A Quick Review of Sean Penn’s new novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,”

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” is the title of Sean Penn’s new novel, which is a definite trip to read. Apparently, reading this book, should woo you into disbelieving the contents of the insane actions that Penn writes.


It is obvious that Penn had cult classics in mind for eager readers to dwell in satirical madness and surprisingly deep truths.


Originally released back in 2016 as a mysterious audio book, its content was even slimmer than the newer produced slim novel. Under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah, Penn narrated the audiobook clearly meant to portray more relevant times as it provides references to unsubtle broad features of president Obama and camping outside, close to the Republican National Convention.


Some of the featured characters included in Penn’s novel are Fletcher– a closely modeled El Chapo figure and a boomer named Bob, who has many careers that include a part-time job as an assassin. In the book, these two have a meeting and consequently, Penn interviewed El Chapo before the drug lords’ arrest in Mexico. Penn has also praised Hugo Chavez.


One scene takes place during the aftermath of five police officers shot in Dallas where Bob realizes that this was the result of the media encouraging the killing.


The character portrayed as Bob is most likely a bizarre vessel of Penn, who is also a baby boomer. Bob is antisocial with deadly potential whose behavior expresses wise or even prophetic ideas.


Who wouldn’t want to read Penn’s loud, absurd, and angry views of the state of the world? To Bob, it seems like America is no longer the girl who birthed him who was beautiful. Instead, Penn Narrates it is the ghost of a girl that he never knew. The line is one of Bob’s frequent most indulgent of fantasies about his beautiful girlfriend and a good example of the gender of politics as portrayed in the book.


Evidently, Penn’s book is a way for him to vent his angry notions of all that has gone wrong in the world for everyone to read embedded in the character Bob Honey. Penn told CBS that some will buy the book and some will not and also some will love it and some will hate it.




If You are not In The Know, Matt Badialis Freedom Checks are Real

Well, the videos took the investment world by storm. Matt Badiali was at it again. This time, he posted videos of a fat check that bore the emblems of the national Treasury. It was a populist way of catching the audience’s attention by the renowned investor and financial services consultant. So, the curiosity rose to simmering temperatures and sparked lots of debate on social media and in serious investment forums. The truth was out there. Such an established business mogul doesn’t just wake up one evening and decide to post such a thing, there must be a catch somewhere, so the pundits thought. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Statute 26-F

So, everyone was put on toes to find out what the business mogul was up to. Many rumors started doing rounds. Lots of narratives have been posted regarding the so-called Freedom Checks. So, serious media went around digging for the truth. The result of the investigation into what really Freedom Checks are comes as a surprise to a lot of people, yet not so much to those who have read Statute 26-F that was a result of a Congressional Law in 1987.

What Freedom Checks Really Are

The phrase freedom Checks is a little sensationalist, but it is expected of a shrewd business magnet that Mr. Matt Badiali is. Well, the outcome of investigations into Matt’s social media stunt reveals that there is a Statute known as Statute 26-F. This is the law that was established by Congress. It is a law that allows a group of companies referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies to operate tax-free. Well, that latter statement should not arouse overreactions. It isn’t that easy. There are certain conditions that must be met by such a company before it is admitted into the special club that now has a total of 568 companies overall. There are two primary requirements for a company to be accepted and admitted as a member of the Master Limited Partnership Companies. The companies must generate 90% of their income from the exploration of oil and gas in the USA. Secondly, Such Companies must also agree and be willing to pay out the checks that emanate from their tax-free returns to the shareholders. According to the news sources, it is reported that these companies must pay out 90% of their earnings to the shareholders. So Matt had a point there. Freedom refers to a feeling of being unbound. The financial freedom that comes with the checks from the Master Limited Partnership Companies can be equated to freedom. So, investing in the companies eligible to issuing “Freedom Checks” is a major plus for investors.

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Sussex Healthcare Marks 25 Years Since Inception

Sussex Healthcare is celebrating over 2 and half decades of providing healthcare to the elderly as well as other adults especially for those who require specialized care. The institution has facilities in England south coast. Two co-chairmen lead Sussex. The two are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Both have different skill sets and backgrounds. Boghani has extensive experience in managing and operating hotels whereas Sachedina is a dental surgeon with a medical background. Both have combined their skills to form an award-winning network.

The first ever Sussex facility opened up in the year 1985. The healthcare has grown over the years and now has over 20 facilities. It also has a gym and daycare facilities in addition to residential houses. The company specializes in the provision of facilities to older people that have conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. The firm also caters for younger adults with cognitive problems such as neurological disabilities. Sussex facilities provide services for people require extensive care as well as for those with limited needs. The facilities have skilled staff and dedicated and supportive team. Sussex also has highly trained and committed to taking care of people at the facilities. Sussex advocates for continued training and education to the staff as well as competitive remuneration.

Sussex Healthcare provides care to people on the belief that everyone should continually access social, recreational, and leisure activities. The staff at facilities encourages residents to be active all the time and engage in leisure and other activities.

Top Management of Sussex
Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have been co-chairs of Sussex for past 2 decades. Boghani is entrepreneur and chair of Splendid Hospitality, which a hotel operating on 20 hotels worldwide. Shiraz is chair and founder of Sojourn. Shiraz settled in the UK in 1969 from Kenya and has worked in hospitality industry for over 30 years. Shafik is a dental surgeon born in Tanzania. He heads the Department of Jamati Institutions at Aga Khan Secretariat. Sussex recently appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the chief executive officer in March 2018. Corrice Wallace serves as a board member in the role of head of marketing whereas Peter Catchpole and Nick Bosanquet serve as policy advisors.

Care at Sussex
Sussex strives to provide emotional, social, spiritual, and physical care to its residents. Some of the services available at the facilities include specialized adult care, respite care, palliative care, dementia care, neurological care, dental care, audiology and other treatments in its facilities.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare : http://releasefact.com/2017/10/sussex-healthcare-excels-in-meeting-complex-challenges/

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Waiakea Water

Recently, the bottled water business has been on the rise with related companies emerging from every corner of the globe. The question remains, is the venture worth eyeing? After assessing the growing number of bottled water companies, it is evident that there is money in the business. A few decades ago, people would laugh at the bottled water idea, questioning why one should buy water while it comes freely in our kitchen taps.

Today, we rarely find ourselves at home to be in a position to access the free tap water, and we all know that water is life. That’s where bottled water comes into play because of portability. However, with the significant number of bottled water companies, it becomes difficult to pick perfect bottled water. Waiakea water is among the few bottled water companies that command the industry.

With or without the competition, Waiakea has continued to dig opportunities in places that other investors never thought existed. Waiakea water is among the few bottled water companies with the environment and customer’s health in mind besides making sales. Waiakea water is packaged in Hawaii. Hawaii is known for providing natural drinks and meals, and Waiakea is one of the few.

Most water brands, add sodium bicarbonate to their bottled water and you may ask why. Based on my little science knowledge, the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), boosts the water alkalinity or creates a higher pH hence making the water unnatural. However, for Waiakea, its water is collected and packaged straight from the Mauna Loa volcano.

In the recent past, water bottles have contributed much in destroying our beautiful environment. Tons of plastic bottles have found their way to the oceans hence interfering with the aquatic life. Waiakea is among the few bottled water distributors on the forefront to fight for a clean environment. A plastic bottle takes over 1000 years to degrade which raises the alarm. Hence, Waiakea water has set the lead to introduce first ever degradable water bottles. Besides, the company is certified Carbon Neutral because it uses low-emission cars.

Waiakea, mostly named the volcano water gets its water from the big islands of Mauna Loa volcano. The water is filtered naturally through porous rocks of volcanic rocks hence producing one of the most natural, delicious and electrolyte-rich product. The company was started in 2012. However, its creative mode of operation has seen it manage to beat the old folks in the industry.

Besides, the Hawaii water company consistently gives back to the community. About five percent of the company’s revenue is directed towards supporting programs and nonprofit organizations such as INPEACE, Kupu and The Kama’ha Initiative among many others. Also, Waiakea provides water to people in need in Malawi in conjunction with Pump Aid.


Paul Mampilly: Taking a Chance

Paul Mampilly is a man who takes after his father. He is a man who knows how to take a chance when it pops up. Over the years Paul has watched his father on how things get done in the investment world. His father made sure that Paul went to college and make something of himself. He has followed his father’s sage advice and now is one of the most productive investors in the market today. He is now living the good life in Raleigh, North Carolina. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly knew he had a gift for investing early on but he also knew that he had to start at the bottom and work his way up. One way he as able to do this is by winning the Franklin Templeton Investment Competition. He was able to get an amazing seventy-three percent return on his investment. That is when things started to take off for Paul and his investment strategies. One way he was able to make so much money so quickly was to get in on the ground floor of a major company called Google. His investment in the company paid off handsomely and now he is helping average American make money.

One of the ways that Paul Mampilly does this is by operating his own consulting firm called Capuchin Consulting. The company was founded in 2013 and it is geared toward professional investors. He helps them make money by finding little-known companies that are on the verge of making big things happen. Another way that he helps people in the investment game is by publishing newsletters like Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He has made a career in knowing how to make money in the stock market.

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Paul Mampilly has made it his mission to help as many people as he can with the strategies that he has used. Now that he has been in the business of investing and consulting for more than twenty-five years he wants to help spread the word and the wealth.

Paul Mampilly is a man of many talents. His ability to convey what the stock market can do today and what future companies will make their mark is unmatched in investment circles. He is a man who can take a chance when the opportunity presents itself and make it pay off. He wouldn’t have it any other way or change a thing. Follow Paul on twitter.com.

Meet Jason Hope: As a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist, who believes strongly in anti-aging research

As a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope considers himself an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist, and investor who gives back to his local communities. Jason Hope also believes very strongly in taking pro-active measures in regards to anti-aging initiatives that address chronic illness like Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes mellitus. Hope is a wealthy Internet entrepreneur who has set his sights on donating some of his good fortunes to important causes and organizations.

Much of the bulk of Mr. Hope’s philanthropic efforts have been focused on the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation (SNES), which is a non-profit organization and a regenerative medical research foundation that was co-founded by Aubrey de Grey, Kevin Perrott, Jeff Hall, Sarah Marr, and Michael Kope in 2009. In December of 2010, Jason Hope got involved in the cause, by donating $500 thousand dollars to SNES. Based on Hope’s donation to SNES, they were able to implement new research initiatives and launch a SNES laboratory at Cambridge University, Massachusetts.

Jason Hope says that he supports SNES because he believes profusely in the work that SNES is doing and knows how key SNES is concerning the advancement of medicine. Jason Hope has further donated over $1 million dollars to SNES since the original donation that he made in 2010. Jason Hope is quite hopeful that SNES will have the power to redefine the biotechnology industries, pharmaceutical, and the healthcare industries. But Jason Hope is also keen on the main trailblazer for the cause of regenerative medical research, Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey, who has a Ph.D., is the key person behind the renowned research on aging. Aubrey de Grey was the co-founder of another organization, the Methuselah Foundation, which was hatched in 2003 with fellow co-founder, David Gobel.

In regards to Jason Hope’s educational background, he earned his degree from Arizona State University in Finance. Mr. Hope also earned an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

In regards to the Jason Hope’s opinions on the Internet of Things (IoT), Hope believes that the demand for the technology will be great based on the number of jobs that will be created because of the technology and the fact that it is still new. When asked what businesses he recommends that new entrepreneurs start, Jason Hope said that businesses involving affiliate marketing websites are good because of their low start-up costs.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Everyone dreams of having a successful life. This definition of success may change from person to person, but a productive life usually leads to a happy life, and everyone wants to have a happy life. So, when not only you think you have had a productive life, but your peers also think so, it’s a sure sign you are onto something there. A lifetime achievement award is one of the highest honors one can receive in their professional life. Robert Ivy is one of the few to win this award, and he earned it.

A lifetime achievement award is awarded to celebrate an entire lifetime and/or career. This differs from many other awards, which are given for a singular specific event or contribution, such as an invention. When deciding who can be the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, judges, peers and people from within a field will examine and ultimately vote on the winner or winners based on the entirety of their career. There are many organizations in charge of presenting these awards, representing various industries and sciences across the world.

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On April 11, 2018, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Robert Ivy. Ivy was formerly Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hills’ Architectural Record. Under Ivy’s leadership, the Architectural Record became the most popular architectural journal in the world, and received plenty of awards, as well as launching a Mandarin version of the journal as its popularity grew in China and the Middle East. After the Architectural Record, Ivy became CEO of the American Institute of Architects, or AIA. He received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the AIA for his actions in the field of architecture. This event also marks the first time this award has been given to an architect.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is gifted to artists and art patrons hailing from or connected to people from Mississippi who have attained special notice and deserve the honor for an entire lifetime of work. Ivy joins an elite group of Mississippians, including actor Morgan Freeman and write Eudora Welty, who have achieved this honor.

The award is the quintessential crowning achievement for an artist, and this is no different for Ivy. Not only is given to Ivy for his work in architecture, but also for his work in writing. His authoritative biography Fay Jones: Architect is in its third edition since its publication in 2001. The novel has been praised by the Art Library Society of North America as showing highest standards for both design and production, as well as its scholarly excellence

Check more about Robert Ivy: https://discoverorg.com/directory/person/robert-ivy/7029647

Dr. Saad Saas is a Revolutionizing Healthcare through Medical PatentsDr. Saad Saas is a Revolutionizing Healthcare through Medical Patents

Dr. Saad Saad is a revered pediatric surgeon. Also described as a successful medical doctor, he has accomplished a lot since he delved into the healthcare industry. That is why his career journey and success cannot be ignored. Most importantly, he has performed countless surgeries with the hope of saving children’s lives. So far, he has succeeded in that quest. In his entire career, Dr. Saad Saad has always sought to improve the existing treatment methods and procedures. That way, he has been able to challenge all the conventional treatment methods by ensuring that he comes up with developed inventions that will not harm patients. Aside from that, these treatment methods are low-risk and always work well to reduce a patient’s pain.


Because he is visionary and always focuses on creating a clear pathway for the generation of new and advanced technology for surgeries, Dr. Saad Saad has managed to come up with major inventions used improve surgical procedures. For over forty years, he has been working on such projects. That is why currently, he can work in high-notch hospitals that provide treatment for complicated healthcare issues.


Dr. Saad Saad is well known for serving his community across America’s healthcare system. He has also been a passionate helper to children. As such, he travelled to Jerusalem for medical surgeries procedures. Other projects he has worked for include Medical Missions and West Bank among others.

Moreover, Dr. Saad Saad holds the two patents for his medical projects. Here are the inventions;

Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location- this is the first patented project that Dr. Saad Saad has worked on. This is a thin tube that is manufactured from medical grade materials and serves a wide range of medical functions within the body. Most specifically, this device assists surgeons to perform better medical surgeries as they can assist the surgeon to access surgical instruments.


The second medical project, also patented by Dr. Saad Saad is irrigation in a rigid endoscope while maintaining visual- this device is meant to improve the application of endoscopes. Well in medicine, endoscopes are referred to as optical devices used to access the internal sides of a patient’s body when they undergoing surgery. For starters, endoscopes are useful when looking at the bladder, colon as well as the windpipe and throat. So far, Dr. Saad Saad has testified to the usefulness of these devices. They have all too often worked for the best results.


Dr. Saad Saad is definitely a pace setter in the medical industry. He is revered for using his talent to identify better treatment methods in his capacity. Also a great supporter of medical projects, Dr. Saad Saad is using his skills to transform his practice in many ways. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/life-lessons-dr-saad-saad-pediatric-surgeon.html#.Wpbw3YJMFTY

Barbara Stokes Takes Cullman City to another Level by Introducing Green Structured Homes

Cullman has been chosen to be the city where Stokes Development, LLC green homes will be located. The company made it known through an announcement that they will be launching a manufacturing plant in Cullman for constructing their green homes. The announcement also revealed that the project would cost them around $8 million and they will require about 80 employees to kick-start the operation. Interesting to note, the company hopes that by the third year, they will have experienced much growth, enough to increase its workforce to around 300 employees. Through a press release, Barbara Stokes, the C.E.O of Stokes Development’s said that they are humbled and grateful for the support from Cullman. She continued to reveal that they had thought about other areas where they could have the plant located, but at the back of their minds, she and her husband knew that Cullman was the place to be! She said that they found Cullman to be a city with friendly people and a pleasant environment which made it quite habitable. The new project plant will sit on a 99,000-square-foot construction building located at the Cullman Industrial Complex. The building was initially constructed by the Cullman city and county and later sold to their company. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

According to Scott Stokes, the Chief Operations Officer of Stokes Development’s Green Structure Homes of Alabama said that they will put up about 600 homes every year. He continued to reveal that the construction products are top-quality and match the latest technology. The products are also hurricane, mildew and mold resistant. Barbara Stokes revealed that the green homes will be constructed with local materials which will come from areas such as Decatur and Birmingham. She also added that the steel will have a content of about 60 percent recycled material which makes it favorable for mishaps such as fire outrages as it is fire resistance. Scott Stokes said that their current design for the homes will enable homeowners to acquire a small cottage-like style home. However, the company hopes to change that by developing a design that will hold up to four-stories and could be used as hotels or condos.

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The company was funded through by various investors from both Korea and China through the famous ACFI. Interesting to note, the greenhouse project is the first project to be funded through ACFI. According to ACFI’S director, Ron Drinkard, Cullman was privileged to be chosen as the home for the greenhouse project. He also said that the city will economically grow with the help of Stokes Development’s Green Structure Homes. Read more at Business Insider.