Southridge Capital LLC: A hedge fund that provided new-age solutions to financial problems.

Southridge Capital is private equity firm which has its headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Its services as a financial holding company are described as diversified and extremely efficient. Southridge LLC has redefined the way hedge funds operate by broadening the economic spectrum and providing innovative solutions to each client’s diverse needs. The brand is a reflection of what the company offers. Southridge LLC has been around for over three decades playing among the greats in the private equity fund industry. It was founded in 1996 by the current CEO and manager Stephen Hicks. Southridge LLC has acquired growth as a leader in advisory services to small and middle-market companies and offering direct investment services.

Since 1996 Southridge LLC has facilitated the investment of over $1.8 billion into potential growth companies worldwide. It has over the years developed a system of custom tailoring each investment plan according to the client’s specifications and then following the plans execution to the letter. Southridge’s unique solutions enable a company that is in urgent need of capital to monetize its existing assets so as not to miss out on opportunities. The company assists other firms in enhancing their credit. They work hand in hand with the company’s creditors to eliminate debts that favor a common stock. Check out citybizlist

The company has a library of experience acquired in the process of financing over 250 publicly traded companies. This provides them with a unique understanding of the difficulties that are faced by fast growth companies. It has a team that is seasoned in advisory services. The unit can handle problems associated with corporations such as issues of publicly trading a company in the stock market, advanced and quality financing techniques and methods of managing clean balance sheets.

Southridge LLC continuously seeks new investments in potential growth areas worldwide. The company has entered into agreements and partnerships with various entities which have potentially economically explosive products in the market. It has agreements with Elayaway which is a leading tech company and Elite Data Services which is based in Dallas, Texas. You can visit

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