Democrats want to use a minivan to help get out the vote

Democrats are hoping a minivan can help them get more voters to the polls in December. There is a slight mistyping in the previous sentence. Those hoping to thwart the more dangerous parts of Trump’s agenda are using a mobile phone app called MiniVAN, according to the online magazine Wired.


Pollsters and pundits believe the reaction to the current extreme nature of the Republican party’s leadership may energize blue voters. Talking heads often refer to a blue wave in the upcoming election. Talk radio hosts, such as the prominent Rush Limbaugh, have countered by suggesting an upcoming Red Wave.


Technology has played a role in both sides. Democrats currently use a piece of software called NGP VAN to help them canvas neighborhoods. The software lets them know who voted for the Democratic candidate in the last election, and who is most likely to do vote this way again. Canvassing is one of many efforts both parties use to help them get out the vote.


Both the Democratic party and the Republican do their best to get their votes to the polls. Many large cities offer free public transportation to allow voters to get to the poll on election day. Other organizations have initiatives to help people get out and participate in their civic duties.


The GOP uses similar technology to get out its likely base voters. At the moment, the GOP faces larger problems because many of their voters are in rural areas, and it takes more effort to make sure rural voters with transportation voters can get to the polls. Uber and Lyft also offer free transportation on election day.


The core problem with much of the technology used in the United States voting process is that the machines can be manipulate easy and are easily hacked. Technology experts have tried to draw attention to the problem, but neither party seems willing to take the effort to secure the US election process.