Sheldon Lavin – Making a Difference With Food

Sheldon Lavin has an academic background in Finance and Accounting and had a successful career as a financier and senior manager in the banking sector. In 1970, he had the Kolschowsky family as one of his clients. They had built a meat processing facility and had become the Midwest suppliers of hamburgers to McDonalds Corporation but required assistance to obtain financial support. The bank requested Sheldon to take an ownership position, but he declined as it was not what he did in his consulting practice in the following: click here.

He did, however, agree to act as an adviser and set the condition with the Otto family that if he agreed to be a partner, he would come in as an equal partner with similar rights as the other partners. The Kolschowsky’s family company was originally known as Otto & Sons which later evolved to OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon’s active involvement in the company resulted in him becoming an owner in the 80s.

Sheldon Lavin managed to transform the company into a worldwide supplier of food products to a variety of food service and retail brands. Lavin is currently the chairman, chief executive officer, and president of the OSI Group and has a prestigious profile in the meat and processing industry.

In 2016 India’s Vision World Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with the Global Visionary Award which tributes futurists in different sectors who have achieved their dreams through demonstration of determination and persistence to realize their goals. In 2015, RSM US LLP honored him with a lifetime achievement award for his unrivaled commitment to service and the Chicago business community. The OSI Group has received awards for health management, environmental management, and safety risks. Some of these awards include the 2016 globe of honor by the British safety council for its strategies in risk management.