Greg the Seeker


Greg Secker who can be termed as an entrepreneur guru was born in 1945 England in a town called Norfolk. He has established his name as one of the most elite business people currently both through his entrepreneurship and philanthropic works.

During his recent interview with the CEOCFO magazine, he shared some of his success ideologies to where is and some of his plans. For instance, he has been heard several times quoting the phrase “I am not a why guy” and his response to this statement is that he has always believed in saying ‘YES’ to things and then details along the way.

Secker also studied agriculture and food sciences in school but along the way, he made a leap to finance, and this came to be for his love of computers. At one point he was invited by a guy with the same passion for computers at the Thomas Cook Financial Services Stand for an interview and eventually he got the job. The magazine asked him also how he shared the passion and knowledge answering this, through his work he has attended a lot of seminars meeting other great people like Dr. De Martini and also said he has spoken on stage most probably 6000 times sharing his passion and knowledge.

He was recently named the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, and he said he would like to try and engage other entrepreneurs in participating in philanthropy. He further said the aim of businesses is not only to make profits, closing deals and signing cheques there is more to that by adding generosity in your business which would bring satisfaction both to the client and the business owner. Greg Secker does not doubt sharing his knowledge internationally, and he said he believes that having money is not so necessarily crucial although money is an essential factor in life. Empowering people through education is the most significant thing.

He stressed that he would like to help the Filipino people when he was asked what was his next plan. He wants and believes he can empower dreams in the Philippines.