Omar Boraie is the City Hero

Omar Boraie recently received a medal of compassion from the New Jersey State Senate. This medal of compassion was given to him as a reward for all of his determination in turning around the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. New Brunswick, New Jersey was on the verge of death until Omar Boraie dedicated his life and resources in turning the city around.


It was nearly 40 years ago when city and business analysts sat at the New Jersey Senate to discuss the future of New Brunswick. The analysts pointed to four different factors that were leading to the death of New Brunswick. The first factor was that family communities did not feel safe and so families were moving out. This resulted in the second factor which was the death of the middle class. The third factor was an unstable job market. The fourth factor was a hostile environment amongst the powerbrokers.


Omar Boraie felt that if he could turn around these four areas that New Brunswick would be able to see immense growth. Omar Boraie immediately began working to make New Brunswick a better place for communities. Working with the Police Department, they began focusing on areas that had the largest amount of crime. New Brunswick adopted a strict policy that led to strict imprisonment for those who broke laws. This may communities more safe. Omar Boraie also worked through churches and nonprofit organizations to build relationships between families.


Omar Boraie then began concentrating on bringing back the middle class. The middle class is often most concerned about their family and their professions. Sense of Omar Boraie already made the area more family friendly, he now had a begin looking at making their professions succeed. Omar Boraie thought the best way to help these upstart professionals was by offering them affordable class A office space. By charging 30% less than neighboring cities, the middle class became excited about New Brunswick and the possibilities there. Visit for more.



Omar Boraie also began working on stabilizing the job market. This was mostly accomplished by convincing the giant corporations to stay and open up more factories. This was achieved by giving them a tax break. For more details check out Crunchbase.


Omar Boraie finished resurrecting the city by getting all the various powerbrokers to unite together in a single vision. This single vision was about promoting the city of New Brunswick. Omar Boraie definitely deserve this award and many more as well.



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