Jason Hope – Investing In Technology For A Better Tomorrow

Jason Hope is one of the most reputed businessmen, investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a futurist, who also writes frequently on the latest technology. Recently, Jason Hope shared his views on the power of “Internet of Things” technology, which he believes would be the only way going forward in the future. Jason Hope believes that Internet of Things would replace the smart technology used widely today, as Internet of Things helps with increasing the applications and uses of technology in an integrated fashion across various platforms, devices, appliances, and gadgets.

Jason Hopes says that as an example, the Internet of Things would help with reducing the traffic and congestion on the road by sharing data about traffic in real time. It would also encourage people to reduce the times they use private transport and shift their focus to using public conveyance more often. The internet of things would help share information about the public transportation in real time with the public, which would help people schedule their travel accurately and accordingly.

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Jason Hope is a futurist who firmly feels that the technology has the power to change the future and continues to invest in various start-ups and enterprises that are researching and developing technology that has the potential to change the future. Jason Hope did his graduation from the Arizona State University and Masters in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is also the owner of Jason Hope Business Consulting, which is a firm he founded that helps businesses with their business development and creating strategies that help revenue generation.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Offers A Needed Service To All

The services that come from Nationwide Title Clearing are important for all people in the real estate world. They are ordering titles that must be cleared every week, and they will search for the title to ensure it looks as it should. There many people who wish to order a cleared title today, and they may do so online with Nationwide. The process is difficult to complete without experience, and Nationwide has the experience that is needed. This article shows why Nationwide must be called when it is time to order a cleared title.


#1: The Title Mast Say The Proper Things


Property titles have information on the owner, and they have an address that is attached to the owner. It is possible that the title does not show what it should, and the information on the title must be chnaged to ensure that it reads properly. The title will read well when it has been changed by the staff at Nationwide, and they will use all the documents that are required by the municipal system.


#2: Who Orders Cleared Titles?


Cleared titles must be ordered by real estate agents who are working on sales of homes. They muscat know that the home they are looking at it is available for sale, and they must know that the title will read properly when they close. They cannot close without it, and they may order long in advance of the sales process.


#3: Documents Needed


Nationwide will ask for death certificates, wills and other court documents that are needed to ensure they may change the title. They must prove that the title is to read as they say, and they will have the title changed at the local level. They will attach a copy of the document when they are done with the process, and they will send it on to their client. They prefer to show that they have done the work properly, sand they will attach all other documents that may have been used in the process.


The Nationwide Title Clearing office is an important part of the home sales process. They have experience that is needed to ensure they will help clear each title, and they will take orders online from any customers who need it. They have planned to help each customer move as quickly as possible, and they will serve to make real estate deals close more quickly.

The Lung Institute Is Making Medicine with the Help of Patients

Medicine is a rather complex subject. There’s good reason why some of the most difficult medical conditions have proven so resistant to treatment. Creating an effective medicine for persistent chronic conditions is one of the most difficult challenges faced by modern medicine. In particular, lung conditions are an especially difficult problem. The lungs are heavily protected by obvious physical structures such as the rib cage. They’re also protected by the patient’s own biological defenses on a microscopic level. Between the two factors, it’s incredibly difficult to even get medicine to the lungs in the first place.

That’s why the Lung Institute has been receiving so much attention. They’ve come at the problem from an entirely new direction. Treating long term lung problems is often an issue with getting medicine to that area in the first place. The Lung Institute has found a way around that problem by having patients help out with the creation of their own medicine. This is all made possible through something known as stem cell therapy.

The Lung Institute uses the patient’s own natural repair mechanisms to create medicine. A small sample of blood or bone marrow is filled with stem cells. These stem cells are the body’s natural way of repairing major damage or regrowing missing structures. Because they’re a natural part of the body, a patient’s immune system won’t try to attack them. In fact, once the stem cells have been turned into a medicine they’ll be able to operate naturally within the body. Even better, stem cells naturally travel to the lungs once they’re introduced into a patient’s body.

The Lung Institute’s specially prepared stem cells don’t just heal damage. They help to work with the body to leverage existing resources to join in on the effort. One might almost think of it as jump starting the natural healing process. This is especially important due to the fact that many symptoms of lung disease actually involve the immune system mistaking the root problem. The Lung Institute is adding new resources to a patient’s body while also helping the existing systems recognize where the real problem areas are.

The effectiveness of this technique speaks for itself. The Lung Institute has been able to help patients breathe easily for the first time in years. A variety of lung conditions have been alleviated; thanks to the Lung Institute’s groundbreaking new techniques.

For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website (https://lunginstitute.com/) and Facebook page.




Securus Technologies Outshines More Than 2,300 Nominees for the Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies, Inc. was named the recipient of the Gold Stevie Award for excelling in customer service provision. This company specializes in the delivery of technology solutions aimed at enhancing investigations, public safety, and monitoring the day-to-day activities of the prisons.


About Stevie Awards


Stevie Awards is a brainchild of Michael Gallagher. He launched these prestigious honors to honor corporate professionals who have excelled in various fields of business. This company is responsible for organizing some of the most famous local and international business awards. Stevie Awards are bestowed in seven programs, including the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the American Business Awards, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. This organization is a global entity that receives over 1000 entries from more than 60 countries.


Securus Technologies wins the Stevie Awards


Securus Technologies was named the finalist after accruing more points than the rest of the award nominees. Over 2,300 nominations were made by different organizations in various industries. The entries considered for customer service were 61 and were evaluated in three categories. These groups include Consulting Practice of the Year, Contact Center of the Year, and Award for Innovation in Customer Service. Additionally, there were more than 53 categories for sales and business developments. A panel of 75 members chose the winners of the award in February 2017.


Vice President Danny de Hoyos, who received the award on behalf of Securus, gave a vote of thanks and acknowledged the Stevie Awards for recognizing their efforts in customer service. He also added that his company is committed to developing products and solutions that are meant to help its clients. The presiding judges also congratulated Securus Technologies for leading in service provision, improving their customer survey results, and having a dedicated workforce.