Rocketship Education:

*A closer look at Rocketship Charter Schools.

Rocketship was first opened over a decade ago in Northern California. The school was first started as an institution of learning for students from impoverished backgrounds. The school turned out to be so successful that additional locations were eventually opened. Preston Smith founded the organization and he is currently the CEO of Rocketship Schools.

The 2016-17 school year was a particularly good one for Rocketship. Over 82% of enrolled students achieved high scores in both English and Mathematics. Therefore, the school now permits eligible students to take a foreign language in addition to required English and Literature courses. This is quite an accomplishment not only for students of Rocketship but also for the teachers and families of the students.

There is currently a new location being remodeled outside of Redwood City California. The new Rocketship school will accommodate up to 400 students. Therefore by the fall of 2018, Rocketship will have a brand new location to house their students. The new Rocketship school will be located just off of Charter Street. The new location is in a prime area and bus service will be available for the students residing at least one or more miles from the location. The Charter Street location will offer grades K through grade 5.

One thing that seems to appeal to students and their families about the new Rocketship location is that it is being designed as an Eco-Friendly school. An Eco-Friendly charter school that provides an excellent education is like a dream come true to these impoverished students as well as their families. Without Rocketship, many of the students would be forced to attend schools with less than adequate learning facilities. In addition, safety would an additional concern for these students.

*Recent expanision/ conclusion:

In late 2015, approval was given to open up an additional school location just outside of Washington D.C. In addition, to the Washington D.C. location another charter school was opened in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Finally, Rocketship can help deserving students receive an education that will certainly give them the skills they need to excel and go on to college. One day hopefully many of the Rocketship students will achieve their dreams and goals which will significantly impact their lives.

Greg the Seeker


Greg Secker who can be termed as an entrepreneur guru was born in 1945 England in a town called Norfolk. He has established his name as one of the most elite business people currently both through his entrepreneurship and philanthropic works.

During his recent interview with the CEOCFO magazine, he shared some of his success ideologies to where is and some of his plans. For instance, he has been heard several times quoting the phrase “I am not a why guy” and his response to this statement is that he has always believed in saying ‘YES’ to things and then details along the way.

Secker also studied agriculture and food sciences in school but along the way, he made a leap to finance, and this came to be for his love of computers. At one point he was invited by a guy with the same passion for computers at the Thomas Cook Financial Services Stand for an interview and eventually he got the job. The magazine asked him also how he shared the passion and knowledge answering this, through his work he has attended a lot of seminars meeting other great people like Dr. De Martini and also said he has spoken on stage most probably 6000 times sharing his passion and knowledge.

He was recently named the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, and he said he would like to try and engage other entrepreneurs in participating in philanthropy. He further said the aim of businesses is not only to make profits, closing deals and signing cheques there is more to that by adding generosity in your business which would bring satisfaction both to the client and the business owner. Greg Secker does not doubt sharing his knowledge internationally, and he said he believes that having money is not so necessarily crucial although money is an essential factor in life. Empowering people through education is the most significant thing.

He stressed that he would like to help the Filipino people when he was asked what was his next plan. He wants and believes he can empower dreams in the Philippines.

Sentient AI Powers E-Commerce Sites with the E-Commerce Recommendation Engine

The e-commerce sector has been booming rapidly in the last few years, and it has helped people to shop in an entirely different way, which is changing the dynamics of the retail industry completely. The retail industry has changed drastically since the advent of the internet revolution. People prefer to buy things online these days in comparison to buying offline as there are many perks associated with buying online, which includes substantial discounts, lots more variety, convenience, and much more. However, the e-commerce companies are facing a tough time keeping the attention of the customers as the competition is too fierce. Many companies out there are trying to win the attention of the customers through different marketing strategies.

The technology is playing a vital role in deciding which e-commerce site would come out as victorious. One of the technologies that are being used extensively in the e-commerce sector is the artificial intelligence technology. It ensures that people can buy conveniently online with the help of the e-commerce recommendation engine powered by the artificial intelligence. The AI technology processes a large number of data sets within seconds and in real time giving information to the users that would be helpful for them while shopping online. Sentient AI is a leading firm that offers AI technology to e-commerce companies and have an expansive product portfolio for the e-commerce companies.

The data that the AI technology processes include previous shopping orders, images viewed, products viewed, sizes preferred, colors preferred, and much more. With the information used by the users to shop online at the e-commerce site, the artificial intelligence technology gathers a list of products that would be relevant for the users and help them select the product that they would like and prefer.

The e-commerce sites need to have e-commerce recommendation engine these days as it helps the customers to find what they are looking for with ease. It becomes difficult to scroll through the thousands of products available at the e-commerce site, but with the AI technology, it becomes much more comfortable. The customers would have a significant shopping experience at the e-commerce site that has artificial intelligence technology.

It would customize the shopping experience for the users and ensure that they can purchase the things they want without having to struggle while navigating the site. The convenience of shopping online due to the artificial intelligence technology has increased drastically. The customers feel the same kind of experience shopping online these days as buying at the physical shop due to the AI-powered e-commerce recommendation engine integrated into the e-commerce sites.

George Soros Donates $ 18 Billion to Strengthen the Open Society Foundations

That George Soros is one of the most philanthropic individuals of our generation is undisputable. Over the years, he has channelled billions of dollars to different philanthropic organizations which advocate for different courses meant for the betterment of human life in different parts of the world. And now, Mr Soros has cemented his position as one of the topmost philanthropists by donating a breathtaking 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. This donation, reported by the New York Times, has made the Open Society Foundation the second biggest philanthropic organization by financial power in the United States behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation over three decades ago as a vehicle for advocating for human rights and promoting the establishment of democratic forms of governance. The society has had operations in over 120 countries around the world, making it among the most widely spread charitable organizations in the world. While the attention of the society in recent years has been channelled to philanthropic courses in other parts of the world, it has been redirected back to the United States since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

Noting an increase in hate crimes in the country since President Trump was elected; Mr Soros donated 10 million dollars to help address these crimes. The 18 billion dollar donation to the Open Society Foundation places George Soros right back in the centre of American political discourses after a lengthy hiatus. Specifically, it places him at odds with conservative critics who have in the past spoken against his involvement in American politics.Soros first caused riffles in the American political scene when he actively campaigned against the re-election of President George W Bush in 2004 after the scandalous Iraq War. He did this by funding groups and organizations that took measures to curtail President Bush’s re-election. However, he fell from the political limelight after the election of President Barack Obama, although he has been an instrumental supporter of the Democratic Party throughout. During the 2016 presidential election, George Soros was one of the main donors to the Hilary Clinton campaign as well as those for other Democratic Party politicians.

Open Society Foundations vice president Patrick Gaspard, who is expected to rise to the position of president by the end of the year revealed that President Trump’s election gave the organization a heightened sense of urgency, which is perhaps the reason why Mr. Soros made such a huge donation.George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and was only a teenager during the Nazi-German occupation of the country. As a Jew, he experienced first-hand the effects of persecution on account of race and has been inspired by this experience to effect changes in the world to prevent it from happening to others. According to the Open Society, he left Hungary at the age of 17 for England to pursue an Economics Degree from the London School of Economics. Despite coming from a humble background, he did odd jobs to support his education was able to graduate, eventually immigrating to the United States where he made his fortune.Great success in the financial industry gave him the power to pursue his passion for effecting change in the world. It is behind this backdrop that he founded the Open Society Foundation and had donated large sums of money to pursue philanthropic courses around the world.

Securus Technologies’ Commitment towards Offering Secure Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of technology solutions regarding criminal and civil justice for corrections, public safety, monitoring, and investigation. The company published numerous customer reviews on the use of technology to prevent and solve various forms of crimes. According to PRNewswire, the comments included email communications and formal letters from jail and prison officials across the United States. The jail and prison officials are those tasked with increasing the safety of the incarceration environment, and preventing and solving crimes.


The CEO of the company, Mr. Rick Smith, said that the firm averagely develops a new product once a week which aims at helping corrections and law enforcement officials to fight crimes. The chairman further stated that they focus on protecting and serving the society, parolees, inmates, and their families.


Rick further said that the company receives many emails and letters in line with the products and services they offer. For instance, one customer expressed gratitude following the use of information from the customer’s phone by Securus to secure a search warrant that led to the arrest of a corrupt staff member who introduced contraband to a jail facility. Another comment said that the customers pride themselves in the company’s vision for improving the posture of jail security. Others noted that the investigative techniques are efficient in enabling the staff to carry out investigations following potential security breaches and harassment complaints.


Securus Technologies serves many corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies, and inmates throughout North America. The firm has headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company dedicates itself in the provision of incident management, emergency response, investigation, communication, inmate self-service, and public information among other services.


Securus Technologies’ cutting edge solutions advocate for modernization of incarceration and improvement of public safety. Many companies rely on them for secure and straightforward technologies that are easy to use and access. The firm aims at maintaining remarkable customer service to all.


OSI Industries vs The Competition

Food supplying services are a big deal everywhere in the world today. These organizations actually supplies other businesses with food products on consistent basis, but all aren’t created equal. There are numerous food supplying services around the globe, but OSI Industries is at the top of most people’s lists. Why? OSI Industries is an industry in itself thanks to its wide variety of services. Unlike other food suppliers, this company takes care of everything for its clients. This includes processing, management, distribution and development. When it comes to the future of a business, this company can definitely support most organizations on a yearly basis.

OSI Industries dominate the field because it has facilities across the globe. These facilities are some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world. To better state it, there are up to 65 state-of-the-art facilities that stretch across 17 different companies. That’s right! On top of that, OSI Industries has an estimated 20,000 employees under its umbrella. The numbers are rather staggering when you think about it. Its founder, Otto Kolshowski started the business back in 1909. At the time, it was known as Otto & Sons, and it was a family owned business. Otto & Sons produced some of the best tasting and freshest of meats. This meat market was on fire in a sense. It had a team of clients, which includes McDonald’s. As of today, OSI Industries supplies many prominent names like Starbucks, KFC, Sunway, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza.

What types of food does the company specialize in? The answer is very simple. OSI produces poultry, meats, fruits, breads and cheese. In other words, it produces beef patties, flatbreads, hotdogs, tofu, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken products, turkey products, pot roast, cooked link sausages, panini, ribettes, meatloaf, Salisbury steak, corn, pizza and many more. This only scratches the surface of what it can produce, but the company works alongside of its clients when brainstorming for ideas. All in all, it would be extremely hard trying to find another food supplier that can do all of the heavy lifting and this is why OSI is at the apex of the industry.

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End Citizens United Is Standing Firmly Behind Randy Bryce For Congress

End Citizens United or ECU is endorsing Randy Bryce for Congress. Bryce has stated he want to end political corruption, making him the perfect candidate for ECU’s mission to promote finance reform in political campaigns. Paul Ryan is the current Speaker of the House, and will be running against Randy Bryce. Ryan has made certain campaign contributions for large amounts can be donated without full disclosure. This is what the ECU is fighting against. Ryan has opposed the legislation that would help ECU reach their goal, and sides with special interests.

Ryan has campaigned against McCain-Feingold, meant to reform campaign finances, and require political donors to show how much they donated to political campaigns. Ryan is against the reason ECU was created because he believes the decision of the Supreme Court was correct. In the eyes of ECU, Randy Bryce is a breath of fresh air. He will work to introduce campaign reforms to prevent secret contributions to the political system, and overturn Citizens United. He wants the system changed to represent not the special interests, but the will of the people.

ECU views Randy Bryce as a defender for the people, and they are endorsing him for the 1st Congressional District in Washington DC. Bryce wants the interests of Wisconsin’s people placed before the interests of the special interest groups, influential elite and ultra-rich. To demonstrate the power of the people power his campaign, most of his campaign donations are only $25 each. The contributions he has received from small donor’s total 82 percent of all contributions. Although some campaign donations are $200 or more, this is just fifteen percent of the total.


Randy Bryce has a working-class background, is a populist, and is firmly backed by many activist groups and Democrats. His popularity is so extensive, an Ohio political activist dropped out of the race rather than challenge him for the Congressional seat.

End Citizens United began with a 2010 decision by the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United v. F.E.C. This decision completely changed American elections, allowed special interest groups and billionaires to spend untraceable and unlimited money in American elections, and established the legalities for the corporations are people ideas. This means there is currently no transparency or accountability. Corporations and billionaires are working to tip the political balance in their favor, and it does not stop there. ECU is a PAC, or political action committee who supports Democrats in the key races. These Democrats believe meaningful reform is necessary in the campaign finance system, and are willing to fight to see Citizens United overturned. They stand up for candidates who are being attacked by mega-donors and special interest, and their networks of dark money groups and Super PAC’s.

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Ricardo Tosto – One of Brazil’s Finest Lawyers

The law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros is a Brazilian business which was created by three business partners and legal experts. One of them is lawyer Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho who took charge of the law firm and diligently worked at it until it became one of the largest law firms in the country of Brazil.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been working in the legal sector for many years. He has been a part of a vast number of la firms ut his breakthrough came around when he took a step in a different direction and put a start to a career as a business owner. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is currently established as one of the experts in dispute resolution in the country of Brazil, also known as litigation.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho grew the law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros to expansion in three of the largest cities in the country. The law firm has offices in the city of Brazil, as well as in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The business has been around for many years, and it has grown to operate by full service. Leite, Tosto e Barros has more than three hundred employees across the offices, it ha 27 lawyers and 16 associates.

As a partner and collaborative founder, Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a vast number of responsibilities at the law firm. He overlooks performance and improvements, among else. Over the course of his career at the law firm, Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been recognized as Brazil’s finest on a vast number of occasions. Who’s Who Legal, for example, placed Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho on their list of the best lawyers in Brazil.

Before his responsibilities at the law firm, Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho was the President of the Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary as well as the Judiciary Reform Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association in the city of Sao Paulo. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has occupied many other similar posts.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Saving Lives

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are the leaders in innovative cancer treatment. A for-profit hospital, Cancer Treatment Centers of America use the latest technology. Cancer experts deliver quality care that saves lives. Cancer Treatment Centers of America ® is located in the Southeastern Regional Medical Center south of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses a combination of conventional treatments as well as integrative therapies. CTCA uses surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy to treat cancer. There are other therapies such as homeopathy, in place for side effects such as pain, nausea, fatigue, lymphedema, malnutrition, and anxiety.

Integrative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, mind-body medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, oncology rehabilitation, pain management, and spiritual support are also used. Acupuncture comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It treats dry mouth, and hot flashes. Chiropractic care can treat headaches, as well as immobility. Mind-body medicine is useful to use on anxiety/stress, and body image problems. Naturopathic medicine works on immune function, while providing relief for digestive issues and fatigue. Nutrition therapy works on digestive issues as well as dry mouth. Oncology rehabilitation is defined as treating anxiety and stress along with balance. Pain Management can help digestive issues, as well as eating difficulties. Spiritual support is used on anxiety/stress and insomnia.

Contrast the integrative therapies with conventional Western medicine, which provides chemotherapy to slow cancer growth as well as genomic testing to test the tumor at the cellular level to understand the complex nature of the patient’s cancer. Hormone therapy adds or blocks or removes hormones to stop or slow the cancer cells’ growth. Cancer sometimes needs to be removed by stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells by giving antibodies or other tools to combat it. Radiation therapy uses x-rays or radioactive substances to target errant cancer cells and destroy them. Surgery merely removes the tumor. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, hard work ensures that patients survive their ordeal with cancer.