Stream Energy: Charity is Part of the Culture…

For Dallas-based Stream Energy, charity and philanthropy are part of the company culture. A new trend has emerged in corporate gifting and it’s a trend that transcends the monetary amounts recorded in the hall of statistics for sub-chapter C write-offs and scandal buffers. As noted by Patch, this is a trend that integrates gifting directly into the company culture by creating a company department that is dedicated to philanthropy and nothing else! Stream Energy calls this department, “Stream Cares.”

Stream Cares does everything in its power to serve its purpose. Stream’s associates are direct sellers (aka independent contractors) and they donate their own self-employed income to Dallas charities. Stream Energy makes sure that Stream Cares matches their donations! They did this for North Texas Tornado victims and also for hurricane victims. To really integrate gifting into the company culture, one must pick a cause that all the locals can get behind.

It turns out that Dallas happens to the be the home to an awful lot of veterans that are in need. Stream Cares worked with a local restaurant of high acclaim, and a company called the American Doll Co. to provide an experience that these vets and their families are likely to never forget as long as they live. Stream Energy kicked things off with the veterans first.

Stream paid for the local vets, and their families, to have an incredible lunch at the acclaimed restaurant. Burgers, steaks, and even ribs were had by all! As always, Stream Energy associates and members of corporate staff were on hand to assist the real way; through elbow grease.

Any veterans that happened to have young daughters were in for a real treat also. The American Doll Co. along with Stream Cares allowed each of the girls to pick out a doll that they could bring home and call their own! The happy times for the girls did not end here, however. All the girls were bussed to lunch at the American Doll Co. Cafe, the same way that their fathers were bussed in for that BBQ lunch! More of corporate America is likely to catch charity fever if they make it as fun as Stream Energy makes it.

Hutson Says The Key To Success Is Staying Focused

Music industry engineer Clayton Hutson has established a successful business helping people in the music industry. Now that he’s landed in Nashville, he is using his extensive experience to produce and manage concerts for various artists.

Hutson studied theater design in college. He then used what he had learned to good use working as a sound engineer and audio engineer. After honing his skills, he became the proverbial “Jack of all trades” in the industry. After a few stints with Billy Graham and moving into the corporate sector, he decided it was time to create his own company.

Hutson has a passion for music, especially rock and roll. He has worked with a number of entertainers including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N Roses. He also worked with the band Garbage during their U.S. and Australian tours.

The amount of experience Hutson has amassed over the years is immeasurable. He has perfected his skills to the point of knowing every aspect of live entertainment. “It really just got to the point where I decided to take a leap of faith. It was now or never.”

Hutson says he draws on certain inspirations to bring his ideas to life. He says he always pays attention to detail and dimensions. “If you are off even by a little bit, that could spell disaster when you’re trying to install equipment. ” Hutson says he also likes dabbling with new systems. Computer aided design is essential to putting it all together, according to Hutson.

Hutson say he doesn’t mind working long hours to get things right. You have to check and re-check for safety. You can never take chances. Hutson knows if things go wrong, it is his reputation at stake. The goal is to always organize things in a sensible manner.

The music industry has a lot of fresh, new technology. It’s crucial for companies like Hutson’s to enlist the use of bright, mobile lights, and even video walls. Some of the artists have even gone as far as bringing in acrobats and stunts.

Hutson admits to sometimes getting a bit stressed, especially if has a time constraint. “A lot of times I’ll just take a deep breath and read Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. It keeps me focused.”

Organo Gold Innovates Coffee Industry With Special Ingredient

Organo is a global company that produces high-end tea, coffee and personal care items. Organo was first established in 2008 and since then they’ve grown their operations to span 45 countries around the planet. Organo is well known for providing a quality products but one product is taking pole position over the rest, Organo Gold. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most delicious and healthy gourmet black coffee beverages around so that you can learn the benefits of Organ simple recipe.

Organo Gold is essentially comprised of just two different ingredients. At the foundation of the Gold gourmet coffee, you have Arabica coffee beans that are acquired from Inodnesia. These robust, dark beans add a huge boost of flavor to your drink. The second ingredient is far more interesting and truly what sets Organo apart from their competition. That ingredient? Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma Lucidum is more commonly referred to by its ‘layman’ name, the Red Reishi Mushroom. This organic addition to your Organo Gold cup of coffee will provide you with a wide range benefits that address your body as a whole. Rather than just spiking your diet with caffeine, your coffee will now provide you with a plethora of health benefits.

With Ganoderma Lucidum included in the Organo Gold recipe, coffee drinkers are benefitting from over 2,000 years of Eastern practices. The Red Reishi Mushroom was first found to be used in Ancient China but now can be found in beverages all across the world. The organic addition to the Gold recipe provides consumers with a potent dose of antioxidants as well as a huge health boost to their immune system. The Ganoderma Lucidum helps to boost the actual cells within your immune system which leads pretty quickly to actual, tangible health benefits. Organo has been providing quality products all over the globe for years. Now, more and more people are trying the Organo Gold beverage and finding it to be well worth their while!


Here is why Fortress Investment Group is the best

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that was established by individuals who had similar goals. They had been working for several organizations in the investment world and discovered that most of the customers were not getting the best deal in their investment endeavors from these companies. That is why they came together and started the organization to help those who were struggling in their journey to successful investing. The firm which is based in New York City has also been expanding to other parts of the world. They have also established affiliate offices in other parts of the world with the goal of ensuring investors from across the world get the best services. Their strategy is designed to ensure that customers get excellent solutions for the problem they face in their investment.

Fortress Investment Group has been offering services like management of private equity, credit management, hedge fund services, and asset management to their customers. The firm was started by talented investors who have since joined the list of top most successful investors in the world. Investors like Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger have been featured in Forbes because of their wealth which they have earned from starting successful organizations like Fortress Investment Group. To know more about the company click here.

When they started the company, these billionaires had the vision to provide the best services to their customers. They wanted to make them succeed in their investment endeavors. They wanted to use a unique approach to manage private equity and make their customers successful. The firm is also one of the best when it comes to handling mergers and acquisition. Fortress Investment Group began in 1998, and at that time, it was a private equity firm. Since then, the firm has been growing and expanding to offer services to various customers from around the world. It has built a reputation, and it is now one of the most coveted institutions in the world.

The excellent leadership at the firm and a team of dedicated employees have been crucial in making the organization successful. The team has been guiding customers when it comes to making the right investment decisions.


Alex Hern: The Future with VR Technology

Alex Hern founded Tsunami XR to improve technology. The company specializes in creating innovative software to make good use of the latest technology. He has ventured into the field of virtual reality also known as VR. Hern is captivated by stimulating a person’s scent, touch, hearing, and seeing.

The current VR technology allows users to cover their eyes with a headset to bring the immersive experience close to them. Numerous brands are available in the market, but they come at relatively low prices that an average gamer can afford. The software has been diversified such that it can be used in various fields such as medicine and aviation. Vision is vital, but the audio is as well important to the immersion experience. It uses innovative technology to stimulate precise sounds that come from a specific direction as if the one using it was there.

VR technology has the prowess to interact with other senses. The idea of tangible inputs for touching is on the trial stage. Different firms have been trying an ensemble that will respond perfectly to your body and the milieu in the game. Developers are finding new ways to incorporate scent via programmed scent emission or an add-on to transform the environment have the same scent as the game.

The upcoming technology is taking a new turn with the advancement of VR systems. Video games, medical, and aerospace field use VR systems to conduct simulations and train people for the work they are supposed to do perform. Tsunami XR is at the final stage in the advancement of this technological advancement. The future VR headsets will allow users to integrate almost all senses of a human being into electrical senses. For this reason, the market future forecasts are strong.

VR of Tomorrow

The VR of tomorrow is going to integrate all the senses into an experience that competes real life and beyond. Leaders in the VR world such as Tsunami XR CEO, Alex Hern, and Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey are in the front line of this latest development. Some analyst claims that the VR market will increase to $209.2 billion by 2022.

NGP VAN: Backing the Democrats for the 2018 US Midterm Elections

The Democrats see a bright light ahead of the 2018 United States Midterm Elections. They are expecting to dominate the winning seats, and they are pointing out that some of the signals that they have been waiting for can be realized from the unexpected rise of candidates originating from the party. According to surveys, the Democrats have a strong lead against Republicans, and many of their candidates are hoping that the outcome would be the same come November 2018.


The Democrats are known for using all avenues to the campaign, hoping for their candidates to be known all over the country. One of the strategies that they pulled up would be using NGP VAN – a tech company that created a mobile application that simplifies the campaigning process. NGP VAN was established in the early 2000s, and they are headquartered in Washington D.C. The Democrats have been using the software programs created by the company, saving their energy during the campaign period while providing victory to their candidates. In the 2008 and the 2012 United States Presidential Elections, Barack Obama used the service from NGP VAN, and he won with a huge lead over his rivals. However, the company was not able to provide Hillary Clinton the same victory after Donald Trump defeated her.

NGP VAN developed many applications that would help the Democrats campaign for their candidates, and one of their most recent developments would be the MiniVAN mobile application. The program was created to provide mobile canvassing services, and the results favor the Democrats. The MiniVAN mobile application has been around since 2010, and it makes the campaigning process hassle-free. Campaign managers who are using the application can rely on the information it provides, telling the campaigning team where to go, and encourages the person to vote and increase the voter’s turnout.


According to NGP VAN, they have been a sudden increase in the number of people using the MiniVAN app. Based on their data, more than 200,000 people are now using MiniVAN, using all of its features to campaign for the candidate that they wanted. The Democrats are stating that the application developed by NGP VAN would help them secure more votes, as individuals who support the Democrats would see a drastic increase, partly because of the influence coming from the application.

Guilherme Paulus makes a passionate pleas for entrepreneurs to seek advice

Guilherme Paulus is the owner of the GJP Hotels and Resorts and the CVC tour company in Brazil. He is currently one of the most successful business people in the country. He has built a business empire that is worth billions. He is doing a great work of growing the Brazilian economy by promoting tourism. He created CVC at the age of 24. The idea was introduced by a friend and a business partner when on a voyage trip. Carlos Vicente was a local government leader. He wanted to create a company that would attract tourists to Brazil. After a discussion, they agreed that Guilherme Paulus would be in charge of daily operations while the friend provided capital.

Guilherme was working as an intern at IBM before starting this company. He left the job after the deal with Vicente and started the process of building what would become the greatest tour company in Brazil. Earlier in the decade, he sold 63 percent stake of the company, pocketing over $400 million in the process. The company has since been registered with the stock market, and its annual revenue is about $5 billion. Guilherme Paulus still believes that the country can gain more from tourism and that is why he is still focused on growing the industry.

As a successful businessman, he offers advice to young entrepreneurs. As a person who has created a successful company from the bottom and seen it grow steadily, he knows a lot that others might not. He has created his company from scratch and has important information that he can share with those who are still trying to grow theirs. He is advising the young entrepreneurs to get advice from the experienced entrepreneurs. Part of his success has been contributed by the people who mentored him. He knows the difference it can make when one is given wise counsel by a person who has been through the process. Guilherme Paulus is trying to make Brazil a destination hub for more tourist, and that is why he is adding 100 stores every year to the CVC Company. He believes there is still room for improvement.

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What Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm Means for Investors

With his predilection for taking economic risks on start-up companies that other investors initially avoided funding, Shervin Pishevar has made a fortune by supplying capital to companies that have since gone on to fame and fortune in their own right. Through his work with Investment company, Pishevar has provided key financial support to companies such Airbnb and Uber, and his ability to spot diamonds in the rough among a slew of uncertain investments has made him something of a legend in Silicon Valley venture capital circles.

A Tweet Storm, and Unanswered Questions

So when Shervin Pishevar recently took to Twitter to unleash a flurry of tweets over a 21-hour period, many investors were left wondering if Pishevar had a unique insight into how high-risk investing might change in 2019. And if there was one underlying theme to Pishevar’s tweets, it is that the economy may have some turbulent changes in store for investors.

A New Recession?

Among the most striking of Pishevar’s predictions is that the stock market will lose much of its value in the near future. Foreshadowing an economic downturn similar to the 2008 crash that left banks and businesses reeling, Pishevar suggested that the market would likely lose 6000 points in coming months, meaning that many major companies may see their stock prices fall as the economy slows. Since lowered stock prices can provide opportunities for buyers who can hold onto their purchases until the economy recovers, however, Pishevar may be suggesting that investors will have an opportunity to purchase a surplus of stock holdings that will steadily increase in value as the economy bounces back.

Will Bitcoin Rise Again?

This optimistic outlook seems to fit with Pishevar’s view on the crypto-currency Bitcoin, a digital form of money exchange that has already made investors billions of dollars since its inception in 2009. Bitcoin’s value has dropped significantly this year from its $17k-per-coin 2017 peak, but if Pishevar’s predictions that the currency’s value will steadily increase again are true, than investors in Bitcoin may generate huge profits over the next several years by putting their money into Bitcoin while its price is relatively low and selling when the currency returns to its former value.

So whether you’re a fan of Shervin Pishevar’s investment track record or are simply hoping to get into tech investing yourself, you might just find that the former venture capital CEO has some great tips about what to invest in this year. If his stellar track record on past investments is any indication, Shervin Pishevar’s knowledge of the stock market might just prove to be a goldmine for individuals willing to think big and take financial risks that pay big dividends. And that is investment at its best!

Boraie Development at a Glance

Leading in the Real Estate development, Omar Boraie has made a point to provide residents with a unique living space that is both functional and fun. Settling can be quite unnerving but New Jersey is coming up with great apartments and residential spaces. The Aspire, New Brunswick caters to all the needs of a client and is the answer to settling in an apartment. The residential units are 238 in number and the apartments are just a few steps from the train station making it easy for residents to commute. There are services that are available throughout like the access to the Lobby with a doorman who is available 24/7. The residents get to enjoy an elevator with direct access to the lobby at all times. The building has a spacious area for retail which is approximately 10,000 square feet.




Health and fitness matters have been factored in because a fitness and yoga center have been provided to ensure that clients do not have to go and seek those services elsewhere. The Children’s Cancer Institute for the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital is directly adjacent to the apartments. When it comes to having fun, the Boraie development in New Jersey has invested in a neighborhood dining, nightlife, and shopping. There is the provision of BBQ space on the rooftop garden and sundeck for the residents that love to enjoy the skyline and view the city as well as host their friends and entertain other guests outdoors. The Aspire residential also cater to ret, play and work aspects through indoor and outdoor clubs. Individual storage is in plenty and the occupants need not worry about their items such as bikes because safety is ensured. You can check out Rutgers.




Escaping the trap of drugs and substance abuse, Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA star has ventured into the Real Estate business in a partnership with Boraie Development. Coming to build in Newark, the National Basketball Association star seeks to make the New Jersey City as beautiful as it was back in the 1970’s. The 22 story luxury apartments are dubbed Shaq Tower and are the first high rise in more than five decades. Other projects that the NBA star is investing in include the 35 story apartment on McCarter Highway that will be called “House that Shaq Built”. Partnering with Boraie Development, Mr. O’neal is restoring Newark to its former glory as well opening the city at large for other people to come and enjoy what it has to offer. For more details you can check


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Democrats want to use a minivan to help get out the vote

Democrats are hoping a minivan can help them get more voters to the polls in December. There is a slight mistyping in the previous sentence. Those hoping to thwart the more dangerous parts of Trump’s agenda are using a mobile phone app called MiniVAN, according to the online magazine Wired.


Pollsters and pundits believe the reaction to the current extreme nature of the Republican party’s leadership may energize blue voters. Talking heads often refer to a blue wave in the upcoming election. Talk radio hosts, such as the prominent Rush Limbaugh, have countered by suggesting an upcoming Red Wave.


Technology has played a role in both sides. Democrats currently use a piece of software called NGP VAN to help them canvas neighborhoods. The software lets them know who voted for the Democratic candidate in the last election, and who is most likely to do vote this way again. Canvassing is one of many efforts both parties use to help them get out the vote.


Both the Democratic party and the Republican do their best to get their votes to the polls. Many large cities offer free public transportation to allow voters to get to the poll on election day. Other organizations have initiatives to help people get out and participate in their civic duties.


The GOP uses similar technology to get out its likely base voters. At the moment, the GOP faces larger problems because many of their voters are in rural areas, and it takes more effort to make sure rural voters with transportation voters can get to the polls. Uber and Lyft also offer free transportation on election day.


The core problem with much of the technology used in the United States voting process is that the machines can be manipulate easy and are easily hacked. Technology experts have tried to draw attention to the problem, but neither party seems willing to take the effort to secure the US election process.