Arthur Becker: The New Real Estate Guru.

Arthur Becker is a well-renowned property developer. He has been actively involved in the real estate business for quite some time now. He is among the few people that have an eye for a great investment.

NY Mag says that the quiet backer from New York City has quietly invested alongside JDS Development, Ambase Corporations and Property Markets Group at 111 West 57th Street. Statistical data supplied by Real Capital Analytics, which is a real estate research firm, shows that Becker’s company, Atlantic Associates LLC was indeed in a joint venture partnership in a deal that acquired and financed the development.

Becker has also backed the PMG and Madison Equities to develop condominiums along 124 Sixth Avenue, which is a former car wash. Robert Gladstone of Madison has occasionally labeled Becker as a ‘Seasoned Investor.’ He has gone ahead and said Becker to be ‘one of the most interesting people to meet.’

Even though Becker has been involved in many real estate businesses, he has always opted to remain the ‘Silent Investor.’ This is a common behavior for the so-called ‘quiet backers.’

Becker recently became the proud owner of three adjacent houses along Sullivan Street. This deal was reached in exchange for his stake in the development of the neighboring condominium. He is a shrewd operative despite his easy demeanor.

He invested in 10 Sullivan Street and according to had recently assumed ownership of the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street. This is according to public records that were filed on 29th August 2016. The townhouses that sit on a 6,500 square foot are among the four houses that were constructed by Property Markets Group and Madison Equities. The townhouses are in conjunction with a 16-storey, boat-shaped condominium building.

Becker has gone ahead and made it clear that he invested in the project, and the townhouses were his return on investment. Becker has also insisted that he did not commit any additional investment to the development of the project but has invested $ 4 Million, which was used to renovate one of the houses. Arthur Becker plans to become a resident in one of these houses.

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