into their phones and laptops.

Before followers could watch their favorite band, they had a chance to watch other artists do their thing. Some of the artists who performed on the same stage with the Greensky Bluegrass at Red Rocks amphitheatre include The California Honeydrops and Turkuaz who performed on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Nugs TV provided live webcasts for those who did not manage to make it to the Red Rocks club to watch Bluegrass band.

When making the announcement early this year about their Red Rocks performance in September, Greensky said that the two nights would be what their Colorado fans have been waiting for a long time. The announcement came at a time the band had just finished the year 2017 in style. It should be remembered that the Greensky Bluegrass had a successful end-year performance when they did a series of high-velocity shows at the theatre in Riviera in Chicago, IL. Before to the big show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, the band conducted a very intimate show on a different theatre on Friday, September 21, 2018. The show was held at the Ogden Theatre, Denver.

Several months before their performance at the Red Rocks club, Greensky Bluegrass released a magnificent poster that circulated in many parts of Colorado. The poster depicted a tow-winged creature that is ready to devour its prey. Behind the ‘super-natural’ winged creature was a blue moon, obviously indicating that the show would take place at the nights of September 22 and 23 2018.


Cloudwick CDL Delivers On Top Performing Cybersecurity

CloudWick is a digital technology company that operates out of San Francisco. They provide big data services and viable solutions to their business clients. The company originated in 2011, and their client base consists of some of the world’s largest corporations.

The innovative technology company has a wide range of products in its portfolio. These products include CDAP, bimodal business transformations, CDL, and their CloudWick one. The function of CDAP is to store and manage processes from PCAP, proxy, netflow, and firewall logs. They are considered one of the largest big data service providers, and they are a trusted Amazon partner. CloudWick is responsible for the management of 50,000 big data clusters on the Amazon web service. They are trusted by their clients to manage the services of Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark services. They work with dozens of Global 1000 companies. The firm’s in-depth knowledge and experience has helped to create a formidable partnering with AWS. It allows them to partner with their clients to manage and securely architect Data Lake for clients on Amazon.

Cloudwick has built its name with their high level of expertise in the industry and their reputation to deliver high quality products and services. The firm has a repeatable three step process to perform big data migrations to the AWS. A workload move of data in the Data Lake is made simple and effortless to undertake. They proudly serve many highly diversified types of companies. They have earned their clients’ trust and can expertly take on such tasks as securely managing the Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark services.

The company introduced their new CDL technology in 2017. This provides them the added benefit to partner with data scientists and security vendors with their advanced cybersecurity analytics. They have developed the first neural security system of intelligence in the world of cybersecurity. The company is the leading big data partner with the Amazon web service using its Data Lake Quickstart program and advanced cloud analytics.

The CloudWick version of neural system intelligence helps to protect its business clients from digital threats with an advanced level of cybersecurity.


David Zalik pioneers completely new revenue model with GreenSky Credit

When David Zalik, a highly successful entrepreneur who had already founded and sold multiple businesses by the age of 32, decided to start a technology company that would provide instant point-of-sale loans for big-ticket retail goods, he ran into serious difficulty getting people to believe his vision was possible.

In 2005, Zalik embarked on a coast-to-coast roadshow, pitching his idea to bankers across the country. While Zalik’s idea for a company that would only focus on top-end prime borrowers who needed big-ticket items was a fundamentally conservative one, the revenue model he was proposing was so radical that he had difficulty convincing anyone of its viability. In meeting after meeting, Zalik was enthused by the initial interest that bankers expressed in his idea, only to be later rebuffed by polite declines to pursue his deal. After months on the road, Zalik came to a difficult conclusion; if he wanted to launch GreenSky, he would need to finance it himself.

A big bet pays off

Zalik liquidated his nearly $12 million in commercial real estate holdings, risking his entire worth on the success of GreenSky. But just as Zalik had predicted to all the reticent bankers with whom he spoke, the GreenSky revenue model not only proved to be viable, but it also proved to be one of the most spectacular successes that the fintech industry had ever seen.

The perceived risk in the revenue model was that Zalik was proposing to do three things that had never been done in concert before. First, GreenSky would take no lending risk whatsoever. The company would originate the loans, but it would hold no loans on its books. Second, the firm would get retailers themselves to pay a hefty 6 percent fee up front. And third, the firm would get its lending partners to pay a 1 percent annual carrying fee on all loans that it had originated, subject to certain performance stipulations.

It turns out that GreenSky was easily able to convince all parties to sign up for these terms. The reason is simple: The company creates tremendous value for all involved parties.


Adam Milstein: Fostering Philanthropic Synergy Within the Milstein Family Foundation

Adam Milstein is a native Israeli who left his hometown of Haifa, Israel in 1981 to settle down in the United States to have the privilege to build upon opportunities for himself. With his move to the U.S. he brought along a degree in Industrial and Business Management from the Israel Institute of Technology, war experience from being a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, and the willpower to establish a system of aid to the Jewish community by using himself as a catalyst to do so. Nonetheless, after earning his MBA (second degree) from the University of Southern California in 1983, he set out on a journey to fulfill that primitive initiative.

Prior to carrying out any personal objectives, Adam Milstein felt that it was an absolute necessity to first establish a platform for himself to not only make it easier to network and distribute assistance, but to also fall back on for support if needed. Therefore, Milstein used his degrees to be like his father and began working within the real-estate industry as a sales-agent at first and then as a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties. While currently being employed as one of Hager Pacific’s most notably experienced managing partners, Adam Milstein works diligently to successfully execute his obligations as overseer to the disposition and financial aspects of the billion-dollar real-estate investment firm. Moreover, with his career platform in place, Milstein began networking and making investments to create his own outreach program. Alongside his wife Gila in 2000, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to service as a multi-purposeful Pro-Israel organization.

With the objective in mind to generate leadership roles within the Israeli-American community, Adam Milstein ensures the provision of Jewish education, health and medical resources, professional training, community service, and methods to combat Anti-Semitism through his family foundation. The foundation also encourages the community to become active philanthropists and help others to further contribute to the longevity of resources and to uphold the principle of philanthropic synergy to allow other organizations to combine their individual missions to have mutual benefits amongst one another.



What Exactly Is Talkspace?

Talkspace is a professional platform that makes it easier for any individual to get the help they need. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can stem from deep rooted negative thoughts, and knowing how to cope can be rough. Talkspace is here to make it easy on anyone to speak to a licensed therapist who knows their individual needs. This website is a place full of licensed and certified therapists with specialities in all kinds of areas. What they offer is a series of text message based therapy that allows for the patient to be matched with a professional therapist and exchange messages.

You do not need to have health insurance or any kind of insurance plan to utilize this program. They priced their programs so that anybody can join and get the help they need from the comfort of your home. With weekly package plans, it’s easy to get access to a therapist and not have to go through thousands of big struggles just to hear what a professional therapist would tell you.

Talkspace has been endorsed by the incredible swimmer, Michael Phelps. He dealt with his own struggles over the years. Having dealt with the pressure of the entire nation on his shoulders during his multiple runs at the Summer Olympic Games, he has shared multiple times his struggles with depression and anxiety disorder. Competing in such a huge event can be incredibly nerve-wracking. His stress and nerves definitely has gotten to him at several points of his career. Having been a part of this team of Talkspace, he loves advocating the power of using a resource like this. Any young adults or even those who are older who are dealing with mental health issues can utilize Talkspace as their safe haven for hope.

Most people don’t realize that there is a way out of their mental stress. You don’t need to succumb to the fears of life and stay stuck in your mental struggles. Talkspace is affordable, reliable, and provides the best resources in one place. It makes it so easy to find a therapist fit to help you.