Reviewing How ClassDojo Is Transforming The Classroom Environment

Learning is a process that calls for the inclusion of support from different parties and one of them is parents, who are rarely consulted on the daily issues that affect the progress of their children. Parents are able to access information about their children either when they call to ask or whenever there is the end of term convention. However, this is an outdated method of contributing towards the learning of children as there are better alternatives that allow one to contribute to the education of their children remotely.


The method that can enable this to happen is embracing the ClassDojo mobile application, which allows parents to see the progress of their children whenever they please. The Application is made with different features that allow one to share information in real-time. ClassDojo is an application that offers teachers a way to send information about students through photos and videos to parents then the parent can reply with relevant details that can help the students to have a better learning experience. With the application in more than 90 percent of schools, those end of term meetings are being rendered obsolete gradually. ClassDojo is simply making it easier for students to access support from both their parents and teachers, which makes learning interesting.  More about the App on


While making the application, according to, the entrepreneurs behind its design cited that their motivation was to redefine the classroom experience by making it more interesting. It is a way in which students can get a voice to share their problems and they are assured of a solution immediately they share the problem. Despite the application gaining usage by 2 in 3 schools across the U.S., it is yet to earn any revenues to the founders since their only focus now is to get more people to use it.


About the company

ClassDojo is a company that seeks to make learning better by encouraging communication between parents, students and teachers. Through their mobile application, they offer students a platform where they can connect for support from both their parents and teachers. With such a setup that allows students to get the needed assistance immediately problems arise, the ClassDojo application can be said to have created a learning community that offers students a great leverage for advancement and growth.


Parents can also understand what their children need without necessarily having to wait for the end of term meetings. It not only makes work easier for all parties, but also creates an awesome classroom experience.

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Insight to Jim Hunts Life in VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and a chief executive officer at VTA Publications. He focused his career in the stock market. With his experience, he can make intelligent decisions concerning the trend of the market. Consequently, he can make safe trades in the bear or bull market. In YouTube, he has some videos that shares information’s regarding investments. Additionally, his transparent approach to matters relating to the stock, his ability to predict trades on, and convert them into information that makes sense to the ordinary investor has made it possible for people to rely on him for financial advice.

The idea behind VTA publications was born out of the desire to help the ordinary investor. It aims at empowering people and ensure they take charge of their destiny. On a typical day, he starts with a jog that ensures his mornings are always productive. He adopts a light lunch and dinner is always done with the family. By tuning his ears to the market flow and always listening to the customers on, he can come up with ideas that eventually helps him with finding solutions. As an entrepreneur, discipline and setting strict goals ensures that he is always on track. Setting out to achieve and persistence are fundamental values that an entrepreneur should possess.

It is also important as an entrepreneur, to listen to customer complaints. The complaints at will enable you to correct your mistakes or adjust your product or service to suit them. Additionally, he added that failures are stepping stones to greatness. Studying the human psychology also helps in determining the best way to meet your clients. Upcoming entrepreneurs should read Rich Dad, Poor Dad as it explains in details how money works.

VTA publications limited is a nonfictional publisher that has focused on publishing distant learning courses. It also deals in event organizing. The company was established in 2012 by Jim Hunt. The enterprise reaches its vast community through digital and physical means. It has, however, specialized in the economic and financial industry. In a publication, Jim Hunt vowed to make a mother a tax-free millionaire using 10 steps. Additionally, he said that proof would be available in YouTube channels.

An In-depth Review of the Wen Hair Conditioner

Wen hair conditioner is one of the best cleansing conditioners developed by Chaz Dean, see: The product creates a pleasant fragrance and replaces the need of having regular shampoo. The Wen hair product functions like a quality conditioner and shampoo in one bottle. African America women will be especially pleased with the Wen hair care system. Black hair is mostly known to dry, coarse, thick and curly. The combination never works well when used with regular shampoo. The more expensive shampoo options never work satisfactorily. People with an African hair type usually end up spending an enormous fortune to ensure that their hair looks healthy.

The Wen cleansing conditioner doesn’t contain harsh chemicals we see in regular shampoo. The product does not contain detergents, additives or harmful cleaning chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate. The Wen hair products are suitable for every hair type. People that have dry and damaged hair will love the product. It gets rid of frizzy locks, coarse and curly hair. People that want color treatments with their hair should also opt for the product.

The biggest benefit of the WEN line of products is that it is not formulate with harsh chemicals. The product works impressively without adding chemical and stripping the hair of its natural oils. Natural oils are usually necessary for hair that is dry, coarse or could end up breaking quickly. The Wen cleansing conditioner is available for every hair type. Some conditioning products are best suitable for personal needs. The Fig Conditioner is one line of product that is mostly beneficial to oily scalps. Wen products are available online on , and at the exclusive website.

Wen has been used to re-moist the hydrating mask in hair. People with extreme damage to their hair may benefit from the hydrating mask by applying it to dry hair and leaving it for thirty minutes. The option is great for people that have had their damaged from processing and color treating.


Securus issues tech challenge to GTL, wins by default

Recently, prison communications leader Securus Technologies issued a challenge to long time foe GTL. Securus offered to face off the companies’ respective video visitation technologies. The contest was to be judged by a trusted third party. GTL declined to participate. Securus views this as the ultimate vindication of their video visitation product and a tacit admission on the part of GTL that their technologies cannot compete on a level playing field with those of Securus. Thus, Securus maintains its position as the unquestioned leader in the inmate communications industry.



Game-changing technology serves multiple customer groups


There’s no question that Securus’ video visitation systems have been a tremendous benefit to the inmates and family members who have been able to access them. Catching on like a contagion, the system has been installed in a huge number of U.S. prisons, mostly driven by popular demand. The cost savings to inmates and their families are huge due to the low cost of VoIP-based phone calls as well as the burden of having to come to the prison for in-person visits being lifted.


But there have also been great benefits for the guards and administrators at the prisons where the systems have been installed. The fully integrated suite of investigatory solutions make things like detecting unauthorized parties or communication almost completely automated. Many serious security threats, such as incarcerated gang members communicating with others in the gang on the outside, have been drastically reduced due to the system’s astounding capabilities.


Video visitation and VoIP telephony generally have made detecting and monitoring conversations involving criminal activity a nearly completely automated process. Through the use of artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other biometric techniques, Securus is offering products which can make prisons safer than many would have dreamed possible, even a decade ago.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

For over two decades, Josh Verne has stayed in the American Business environment as one of the most respected individuals. He has worked to found and sell more than 30 companies in the multi-million business level in the country. For this reason, he has also determined his future through his investment capabilities in the country. According to him, vision is the point where a business person is subjected to massive movements which bring out the real goodness in him. He is the current CEO and Founder of This is a business conglomerate which has more than 10 million members which act as selling points.


For you to succeed in life and business, there are key points Josh Verne has or us.

  1. Have a balance in life

You will always suffer if you don’t have a balance in your life and health even if you own all the money in the world. Wealth is one basic standard of life among many. Therefore, you must struggle to attain all the basic standards to have a complete life in a real sense. For this reason, you can also work to develop intentions which have measures o capabilities in the life of a person.


A balance in life is not all about spending to the last coin of your money. However, it is all about gaining as much as you can through the estimation of your family size. Ensure you have a balance in all areas of your lie and improve them through relationships, wealth, health, and personal growth.

Arthur Becker: The New Real Estate Guru.

Arthur Becker is a well-renowned property developer. He has been actively involved in the real estate business for quite some time now. He is among the few people that have an eye for a great investment.

NY Mag says that the quiet backer from New York City has quietly invested alongside JDS Development, Ambase Corporations and Property Markets Group at 111 West 57th Street. Statistical data supplied by Real Capital Analytics, which is a real estate research firm, shows that Becker’s company, Atlantic Associates LLC was indeed in a joint venture partnership in a deal that acquired and financed the development.

Becker has also backed the PMG and Madison Equities to develop condominiums along 124 Sixth Avenue, which is a former car wash. Robert Gladstone of Madison has occasionally labeled Becker as a ‘Seasoned Investor.’ He has gone ahead and said Becker to be ‘one of the most interesting people to meet.’

Even though Becker has been involved in many real estate businesses, he has always opted to remain the ‘Silent Investor.’ This is a common behavior for the so-called ‘quiet backers.’

Becker recently became the proud owner of three adjacent houses along Sullivan Street. This deal was reached in exchange for his stake in the development of the neighboring condominium. He is a shrewd operative despite his easy demeanor.

He invested in 10 Sullivan Street and according to had recently assumed ownership of the 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street. This is according to public records that were filed on 29th August 2016. The townhouses that sit on a 6,500 square foot are among the four houses that were constructed by Property Markets Group and Madison Equities. The townhouses are in conjunction with a 16-storey, boat-shaped condominium building.

Becker has gone ahead and made it clear that he invested in the project, and the townhouses were his return on investment. Becker has also insisted that he did not commit any additional investment to the development of the project but has invested $ 4 Million, which was used to renovate one of the houses. Arthur Becker plans to become a resident in one of these houses.

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