Matt Badiali: Bayan Hill’s Money Making Machine

Matt Badiali is making great picks lately. It’s not often an investment advisor gets so many picks right, especially one who strays away from cookie-cutter financial advice. Matt Badiali works for Bayan Hill, a company that promotes financial independence for its users. Bayan Hill Publishing has over 400,000 daily readers and offers advice on global investment strategies, U.S. Dollar diversification, as well as personal financial freedom and responsibility. They make the claim that they offer everyday Americans a chance at “total wealth”. This is a fancy way of saying that you can forge your own financial future.

Matt Badiali turned out to be perhaps the best addition to an already stacked Bayan Hill staff. His newsletter is called Profits Unlimited, and it reaches 100,000 readers. These readers are members-only and must pay a $97/year price tag for the luxury of getting Matt’s advice. In honesty, if Matt keeps up his current progress it’s worth a lot more than that. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a masters in geology. Matt Badiali has been in the game a long time. He has traveled to almost every country imaginable and done everything from surveying wheat growing patterns to exploring caves just to get an insight into the market. He eats dinner with T. Boone Pickens and knowns CEOs in the natural resources industry on a first name basis.

Matt Badiali is a force in the natural resources investment community. Best of all, Matt doesn’t just serve traditional advice; he sets out to gather new intel and make interesting and unpredictable market picks. Picks which seem to work out the majority of the time. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

Matt is perhaps most famous for his Freedom Checks video. This video — which has now gone viral — depicts Matt showing off a giant check with lots of 0s on it. Matt offers advice about a new way to invest. Of course, he plays it up a little, but essentially Matt is trying to show everyone the benefits of Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. MLPs have been performing very well since he made the video and the “Freedom Checks” video is now a global phenomenon in the investment community.

Any way that you look at it, Matt has been making some big plays. If he continues on this current trajectory, he may just become a global investment advisor superstar in name alone. For now, pay attention to Matt’s picks. So far, so good.