NewsWatch TV Delivers! Avanca Advances and Reviews

Avanca recently found huge success during their Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for their new product, the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. The Ockel Sirius B pocket PC is a device, with all the power and functionality of a desktop PC but the mobility of a cell phone. This is their third product to launch under the Ockel line.

Avanca really knocked it out of the park with their current campaign. Not only did they hit their 30-day goal, they surpassed it by 2939%! Wow! Nathalie Van Wijkliet, the CMO of Avanca attributes their partnership with NewswatchTV as one of the main reasons that this campaign was so successful. This was the second time Avanca has worked with NewsWatchTV. They have been very pleased with the results!

NewsWatchTV is a well-established, 30-minute television show that covers a wide range of currently relevant consumer topics. The show has been the recipient of multiple prestigious accolades and awards. NewsWatchTV currently airs weekly on the Ion channel and biweekly on AMC. The show also broadcasts over hundreds of markets. Each episode reaches approximately 96 million households worldwide! In the 25 years they have been established, they have reached over 700 million people!

The show is made up of multiple 1-2-minute reports typically filmed on location with current newsmakers. Celebrities also frequently make appearances on the show. The Tech Report and App Watch segments are both featured weekly. When you add all the individual aspects of the show together, you get an entertaining and engaging show that is easily digested by the public.

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