Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto: The Talented Professionals At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health, a reputable healthcare facility recently added three new members to its administrative team. These include Penelope Kokkinides to be the Chief Administration Officer, Mike to be the Chief Accounting Officer, and Jonathan to be the Chief Actuary Officer. InnovaCare Inc has two main plans: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Inc. There are over 200,000 consumers who have subscribed to these plans. InnovaCare’s main objective is to provide innovative, cost effective, and coordinated health care with advanced technologies. In 2011, the company was recognized with the “Rocket”, an award that is given to companies that are committed to offering high quality services. Let’s examine the professional profile of two of the top management professionals in the company: Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto.

Penelope’s Kokkinides’ Profile

Penelope Kokkinides has been in the health care profession for over twenty years. She is widely experienced and skilled in the development of hospital programs and the management of health care protocols. Penny also has skills in improving infrastructure and organizational arrangements.Before coming to Innova Care Penelope worked as the “Chief Operating Officer” at Centerlight Health Care. She also worked as the “Chief Operating Officer” at Touchstone Health. She has also served as vice president at AmeriChoice.

Rick Shinto’s Profile

Shinto has been in the health care center for over 20 years. He is widely experienced and knowledgeable on healthcare programs. Shinto started out working as a pulmonologist. He later went to work for MMM Healthcare, PMC Medicare Choice, and Aveta Inc. While working at Aveta Inc, Rick Shinto received the “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. This award is given to entrepreneurs who show extraordinary success and excellence in areas like financial performance, innovation, and personal commitment to their communities and businesses. It is meant to encourage entrepreneurial activity among those with the potential. The award was given during a special gala at the Hyatt New Brunswick on June 27, 2012.Shinto graduated from the “State University of New York” where he got his medical degree before pursuing his MBA at the “University of Redlands”.

Rick Shinto’s Contributions to Innovacare

Shinto is renowned for revolutionizing operations within InnovaCare Health. As soon as he joined InnovaCare in 2012, the services at the center improved significantly. Shinto is credited with making health care services affordable to Puerto Ricans. Currently, over 70 percent of Puerto Ricans avoid other insurance companies and go to InnovaCare to get their health care insurance covers.

Find Beneful Dog food at Walmart

Beneful, a now grain free dog food cantaining natural ingrediance, real chicken, beef, and Salmon,and other natural flavors, as well as original flavors can be found at Walmart. It comes in many different dry flavors as well as a variety of wet choices. It comes in plastic tubs, cans and dry forms. It’s prices depend on the kind, style and flavor you are looking for. You can find wet dog food from $1.77 for a single serving plastic container to a 6pack of 10oz containers for $10.58.There are larger plastic containers also. Cans come in cases of twelve 3 oz cans for $6.97. to $23.50. Bags range in sizes from 4.5 to 31 lb bag with prices that range from $5.48 to $39.88 depending on style and size. You can order your choices online,and have them shipped to the store for picup or to your home. They are also able to be purchased at the store. At times you may see discounts are offered on different varieties. There is a $3.00 of coupon being offered for Beneful with real chicken, grain free. Other coupons can be found at Some varieties can be found in both the store and online others found only online or in spacific stores. I have used the healthy weight on my dogs and had great results. They loved it and kept them satisfied longer. They were also more active and had a calmer attitude. All dogs like variety in their foods just as we do, so feel free to try several different flavors in small amount or large.

The Complex And Essential Services Required In The Commercial Banking world

John Holt is currently the CEO and President of Nexbank Capital Incorporated. He was recently a panelist at the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bankers Association. Mr. Holt was a participant in the 5th annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was one of the participants in the discussion by the Banker panel regarding the reinvention of community banking. The conference was held in November of 2016.

The annual conference serves as a forum for bank advisors, leaders and consultants to share their personal perspectives concerning the challenges and principal opportunities faced by the individuals leading community banks. Strategic opportunities, branching and organic growth are explored by the participants and panelists.

Nexbank Capital specializes in financial services and serves their clients through three main businesses. This includes Institutional Services, Mortgage Banking and Commercial Banking. Their banking and financial services are customized for their clients, nationwide corporations and financial institutions. They serve real estate investors, large corporations and middle market companies. As of March of 2017 Nexbank’s assets totaled $5.3 billion.

Nexbank has a executive management team who combines their experience in the industry with a strong focus on serving their clients. James Dondero is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management and brings his leadership experience and commitment to Nexbank. Their financial solutions are customized for their clients and tailored to help them achieve their goals and meet their commitments. The mission of Nexbank is to use their leadership in the industry combined with their commitment to deliver value to their clients at every available opportunity. Their clients are provided with access to customized and sophisticated solutions obtained from experienced professionals who have established successful backgrounds. Nexbank’s charter dates back to 1922 and they have been serving the banking industry ever since. Their services are essential and provide the high performance required to meet the complex needs of their clients.

Jim Tananbaum: One of the Most Recognized Personalities In the Healthcare Industry

Mindstrong Health is a modern company that introduced the concept of detecting neurological conditions using smartphones. Mindstrong Health has managed to raise $14 million to promote its efforts of creating a mobile platform for diagnosing and treating neuropsychiatric disorders. The platform is able to monitor how using smart phones impacts on brain function. The company aims at identifying the digital biomarkers of mood and cognition. These biomarkers include attention, memory, processing speed, and executive roles. The platform uses a person’s typing and scrolling patterns to measure how their brain functions.

The Work Force At Mindstrong

Mindstrong Health has a workforce that is conversant with the situation surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. The CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum has remarked how the technical vision, collective experience, and leadership of experts involved with the study of neuropsychiatric treatment, will improve the outcomes of patients using innovative and modern health care platforms.

Paul Dagum, CEO of Mindstrong Health, recently stated that his company’s technology offers objective and continuous measurements of a person’s behavior and reasoning in a manner that has never been experienced before. Modern medicine techniques use objective measurements to determine a person’s mental health. However, Dagum argues that measurements of mental health should be subjective. The best strategy for improving the outcomes of people experiencing mental disorders is to device objective strategies like the ones adopted for treating chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum established Foresite Capital and is its current CEO. The firm’s has assets worth $1.1 billion. Jim has been in the work of establishing and investing in health care programs for more than 20 years. Prior to the creation of Foresite Capital, Jim had been involved with the establishment of two bio-pharmaceutical companies and two investment companies. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Jim Tananbaum’s passion for medicine became apparent when he completed his studies at Harvard Medical School and immediately started his own pharmaceutical company. The company came to be known as “GelTex Pharmaceuticals”. The firm brought into the market two drugs that generated a return of under $80 million. Currently, these drugs generate revenue of $ 1 billion. However, GelTex no longer belongs to Jim; he sold it off for $1.6 billion. Jim also founded Theravance Biopharma and Theravance Inc. Combined these companies are valued at $2.75 billion.

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How Securus Technologies Protects Mobile Device Use in Our Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a very interesting technology company that specializes in providing high tech security technology for prisons. The company was founded in the early 2000’s and since then has grown leaps and bounds to offer technology services to correctional facilities, prisons and to governing bodies alike.


In fact, Securus Technologies is known to have contracts with over 2,000 instititions across North America. The company continues to grow and expand its suite of tech tools each day. The company’s CEO stated that each week Securus Technologies is inventing or expanding on a new technology or a new addition to its current platforms.


Among other things Securus offers a technology that can track and locate illegal cell phones inside prisons. These cell phones are contraband, which puts them on the same level as sneaking in drugs, alcohol or other illegal activity. Securus Technologies can find and locate these phones remotely and even record the conversations happening on them to determine where the cell phone came from and what was the intent of using it.


In addition, Securus Technologies can actually turn off the capability for cell phones to connect to wireless internet. This capability makes sure that inmates are unable to access the internet. This capability could cause a lot of damage within just a few moment of gaining wireless internet access.


Clients of Securus Technologies recently provided testimonials that proved the extend of what the company has provided them. One testimonial said that for over a decade they have used Securus and not only have they been pleased with the services, but that they place a great amount of value on the fact that Securus has continually been an innovator in its vertical. In addition, the company has provided correctional institutions with the opportunity to do things such as arrest corrupt employees and monitor inmates that were generally up to malicious activities being carried out via phone.


Aloha Construction Lake Zurich : Offers High-Quality Roofing & Siding Services

The trusted and most reliable Aloha Construction Company prepares to offer its roofing and siding services in various areas of Northern Illinois. This comes as a result of dangerous hail storms, and high winds affected the area. Since they started offering their services, the roofing and siding contractors have experienced tremendous growth in a short duration. Currently, Aloha Construction, Inc. proudly serves all parts of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. On top of that, the company has a new website that will help their clients get homeowners professionals in just a few clicks. Note that the Aloha Construction Inc. aims that fulfilling their promises of constructing durable and quality homes through the unveiling of an interior restoration service set to be launched soon.


According to the president of Aloha Construction, Inc. David A. Farbaky, in 2013, the company have managed to complete 7000 projects in the Illinois State, and everyone was ecstatic about the success achieved. However, in 2015, the local siding contractors concentrated on offering quality services to the people living in Southern Illinois through their new office located in Bloomington.


David A. Farbaky pointed out that the company’s commitments for this year are to ensure that people living in the Midwest get quality services hence making their lives easy. He also adds that the growth of their company is centered in making residents feel safer in their homes. Recently the company launched a new branch that will be focusing on interior restoration, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, water extraction, natural disaster aid and clean up.


About Aloha Construction, Inc.

This is a privately-owned business of bonded and indemnified local contractors offering services in all parts of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They offer their roofing and siding services to residents in Lake, McHenry, Cook, and DuPage through their offices located in Zurich. They are also able to reach residents living in McClean, Peoria, Washington, Tazewell, and Champaign Counties through their office located in Bloomington.

Nick Vertucci Transforms His Life With Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has a philosophy. He will not allow his past to determine his future. He grew up with a lot of love but his parents were not financially well off. His mother had to work a lot of hours when his father passed away when he was ten. By the time he reached eighteen he lived in a van and his life was rough.

A few years later Nick Vertucci changed his own luck and began a business where he could sell computer parts on He could be his own boss and enjoy the freedom. He got married and had three daughters. His life was going well until the crash of 2000. This was when he came to the realization he had not planned properly for the future.

The next eighteen months were terrible for Nick Vertucci on His income was gone, his debts deepened and all he had left was his home. One of his friends offered an invitation to a real estate training seminar that would last three days. His friend assured him he would be his guest and the seminar was definitely worth attending.

Nick Vertucci attended the seminar and he really listened. He knew he had found the way to dig himself out of debt and ensure his future. He began to train and studied hard. Gathering all the information he needed for success took him over ten years. He refused to quit and continued to learn the business and eventually developed his own system at

Once Nick Vertucci had succeeded and become a millionaire he decided he want people to learn about his system so they could follow in his footsteps and succeed in life. He had the desire to show people how to make staggering amounts of money and completely transform their lives. This is exactly why he is here.

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Find Your Way Around The Wine Regions Of France With The Traveling Vineyard

Across the vineyards of France a large number of tourists are now making their way across the main wine producing regions of the country where the wineries and vineyards have been opened up to the public to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the process of wine making.

The U.S. based company, The Traveling Vineyard believes wine fans from America should embark upon a trip to France and explore regions such as Alsace, Burgundy, and Bordeaux; the wine producing regions of France cover the majority of the country and provide something for every wine lover to enjoy.

The Traveling Vineyard believes an entertaining and informative trip to the Burgundy region is a must for the majority of wine lovers who can visit one of the largest wine producing regions of France; which means there are many different varieties of wine to be sampled at vineyards and wineries that offer tours and events that continue throughout the year. The most popular route to take is the popular N74 road that takes wine lovers close to a number of impressive wineries that are easy to find from signs along this impressive route.

Provence is not one of the better known regions for wine production, but is a large wine producing region that allows many different wines to be produced in a single area that has been made famous by books and memoirs based in the region. Although the wine production areas of Provence are popular, many individuals choose Provence for the variety of options available for sightseeing, including the many rose farms and olive groves that can be found in the same areas as the most popular vineyards and wineries.

Another option many people choose to undertake is a virtual tour of global wines with the aid of a Wine Guide from The Traveling Vineyard, a tour that can be taken from the comfort of your own home or the home of a friend. The Traveling Vineyard aims to aid their Wine Guides by providing each with a leader who offers advice and assistance about how to make their career with the company a major success.

Watch YouTube for more details about the company.

Richard Mishaan lives his dream

Did you know that everyone dreams? Dreaming is a state of mind and part of life that connects us to our future. It may also provide solutions to problems that we may encounter as humans. However dreaming is liked to sleep I dream of having the best interior design for my house with a well-furnished bedroom and I guess it is now time to check up on Richard Mishaan design firm.

Richard Mishaan was born in Columbia where he studied architecture at Columbia University School of Architecture and earned a BA from New York University. Afterward, he apprenticed in the offices of Mr. Philip Johnson, but following a standstill construction market he moved to Seventh Avenue and got a job on designing women and men sportswear. A decade later he returned to Columbia for real-estate development and a master’s degree in finance.

Richard Mishaan Design founded in 1991 headed by a former fashion designer, utilizes knowledge in architecture, fashion and interior design in addition to the cultural roots of Mishaan. Therefore they have a better understanding of luxury and quality needed to pimp your residential and other projects. With 25 years of experience of serving global clients, their growth has integrated and expanded collections of furniture at the Kip’s Bay Decorator show house, reflecting how competitive they are pulling up their socks where possible in the market to compete favorably with other designers such as Thad Hayes and Thierry Despont.

At times the best way to speak your mind is through actions which are louder than words. Mishaan has engineered writing of two books, the modern luxury and the Artfully Modern, both published by the Monacelli Press, the Artfully Modern interiors released in 2014 selling at $6.74 hardcover entails that’s furniture can be combined with decorative accessories regardless of their nature. The modern luxury book goes at $27.72 hardcover with meet home project standing out among other stunning projects like the Kips Bay and Tribeca residence. The project combines beauty, traditional artistic interior, and the modern designs to only stand one word that is black and white is beautiful. Now I know where to fetch my dream for a classic interior.